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Friday, March 22, 2013

Human Heart Nature: Reviews on Products I Love

I've been a dealer of Human (Heart)Nature since 2011. Most of the time, I use it for personal consumption but I also offer it to my family and friends. It's a good business since the capital is only small at the same time you get to use an environment friendly product. Well, my post is not about the business side of Human (Heart) Nature, but about my reviews on their products which I patronize and truly love.

Natural Intensive Hair Mask
I wear my hair long for more than 4 years already. So it's important that I make them look healthy, straight, soft and shiny. I frequently have my hair relaxed about twice a year. With this chemically treated hair, I need products that could prevent my hair from further damage while still keeping it straight and soft. That's when I found Human (Heart) Nature's hair mask. They have two variants: rosemary and jasmine scent. I tried them both but i most fell in love with the jasmine scent.

I use the mask once a week. After shampooing, I applied the mask after instead of the conditioner. My friend, on the other hand, still uses conditioner after shampooing then hair mask as the last routine. Both procedure still gets awesome result. When I use hair mask, I let it stay on my hair for about 5 mins. with shower cap to cover it. I know someone she let the mask stay on her hair for more than 30 mins. and her hair becomes brittle afterwards. So i guess it would be better to let it stay on your hair not more than 5 minutes. Immediately after shower, your hair gets easier to comb. When it dries, your hair will become super soft! With the jasmine scent, your hair smells good longer even the following day. Sometimes even after you have already taken a shower the next stay, you can still smell the hair mask.

Natural Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner
Human (Heart) Nature used to have a Nourishing line of shampoo and conditioner. This is what I often buy from them. When it phased out, I switch to Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in mandarin scent. It was ok and it smells good but I didn't quite get a soft feel on my hair. So I tried their Strengthening variant, which later on I like better than Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I will relate that later.

But recently, Human (Heart) Nature released a new scent, lush vanilla. I tried this on both shampoo and conditioner. Just like their previous shampoos, you cannot use it alone or without conditioner or else your hair will become frizzy. But I love the vanilla scent, smells like candy than vanilla but not too sweet. Using both shampoo and conditioner, it makes my hair soft and smells nice although the smell won't last long.

Natural Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner
If you have hair fall, I highly recommend this product. I was totally amazed with it. Normally during bath time, once you get your hair wet and started shampooing, you will definitely get hair fall maybe 3 strands or more. But with Human (Heart) Nature's strenghtening line, you will never have any hair fall! Well, maybe just one strand but only one all through out your bath time! It's really amazing! This shampoo also helps relieve itchiness in your hair.

The strengthening shampoo comes in two scents: Cool Peppermint and Soothing Aloe.  Soothing Aloe is the newer scent.  What I tried before was the cool peppermint which I liked better than the Mandarin scent of the Moisturizing Shampoo line.  Because of its coolness to your hair, it really does minimizes itchiness.  The strengthening conditioner, however, only comes in soothing aloe scent.  I haven't tried this yet.

Natural Smoothing Hair Serum
I don't believe in hair serums. Yea it will tame your frizzy hair but most of the time it will also mke your hair looks oily. But not with Human (Heart) Nature's hair serum. But of course if you applied more, it will make your hair oily. So its best to apply just enough depending on your hair length. Besides, a little goes a long long way.

I super love this product. I applied it everyday when my hair is already dry. It tames frizzes and it will make your hair looks soft, straight and shiny. What's more, I get a lot of compliments from people asking if I had my hair rebonded. That's how straight it looks! Thanks to this serum.

Natural Mineral Powder
I've read before that mineral make ups are good for the skin.  I had those from other brands but since I don't usually apply make up, face powder and lipstick are just my made up look.  So when Human (Heart) Nature came up with mineral make up collection, I immediately tried their mineral powder.  Aside from it is good to the since, it is also environment friendly because of its all natural ingredients. 

Human (Heart) Nature Mineral Poweder have 4 variants: Orient Pearl, Island Shell, Sand Dollar and Boracay Bronze.  I first tried Sand Dollar but I find it too dark for me.  So then I tried Island Shell, it suits my skin better.  I like the coverage and staying power.  Usually I just reapply after about 5-6 hours even if I have a very oily skin.  It is not heavy on the face and instantly you will get a fresh look.  I have an acne prone skin so I seldom apply make up or even face powder so that my skin won't get breakouts.  But with this mineral powder, I don't get any breakouts even if I don't wash it off at night (if sometimes I immediately fell asleep coming home from work).

Natural Mineral Blush
Similar to Mineral Powder, the mineral blush is good for the skin because of its "mineral" and all natural properties.  The blush has4 variants: Tropical Rose, Petal Bloom, Pink Quartz and Rosy Cheeks.  I tried the Tropical Rose, the darker amongst all shades.  My sister tried Rosy Cheeks and it was too light for her.  That's why I chose the darker shade.  I like the Tropical Rose shade, although upon first application, you might thought that its too red but later on it will lighten.  The time I use this, I had pimple marks on my cheek bones.  This mineral blush somehow helped in hiding it.  And again, since it is mineral, I also didn't experience any breakouts.

Sunflower Beauty Oil
This is said to be the miracle oil to those who have tried it.  Sunflower oil is known to lighten skin.  So people often use it to lighten their pimple marks, under eye area, underarm, and even bikini area.  And most of the users get positive result.  Others also use this as moisturizer, applied to the face and lips.  For frequent smokers, using Human (Heart) Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil also helps lighten their lips.

As for me, I use this Sunflower Beauty Oil under my eye area and pimple marks to whiten them.  Well, I really don't have dark circles around my eyes, I just want to prevent them from darkening.  Some also claimed that when this oil is put around their eyes, there's a tendency for your lashes to get longer.  I haven't noticed that maybe because I only put it under my eyes.  Putting too much of this on my eyes makes it look sleepy and tired.  As for the pimple marks, this beauty oil has really been helpful.  Since I have an acne prone skin, having pimple marks is no longer new to me.  With this oil, applied twice daily (morning and night), I get the whitening/lightening result in 3 to 4 weeks.  You can also use this to lighten insect bites.

Natural Purifying Facial Scrub
This Human (Heart) Nature Purifying Facial Scrub is their (quite) new variant.  Before, their facial scrub use to be super fruits and black rice grain.  Now, it has strawberry seeds and bamboo granules.  The old formulation was coarser and a little bit bigger grains than this new formulation.  Honestly, I like the old formulation than this one.  Maybe because I feel the bigger and coarser grains can be more effective in removing deep seated dirt. 

Anyway, this new formulation of Purifying Facial Scrub is still likeable.  I never look for any brands other than Human Nature.  For those who have sensitive skin, this new formulation is much better for them since the beads are not too coarse.  As for me, though I don't have sensitive skin, it is still gentle even if I have pimples.  It doesn't aggravate the pimples.  As for lightening the pimple marks, I'm not sure if this has been helpful since I only use this every other day and I'm also using the (miracle) Sunflower Beauty Oil.  A dab of this facial scrub can already produce enough beads for the whole face.  It is also unscented so its really gentle on the skin.

Natural Lip Balms
I love Human (Heart) Nature's lip balms.  I have dry lips and it always chap.  This lip balm helps me prevent my lips from chapping.  What's more, it stays on the whole day!  Just reapply when you wash your mouth or has been washed off through drinking liquids.  I also sometimes use this before I sleep and my lips are just soft.

The Human (Heart) Nature Natural Lip Balm comes in 4 variants: Wild Berry, Tutti Frutti, Choco Fudge and Peppermint.  I tried the Tutti Frutti and Peppermint.

Natural Hand and Foot Salve
This is another great product.  For those of you who applies petroleum jelly to your feet and ankles then putting on socks during bedtime, then this product is for you.  It is all natural yet you get the same softness on your feet when you wake up.  I like better their new packaging which now comes in tube unlike before when it is used be on a tub.  With this new packaging, it becomes more handy.

The Human (Heart) Nature Natural Hand and Foot Salve comes in 2 variants: Eucalyptus and Strawberry.  I didn't like the Eucalyptus from the old packaging.  I always bought the Banana scent, which was already phased out.  I haven't tried the Strawberry scent yet but I will definitely buy this product again.  As I've mentioned, with this new packaging, it is more handy and travel friendly so you can reapply on your hands (or even feet) when it feels dry.  I most especially love the softness of my feet when I apply this at night.  Their website suggest putting socks on after application.  But for me, you really don't need that and yet your feet will still feel soft.  The only downside, for me, on this product is that it does not quickly absorbed by your skin.  Your hands may seem oily after applying it.  But later on it will fade.  So sometimes, it can feel a bit heavy on the skin.  But nonetheless, you are only applying it on your hands and feet so that's not really a big issue for me.  I sometimes apply it on my legs when it gets dry on cold days.

Natural Healthy Lotion
My skin is naturally dry (is there such term? haha!).  I never go out of our house without applying lotion all over my body.  I'm very picky when it comes to lotions.  I want a lotion that can, of course, moisturize my skin for 24 hours.  Also, it shouldn't be sticky on the skin or it should easily be absorbed by the skin.  It will be a plus if it smells good.  I found all these in Human (Heart) Nature Healthy Lotion.  I tried their previous scent and I didn't like it.  Although it was non greasy, it doesn't give me 24 hours moisturization.  Good thing they came out with a new variant: Berry Bliss and Vanilla Delight.  I tried them both and I love them.  Although Vanilla Delight is more lighter in terms of fragrance.  Both gives long lasting moisturization and it doesn't feel greasy. 

Natural Feminine Wash
Human (Heart) Nature's feminine wash is, I think, another brilliant product they produced since it's all natural and environment friendly.  I never thought that cleaning our intimate areas can be made using all natural ingredients.  Since the area is susceptible to infections, the cleaning agent should have powerful ingredient to combat bacteria.  So when Human (Heart) Nature launched this product, I never hesitate to try it.   

Their feminine wash has a new packaging and additional variant, the Chamomile Cool.  I tried both scents.  The Chamomile Cool resembles PH Care's Cool Wind but the former has a more cooling feeling than the latter.  I liked both scent but I prefer the Chamomile Fresh.  One thing I dislike about this product is that, I feel that it lacks protection during "those days".  Maybe because of its "delicate" or all natural properties, I feel that I am not protected during those times in terms of odor and bacterial protection.  But for everyday use, this feminine wash is ok.  Nevertheless, I still use this at any situation or given days.  I just frequently wash during "those days".

Natural Spray Sanitizer
Before, Human (Heart) Nature only have pump type of hand sanitizer.  Good thing they came out with this spray sanitizer.  I find this more convenient and very handy.  Not only it sanitizes your hands, it can also sanitize your surroundings.

Their spray sanitizer comes in 3 variants: Citrus Burst, Tropical Burst and Juicy Burst.  I tried all variants but I prefer the Citrus Burst better.  I least prefer the Tropical Burst.  I can't understand the scent.  All 3 variants, however keeps your hands clean without drying it.  I frequent use this because I know my hands will be germ free.  The only problem with spray type is that you cannot control the outpour of the liquid from the bottle and so it can be too much for your consumption.

There are a lot of Human (Heart) Nature products that I've tried but I no longer post them here.  These are just amongst my favorites.  The others that I've tried are less favorite and I never bought them again (e.g. mineral lipstick, old formulation).  Maybe I'll try to blog about those products with not so satisfactory result.

By the way, if you noticed, I always have parenthesis () on the word heart.  I know that the true name of this product is Human Nature but it seems some people are used to calling this Human Heart Nature with the shape of heart in between the words human and nature.  I, myself, used to calling it HHN, abbreviation for Human Heart Nature.  I know some of you will agree. :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Island Hopping in Quezon: Borawan, Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

Who would have thought that there exist wonderful beaches in Quezon Province?  Well, for those of you who haven't discovered the beaches in Quezon, let me relate to you my experience.

I've heard about Borawan so many years ago.  I just didn't have the chance of visiting this place before in the perception of no other beaches to see other than this.  But I was wrong.  As soon as I googled Borawan, there appear to have other wonderful white sand beaches within Padre Burgos, the province where Borawan is situated.  My kaladkarin friends have been wanting to visit Borawan since last year.  And so this year, we found the chance to have our summer outing there.

Padre Burgos is about 165 km. away from Manila.  There are many beaches found here like the famous Borawan, Dampalitan Beach, Lipata Beach, Mag-asawang Bato, Tamarind Beach, Talabaan Beach to name a few.  Island hopping is ideal in this place as these beaches are just about 10-15 minutes away from each other.

Unknown to many, the town of Pagbilao (about 145 km away from Manila) have also wonderful white sand beach to boast, the Puting Buhangin, which means white sand.  As the name implies, the long stretch of the beach is covered with white powdery sand.  When you do island hopping in Padre Burgos, you can make a side trip here which is only about 30 minutes away by boat.  At the end side of Puting Buhangin lies the Kwebang Lampas.  This is another tourist attraction as the small cave has very clear water.  Actually, the whole island is covered with clear water (the clearest I've ever seen).  Kwebang Lampas is a small cave with openings at both ends.  The water is shallow with big rock formations underwater.  Some, according to blogs I read, see snakes swimming here but when we were there, there's no sea creatures swimming aside from small fishes.

Read below for our island hopping adventure in Padre Burgos and Pagbilao in Quezon Province

Island Hopping

Our accommodation is at Villa Anita.  Our island hopping tour is care of Mang Cyrus.  This is discussed in a separate blog.

Upon arriving at Villa Anita, we just left our things and contacted Mang Cyrus for preparation of our island hop.  What we brought along are our packed lunches and snacks.  Our island hopping tour will just be for 1 day.  When we searched for Mang Cyrus' place and the jump off point for the island hop, i was quite impress that he was well-known in their neighborhood.  I asked if he was a politician there and he told me that he just have a good reputation that he's taking care of.  It was his brother and another boatman who accompanied us in our island hop.  First stop, Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas at around 9am.

Puting Buhangin
From the jump off point, its about 30-minute boat ride before reaching Puting Buhangin.  This is already part of Pagbilao municipality in Quezon.  As we're getting near, I could already see the long white stretch of the beach and the small hole for the cave. The sands were not as fine as Boracay as there are lots of crushed sea shells.  The facade of the beach seems like in Palawan with its rock formations on the sides.  The beach is lovely.  The water is very clear.  There were tents pitched in the area but I believe it is not allowed to stay overnight there.  Entrance is Php 30 per person.
Long stretch of white sand; The hole at the far left is the Kwebang Lampas

Another shot of white sand in Puting Buhangin

The other stretch of Puting Buhangin

Rock formations for photo op! haha!

 Kwebang Lampas
As what the name implies, the small cave have openings on both ends (thus the word "Lampas").  This lies at the end stretch of Puting Buhangin.  Going through the cave is quite a challenge since there are a lot of rocks, big rocks, under water.  Level of the water can be a little high going to the cave but manageable.  You can also opt to walk through the rocks to get inside the cave.  Most rocks do not have sharp edges but it can get slippery.  It is not too dark in the cave as both ends are open.  The whole cave is about less than 100 meters long.  With its clear water, you can see some small fishes swimming.  What's unattractive inside the cave are vandals on the walls.  In some blogs that I've read, there are sea snakes swimming inside the cave.  Gladly for us, we didn't see any.

Kwebang Lampas from the inside

Clear water going inside Kwebang Lampas with small fishes

This is one of the most famous destination in Padre Burgos.  The name Borawan came from the combined words of Boracay and Palawan.  They say that the beach have white sand just like Boracay and wonderful rock formations just like in Palawan.  It was indeed a wonderful rock formation but the sand isn't that white and powdery as in Boracay.  For me, Puting Buhangin is much better than Borawan in terms of white beach.  But the rock formations, it is indeed comparable to Palawan, particularly in Coron.  Another disappointment in Borawan is that it has some stinky smell in some areas.  This may be caused by tourist who sleep in the island overnight.  Yes, one can sleep here overnight by tent.  Care takers may not be able to clean the area every time there are people staying overnight.  I hope the tourists themselves should take part of cleaning their dirt and maintaining the beauty of Borawan.  Swimming in Borawan is not also advisable by the boatmen as there are a lot of jellyfishes that time.  I'm not sure if the presence of the jellyfish can be seen only during summer or all the time.  So we just ate our lunch there and took some pictures.  Entrance is Php 40 per person inclusive of use of small cottage for lunch.

Big rocks in Borawan

Cottages available in Borawan

More rocks in Borawan

Rocks, rocks and more rocks at Borawan

Jellyfish in Borawan... the water is very clear!

Mag-asawang Bato
We didn't get off to this island, rather, the boatmen just pointed us its location.  The name was derived from the physical attribute of the island.  It consist of 2 islands, one small and one big.  Although the islands are not side by side with each other, but its distance is not very far from each other.

Mag-asawang Bato

Dampalitan Beach
This is another beach destination where travelers can stay overnight.  The area is much bigger than in Borawan thus it can accommodate more travelers.  It was already past lunch when we arrived at Dampalitan Beach.  The sands were also quite powdery and white.  Water was again clear.  There are fences on the waters to keep some jellyfishes away thus swimming here is much safer.  We just lounge through the waters and sands of Dampalitan beach, great area to have a tan.  We also had snacks here afterwards.  Entrance fee is Php 30 per person. 

Dampalitan Beach

This side is more peaceful

Small plant in the sand of Dampalitan Beach
Stretch of Dampalitan Beach with cottages and tents
Clear waters of Dampalitan Beach with small fishes

Talabaan Beach
This is another small beach area with short shoreline just like in Borawan.  The sands here are not so white and powdery like the other beaches we've been through in Padre Burgos.  There were also some rocks present on the beach.  By the time we got there, it was almost sunset, thus there's no people around.  I'm not sure if it's safe to swim here so we just took some pictures.

Talabaan Beach
Quite strong waves in Talabaan Beach
Rocks at Talabaan Beach

Talabaan Beach

I know there are other beaches in Quezon province that are equally beautiful particularly in Cagbalete and Polilio (and maybe many others I haven't heard of).  If you'd like to visit Borawan Island in Padre Burgos, have an island hopping as well in other beaches within the Padre Burgos and Pagbilao municipalities.  You'll be surprised on how lovely the beaches here are.