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Friday, December 30, 2011

For The Love of Bags

I'm so grateful to receive 3 bags this Christmas!

Michael Kors Lilly Tote Bag (sample picture only)
This is how it looked like but mine is in  genuine leather (sample picture only)

Guess clutch and sling bag (with money! haha!)

I would like to thank again those people who gave these wonderful bags to me.  I love them all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

My Sale Finds: Year End Sale

Here I am again, sharing with you my sale finds.  I just thought of looking for something to wear this New Year since they say that it is lucky to welcome the new year with new clothes.  And so I find myself browsing through the stores of Mango and Forever 21.  These are what I have found.

In Forever 21, it seems that all their old stocks are on sale.  I've seen some of the clothes before and they're selling it now at a discounted price.  They have those buy one take one again.  I got to get a good deal from it.  Most of their items on sale are up to 50% off.

Jumpsuit at Php 587.50 but under Buy One Take One Sale
Sexy back of jumpsuit

The "Take One" of the Jumpsuit. Original price  at Php 965 .  Also sale at 50% off

Original price of Php 1,278.50. Sale at 50% off
Short skirt, bought at Php 335

I honestly found many interesting items in Forever 21 that is on sale.  I let go of a Kaftan like blouse which is on sale at Php 700+ or Buy One Take One.  I think that's already a great deal because of its very intricate stitching details.  But I didn't bought it as I have not gotten any item to pair it up as Buy One Take One sale.  There are also skirts selling for Php 250 and tank top for less than Php 200.  I also find their sale with sizes mostly medium to large that's why I have quite difficulty in finding my size.  I so love the white top that I bought.  Beige color is also available for that style.  The jumpsuit also have a magenta color available aside from the blue.  The tube dress is I think the only one and only left as I don't see any similar item on the racks.  There's so much clothes to buy but I am holding on so as not to spend that much.

For Mango, they have a few items left on sale.  Some of their racks are already empty.  Although I still find some items last time to be still available this time.  Like the brown pants that I bought.  Almost same design (and color, only darker this one) as last time but the cut is straight.  I thought it won't look good on me but I was wrong.  The cut may be straight but it isn't loose fitting on my legs.  I would like to get the black color instead of the brown since I already have the brown last time but the black got so many lints which I find difficult to remove, even if its fabric is the same as the brown.

Straight cut pants bought at Php 890, original price Php 1,450
Cowl neck tank top; Original price at Php 995, bought for only Php 290

Simple white tube top at Php 390, original price Php 595
The brand stitching at the back of the tube

Similar to Forever 21, there are still a lot of good finds in Mango.  There are shorts that are on sale but I find it a bit expensive for a shorts.  Most of their prices are Php 900+ and up.  I opt for more fabric for the same price that's why I bought the pants instead.  I love the cowl neck tank top.  I'm almost on the verge of buying both the white color and this olive green color.  I chose the olive green (even if I think I'll have difficulty in pairing it up on any bottom color) because the white seem to be very thin fabric when worn.  I think this blouse is also great for the office.  As for the tube top, I just thought of buying this as there's no similar item left on the racks for this one.  Besides, I like wearing tube top and I don't have any white tube yet.

I believe there are more stores offering year end sale.  So why not visit one while there's still stocks!  If you've done shopping, care to share what you've bought?

Manila Girl

Starting January 2, 2012, I will also held office in Manila.  I was quite dismayed when my boss told me that I will be assigned in our subsidiary with office in Manila.  There are days that I will be working in Manila and Makati.  Yes, I grew up in Manila and studied my nursery up to college in Manila schools.  But this part of Manila is very close to Makati.  All my life, I let everything accessible to me.  Farthest was only 45 minutes away from my home by commute which already includes traffic and waiting time.

Recently, I tried commuting from Manila office to our home in the south.  Since it's holiday season, there's not much vehicles on the street.  This made my commuting a breeze.  Summing up my commuting experience, it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive home.  Quite short travel to my surprise but that wasn't an ordinary day.  I expect it to be about 2 hours of travel time as soon as school and work day starts.  And yes, by January 2, I will be traveling from home directly to Manila, not in Makati.  Everything will start on January 2: school and work.  So I should be expecting a very heavy traffic and large amount of commuters.

Thinking about my situation next year, I am getting disheartened.  First and foremost, my only means of transportation by commute is by jeep and LRT.  I could just imagine the pollution that I will be getting with my hair still damp from home to the office while riding the jeep.  Good thing, LRT is already air conditioned.  I wouldn't look too much haggard when I arrive at the office.  But I could still imagine the number of people lining and queuing up just to get to the train of LRT.  It will definitely be quite stressful, so early in the morning.  Just so you know, when I am commuting from home to Makati office, I'm riding the shuttle/fx with terminal just outside our village so I still look fresh when I get to the office.  And sometimes, my dad drop me off in the office which is much more convenient.  I cannot ask my dad to drop me off to Manila office now as it is really far.  With constant gasoline hike, and it never comes down, I wouldn't want to spend too much on the gas alone with constant fetching and sending to Manila office.  Besides, he also give up on me and told me to just ride the LRT instead.  My only way to not get too stressful every morning is to leave the house very early so that I won't line up in riding the jeep and train.  I hope I can do that.

To all the commuters, I'm just wondering, how do you maintain to look fresh in the morning as you arrive in the office if you're just commuting?  Your experiences might be helpful to me.  Thanks in advance!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Sale Finds, Again

I remember passing by Mango this week with its exclusive sale.  But I totally forgot it until I pass by there again awhile ago.  Without any hesitations, I entered the store even though I really don't have plans of buying anything.  I just wanted to look if the sale is really cheap.  Well, I guess it does.  I am not able to browse much since I was with my dad.  I didn't want him to wait for me for so long.  But anyway, Below are the (only) clothes I bought after trying out a few pieces.

I always look for jeans or pants at Mango.  It fits me well and I find their style appealing.  I recall the jeans I bought years ago at Php 990 only.  So I'm hoping to see another jeans or pants with the same price.  Unfortunately, most of their jeans already cost more than Php 1,000.  Not so bargain for me, haha! But they have other bottoms which cost about Php 890 to Php 990, though mostly are capri or cropped pants.  I was just in luck to find this chocolate brown pants, which I think is great for office wear.  The style is slim fit.  So slim that it really hugged my legs which I find quite difficult to bend my knees.  But it's ok, I can still move comfortably.  Original price was at Php 1,250.  I bought it at Php 990.  Not bad.

slim fit trousers

closer view
Another item that catches my attention was this simple tank top.  Even though my favorite color is blue, I'm hoping to have a white or red tank top but I couldn't find any, for the same style.  The strap of this tank top is not so thin and the depth in front is same at the back.  For me, it is not really a sale find since its just a tank top.  Original price is Php 595.  I bought it at Php 390.  Still quite expensive.

stretch tank top, front

stretch tank top, back

I might go back at Mango again next week.  Just to check again if there's anything that will catch my attention :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Sale Finds

Last week, I pass by Giordano as they have a huge tarpaulin of "SALE" on their window display.  I really didn't expect to buy anything there since I know it will still be a bit expensive even if their items are on sale.  But I was really looking for black pants that I will wear on our company's Christmas party.  Unfortunately, the pants I plan to wear was burned by our maid when she was ironing it.  So I am really in search for black pants.  I already have this style on my mind on what I will be wearing on our Christmas party.  I must really look for black pants.

When I came inside the Giordano store, there was a black jeans available.  I thought maybe this jeans will suffice but I prefer black pants so I could still use it as office wear.  Nevertheless, I tried it on along with a gray pants/jeggings (which doesn't really look like jeggings except for its design on the waist that is similar to jeans).  I tried both on and it fits me well.  I'm having second thoughts of buying both as I am really in search for just pants and not jeans.  But the price is really attractive.  And so I decided to buy them both.  I think its really pretty cheap for a pants considering its an international brand.  Guess how much I paid for each pants?  A very cheap Php 350 pesos!

gray jeggings with silver lining

closer view of the jeggings

black jeans without pockets and garterized waist

closer view of the black jeans

I'm not sure until when will the sale be at Giordano.  But if you have time, you might just spot a very cheap item such as these.  A really great sale find!