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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brooklyn Storage

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles.


What is Brooklyn Storage?

Many of us have a lot of unused items in the house but can’t seem to dispose.  To some, items have sentimental values that we cannot just let go.  This results to cluttering of your house.  When your house is small, you will surely be worried on how to store these items without actually letting them go.

In a populous city like Brooklyn, New York, there is a storage facility where you can stock up your things safely and securely.  Brooklyn storage is a commercial storehouse where you can rent a space to keep your valuable items.  You can be sure that your personal items such as gadgets, furniture, or even vehicles can be kept safe and protected.  Aside from the security you will feel in keeping these items, you will also have a spacious house that is clutter free.  The Brooklyn storage will surely help anyone in their space management and in organizing their things.


Brooklyn Storage: The Benefits

More and more people are moving into the city for living.  Like in Brooklyn, one of New York’s populous cities, people are moving in here because of the opportunities abound in the city.  With this, demand for housing has increased.  There are more rental apartments available however most of it offers a very limited space.  People then seek or rent another space just to keep their stuff securely with them.  Good thing, there is Brooklyn storage where people can rent a space and keep their personal belongings safe and secure.  This storage facility is highly commendable by people in the city.  It helps them keep their house clutter free at the same time giving more space at their home.  Another great advantage of this facility is that it is conveniently available in the city. 

This cost-effective facility is what rental owners are looking for.  Instead of renting another apartment to keep their valuables, they can opt to just rent a space as needed in a secure facility like Brooklyn storage. 


Why Rent a Space With Brooklyn Storage

When I first moved in to Brooklyn with my family, I find most of the apartments too small.  With all the personal and valuable stuff that we will be bringing, definitely the space in the apartment will not be enough.  That’s when I learn about Brooklyn Storage, a facility for rent where you can store your personal belongings safely and securely. 

For a budget conscious person like me, I am having second thoughts of renting another space just keep our valuables.  But I know I had to get another safe storage as our house is getting cluttered.  By planning and organizing which items to keep at home and which items to send to the storage facility, I was surprised I didn’t get to spend a lot.  The best thing I did was organizing the items per type and put them in one box.  By combining the same items in one box and properly labeling them, only a small space will be required.  Now, I am happy that I resort to Brooklyn storage to keep our personal belongings safe, secure and at the same time keeping our house clutter free. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's New With iPad?

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles.


What’s New With iPad?
A Review of the New iPad 2

The long wait is over.  Finally the new iPad 2 has come out of the market.  Let’s have the new iPad review in this article: comparing iPad and iPad 2.  What’s new with this gadget?  Read on and let’s compare.

When Apple first came out the iPad, it became a phenomenal hit to gadgets enthusiast.  The use of tablet has become the new gadget for people on the go.  It’s like combining business and pleasure in one without carrying a heavy device.  With the constant technological advances, Apple has to upgrade its iPad, thus the release of the new iPad 2.  Has it really evolved physically and technically?  Is it worth to buy the upgraded version?  Here’s a list of what has changed in this new iPad review.

1.       Processor.  The new iPad 2 has an upgraded processor with dual-core 1GHz A5 chip.  Obviously, unlike the 1GHz single-core A4 chip of iPad, this new iPad is faster making the start up and opening of applications quick and easy.  With the faster processor, it can handle more advance software and more complicated applications.
2.       Size.  Another distinct feature in this new iPad review is the screen.  The new iPad has a thickness of 8.8mm, which is down by almost 33% from its old iPad size of 13.4mm thick.  The weight has also decreased from 680g to 601g for WiFi models and from 730g to 613g for WiFi + 3G models.  With this lightweight size, it is easier for consumers to bring this gadget anywhere at the same time comfortable to use as a reader.

3.       Facetime.  This maybe the obvious advancement in this new iPad review.  Just like the Apple’s iPod Touch 4th Generation, the iPad 2 comes with a front and rear camera enabling it to use its new feature, the Facetime.  Facetime is a new application in iPad 2 where users can do video call.  Taking pictures and video with the front VGA camera and the back 720p camera is possible while using Facetime.  The cameras are useful to those who like to take pictures and share it to the world through various social networking sites.

4.       Apps.  Apple has also included additional apps in the new iPad 2: Garageband and iMovie.  Garageband enables music lovers to create their own music or play along with existing band on the device.  You can practice your music or just play along with them.  iMovie, on the other hand, is a video software which enables you to create and edit videos or even movies.  This is ideal if you’re an aspiring movie director.  You can use iMovie to practice this skill.

5.       Case.  In this new iPad review, one unique and unusual feature of iPad will be revealed.  This is the iPad’s cover case called Smart Cover.  It is magnetic case attached to iPad which does not only protect your device but is also used as a stand when you open the cover and fold it at the back.  The Smart Cover also wakes the device up when the cover is lifted and puts the device to sleep when it is closed.

6.       Screen:  There is no changes in screen size at still 9.7” however the graphics has been improved up 9 times better.

In summary of this new iPad review, there have been significant changes in the new iPad 2.  Although it is still not comparable to laptops, it is still a portable gadget where you can do business and pleasure at the same time.      

Natural Protein Powder: A Good Alternative

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles.


Natural Protein Powder: A Good Alternative

Everyday, our bodies need nutrients to function well in our daily activities.  Nutrients such as protein and water are just one of those few essential nutrients we need.  Protein, such as natural protein powder, helps our body build strong muscles.  With its powder form, it is a good alternative protein intake especially to those who are considered vegetarian.   Water, on the other hand, keeps our body hydrated.  As what the saying goes, a man can live with water alone.  According to the food pyramid, our bodies need at least 2-3 servings of protein everyday. 

Protein intake can be through eating meats or taking food supplements.  Supplements normally contain natural protein powder.  This may be taken from two kinds: soy and whey.  These two kinds of protein supplements are mostly taken by people during their workout exercise, either before or after.  The most popular and common among these two is the whey protein.  The main benefit of this whey protein is that it is easily absorbed by the body.  For body builders, they prefer whey protein drink as it is rich in amino acids, specifically cysteine, which builds stronger muscles and keeps their body in shape.  Pregnant women can also benefit from natural protein powder.  It works as anti-inflammatory and enhances immunity to infection.  It is also helps the body protect from certain cancers.

Milk is also a whey protein provider.  Another type of protein, casein, provides natural whey protein powder.  This is a very soluble substance that can be easily mixed with water or milk.  Combining it with milk will definitely give off high levels of protein in your body.  Now achieving high energy levels and maintaining a healthy body and toned muscles is easy.  With various forms of protein available in the market, it can be taken through your diet or through food supplements such as natural protein powder.  It’s a good alternative to keep your daily protein intake at recommended levels.

iPhone Sim Only Deals

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles.


What’s in Store for iPhone Sim Only Deals?

Many may not be aware that there are iPhone Sim Only Deals available in the market.  Various network providers such as Three, T-Mobile, O2, Virgin, Orange, etc. can offer such deals.  There are number of plans available that you can choose from.  These deals are useful when you are traveling and when you’re roaming your phone. 

The iPhone Sim Only Deals offer Sim only contracts.  This means that you only get to buy the Sim card without getting an item that will not be useful to you in the contract.  The Sim card itself is packed with benefits and freebies that you can use especially when you’re roaming.  The best with Sim Only Deals is that it is not only available in iPhone but also in other mobile phones that you own.  You no longer need worry about getting a new plan bundled with a phone that you do not like.  Another good thing is that most of these plans have free gifts such as digital camera, DVD player, mobile phone accessories, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, appliances, and many others.

Sim Only Deals can be flexible depending on your usage requirement.  For some network providers, there are prepaid and postpaid package available that you can choose from.  For prepaid, you get to pay only the time you use the network’s service.  This is only as per your requirement payment.  On the other hand, postpaid packages can make you continuously use the network’s service without disruption.  This is useful during emergency times.  With this flexibility, it becomes more attractive to students and the youth because of its budget friendly package.  It is also open to various mobile brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Motorola, LG, etc.   For smartphone like the iPhone, offers on iPhone Sim Only Deals, will help you make use of your iPhone better bundled with a Sim that you can use anytime, anywhere as you roam during your travels. 

Microblog: Odesk articles

In the next succeeding blog posts, I'll be posting the various articles I've written from a bogus Odesk client.  I claim and own those articles.  This should refrain the bogus client to post or submit my articles to others or through her website.  Copyscape and Plagium must be able to detect it as plagiarism.  Don't be fooled by attractive high payment per article rewritten.  This is the bogus client's tactic to attract writers but never had the intention of paying them.  I learned it the hard way.  I wasted time and effort to write these articles.  So please be careful, most especially if the job is offering a fixed rate as payment.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Me Time at Sparkle and David's Salon

When I saw this pampering coupon in Metrodeal at Sparkle Hair Rebonding Treatment Center and Spa, I immediately got interested since its associated with hair pampering.  Since I haven't got back to relaxing my hair at Fix salon, maybe a hot oil will do for the meantime just to keep my hair straight.  Another interesting item in the deal is the hand and foot scrub.  I'd like my feet to be pampered as this is often times neglected.  I don't get to moisturize my feet as often as I want unlike with my with hands which are more exposed.  What's more interesting on the deal is that its location is very near to our home.

I called up and inquired about the deal as well as the services they offer.  The person I talked to told me that I can buy the Metrodeal coupon in their spa and immediately avail the services immediately even if it states there that it can be used starting May 2. Since the deal is only Php 149, I checked also the other services they're offering.  I thought of adding any foot pampering including pedicure.  Sparkle's website describes all the services and packages they offer.  Each of their service has detailed description with estimated time to finish each service.  Although price is not indicated, the description seems inviting.  That's why I decided to visit Sparkle late in the afternoon that day to avail the coupon as well as get a pedicure.  By the way, the person I talked to informed me that I should have reservations first before I avail any of their service but she also told me that I can just drop by later and just tell the receptionist her name, Grace.

When I arrived, the receptionist told me that the coupon can only be availed starting May 2.  Grace was wrong on that aspect.  And she's no owner or manager of the place.  She's one of the staff / personnel who does the services to you.  She was performing foot spa to one client when I arrived.  Maybe its somewhat commission based if I go directly to her that's why she told me to look for her.  Anyway, I thought I can already have my hot oil treatment done.  Nevertheless, I still bought one coupon and availed their pedicure service at Php 175.  I'm not sure if this is cheap or expensive as I have never had pedicure before.  Yes, my feet are still virgin in that aspect.  It's me who does the cleaning of my toenails and putting on nail polish to it.  So this time, I'll try others to do it on my behalf to make my feet cleaner.  I'd like to have a foot spa along with the pedicure but I decided, since I'm not yet familiar with this spa, I'll just try first their pedicure.

I'm kinda ticklish person so when the staff, Jovie (I think), started cleaning my foot, I felt uneasy but I didn't let her notice it.  She cut my toenails, applied cuticle remover and start cleaning my foot.  Her hands were quite light as I didn't experience any discomfort while she's doing my feet.  What I didn't like was when she applied nail polish and some gets out of the nails, she uses her nails directly to my skin to remove it.  I hope she used cotton instead.  But overall, my first time experience in pedicure is somehow nice and not a nightmare.  I would definitely go back there and have my nails done.

Since I wasn't able to have a hot oil treatment, I then decided to trim my hair since the ends are already getting dry.  I visit the David's Salon, just within the area of Sparkle.  I had my hair cut there before and it was ok.  So I thought, since I'll just have it trimmed, it won't be disastrous to my hair.  My second time experience with them in terms of hair cutting and blow drying is ok.  I just didn't like the blow drying of my hair this time.  The staff wasn't too careful in pulling my hair that it seems kinda painful but tolerable.  I'm just worried that it might give too much damage to my hair.  Although the stylist told me that my hair isn't that dry but it lacks shine.  She's offering me to have hair spa at Php 600+  with hair cut already.  Aww.. it was already too late.  I'm willing to get hair spa but she's already cutting my hair when she told me that.  She just advised me to have my hair treated at least every month.  And yes, I plan to do that.  Nevertheless, my overall hair cut experience with them was ok.  Not exceptional though.  Well maybe because I just had my hair trimmed.

It's really nice to have this me time although its not that much done on me today.  Maybe next time I'll try other services in Sparkle (manicure and some of their body and hair treatment and facial) and David's Salon (hot oil or hair spa).  My hair is relaxed but I only entrust Fix Salon to do that.  It's been over a year already since I had my hair relaxed but thank God it isn't all that frizzy at this time.  I just wonder how to get shinier hair.  Any tips?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FitFlop's Summer Sale

I was able to avail FitFlop's Summer Sale as advertised in their Facebook fan page.  The Walkstar III is at 30% off from Php 3,290 its now only Php 2,303.  I went directly to FitFlop's store in Greenbelt 3.  I'm not sure if other store which sells FitFlops like Shoe Salon and Res Toe Run also have the Walkstar III sale.  Arriving at their store in Greenbelt 3, there's no signage that indicates that they are having a sale.  I had to ask their sale staff for it.  They direct me to their rack of Walkstar III which are truly at 30% off as advertised in Facebook.  However, there are more colors available in the store that is on sale (like the Patent Silver and Patent Bronze color).  I didn't see any Softy Henry Green on the rack.  Well maybe it's just in the Greenbelt branch.  I haven't checked the other branches.  3 new colors were also released but not part of the sale.  I took a picture of it through my phone so apologies if it isn't too clear.

Those that were crossed out were new releases and not part of the sale.
The Electra and Pietra was also on sale at 30% off.  Sorry I no longer took a picture of it.  But there were only a few colors available on sale.

The Greenbelt branch offers deferred payment, zero interest for either 3 months or 6 months, with minimum purchase of Php 3,000.  For sale items such as the Walkstar III, minimum purchase should be Php 6,000 to avail the deferred payment.  I asked if I can get the Walkstar III Patent in Silver and Whirl in Black and pay it by installment.  At first they hesitated since they claim it will be different transaction on sale and regular item.  After some haggling, they agreed.  Since I've been eyeing Whirl for such a long time, I gave in.  Instead of buying 2 Walkstar just to reach the Php 6,000 for deferred payment, I get Walkstar III Patent in Silver and Whirl in Black.  It cost me Php 6,093, deferred payment for 6 months at zero interest.  Not bad.  I think *wink*  

Whirl and Walkstar
I'm not sure if all FitFlop branches offer deferred payment but I believe Res Toe Run in Glorietta does.  The Walkstar III summer sale is until April 30 while the other items on sale are good until supplies last.

Finally I get to retire my old FitFlop Walkstar I after using it for almost a year.  By the way, I also got it on sale and blogged about it too!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Undiscovered Shores of Lobo, Batangas

My family wanted to have a summer overnight getaway before my brother went back to his work abroad.  I first thought of bringing them to Anvaya Cove but unfortunately, my contacts cannot accommodate us since we're more than 10 pax.  So our next resort was some beach in Batangas.  I wanted to check other beaches in Batangas aside from San Juan municipality.  I learned, through research, that there are also nice beaches in Lobo, Batangas particulartly in Brgy. Fabrica. Althought it is quite far from Metro Manila (about 3 hours drive with zigzag trail nearing Barangay Fabrica), the resorts are all beach front.  Listed below are some of the resorts I found and inquired about their accommodation.

Gerthel Beach Resort

This is one of the most well known resort along Brgy. Fabrica. Unfortunately when I inquired about their rates and other info through email, they replied to me about 5 days late. I'm not sure if their mobile number is working but i also texted them but got no replies. They have a website but a very few information can be found there.

The rates they gave me for overnight are as follows. We are 9 adults and 2 kids:

Php 3,000 - 4,000 per house/cottage (nipa type house)
Php 3,000 rate includes:
- 1 bed with restroom
- private vicinity with a place to cook
- can accommodate 3-5 persons

Php 4,000 rate includes:
- 2 beds with restroom
- private vicinity with a place to cook
- can accommodate 7-10 persons

Entrance fee: 25 pesos per head
No corkage fee

Contact info:
Mobile#: 0918.7247983

Lobo Beach Club and Spa

This is so far the most complete and informative resort i have researched. Their website is complete with updated room rates and they have pictures of their resort. They also responded quickly from my inquiries. Based from the information i got from their website, this is one of the best resort to choose if you are in a group of 10 or more. It is because they have a dorm type room that can accommodate up to 17 pax and with 2 toilets and bath aleready. That is why this is one of the resort that I am considering for my family.

Again, we are 9 adults and 2 kids. The rate are as follows:

Php 5,500 per night
- dorm type room
- up to 17 pax
- with 2 toilets and bath
- with terrace
- with aircon

Entrance fee: 30 pesos per head
Parking fee: 100 per vehicle
Bringing of food: allowed, no corkage fee
Rent of gas range: 300 pesos

Contact info:

Almalin Beach Resort

Another resort that is well known in Lobo, Batangas is Almalin Beach Resort. Good thing about this resort is that they have their own website which covers everything you need to know about the resort. From their website, the room rates are quite expensive. They also offer amenities and water activities. This what sets them apart among the resorts i've researched in Barangay Fabrica. Other than its beach front location, they also have their own swimming pool. We'd like to try this resort but unfortunately, they never responded to my queries either through email or text.

Contact info:

Butterfly Beach House

This is also one of the resort who responded to my queries fast. My only concern is that they do not have a website where I can check on their room. But during the course of conversing with the owner through text, she leads me to their group page in facebook. Whatever it is written on the group page about the rates, the owner gave me some more discounts.

Php 6,000 per night
- 3 rooms: 2 rooms good for 4 pax each and 1 room good for 2-3 pax
- all rooms with aircon, toilet and bath
- with wifi connection
- with dining area outside, fronting the beach

Bringing of food: allowed but with refundable fee of 500 pesos
Food rate: 600 pesos per person for 4 meals
Rate for paluto: 50 pesos per head per meal

Contact info:
Mobile#: 09178440476
Contact person: Mary Ann

My family then decided to stay at Butterfly Beach House.  Read my post and review of this resort here.

Happy beach-ing!

My Pocket WiFi

Eversince I had my iTouch last year, I've been eyeing of having a pocket wifi. Although it's not really my priority but it would somehow be an exciting device to have.

About a 3 weeks ago when I started playing Draw Something, an Apple game application, I got so addicted that I wanted to play and compete with my friends from the game. And so, just last week, I decided to get myself a pocket wifi device.

Here, in the Philippines, the 3 large network providers offers pocket wifi for both prepaid and postpaid.

Smart Communications
Get the Smart Bro pocket WiFi unit on a monthly amortization of Php 150 for 24 months. Postpaid fee of only Php 495 per month, you'll get 50 hours free browsing time per month. In excess of 50 hours, you will be charged 10 pesos for every 30 minutes.

Get the unit at a one time fee of Php 3,895. It is preloaded with 1 hour free browsing time. Charge for every usage is Php 10 for every 30 minutes. The load can be bought at any loading station.

Sun Cellular
Sun MyFi can be bundled with your existing postpaid line. For bundled to plan 649 loyalty, the unit is free but with holding period of 24 months. Other plan 649 have one time charge for the unit of Php 2,299 if lock in at 12 months or Php 549 if lock in at 24 months. Browsing time is unlimited.

The cost of the unit is Php 5,100. There are various load denominations that you can buy to better suit your brwsing needs. There's P10 for 30 minutes valid for 2 hours, P25 for 3 hours valid for 1 day, P50 for unlimited use valid for 1 day, P100 for unlimited use valid for 3 days and P250 for unlimited use valid for 7 days.

Globe Telecom
Enjoy Globe Tattoo Superstick for just Php 999 per month for unlimited browsing time. Cost of the unit is additional 100 pesos to your monthly bill.  There is also a monthly plan of only Php 499 for 50 hours free browsing time.  Just the same, cost of unit will be an additional P 100 to your monthly bill.

Cost of the unit is Php 3,995.  Rate of browsing time is Php 2.50 for every 15 minutes.  There are also available promos upon loading which can enable you to surf unlimited.

I'm choosing between Smart and Sun since Globe signal is sometimes weak in our area.  I already have Sun broadband and so I wanted to try Smart's services.  I plan to buy only the prepaid kit because I don't want another monthly billing in my expenses.  I've been to several Smart wireless centers but unfortunately, the unit is out of stock from their warehouse.  That's when I resort to open line units offered at various selling sites such as

It was kinda confusing at first which unit is the best.  There are a lot of brands and models available for pocket WiFi, specifically Huawei and ZTE.  My Sun broadband unit is from Huawei.  One friend also told me that it is a better brand.  The other brand is ZTE.  I learned that Smart Bro pocket WiFi is using the same brand.  Most of the unit costs the same as the 3 networks.  Huawei is a bit expensive at Php 3,880 (cheapest model), while ZTE only costs Php 3,700 (cheapest model).  I opted for ZTE since I thought the signal will depend not on the brand of the unit but will depend from the signal of the network.

And so I bought ZTE MF30 from a reliable seller in  I chose this over Huawei because aside from its cheaper, the pick up location is very convenient for me.  I thought I could test the unit upon pick up but it was sealed.  I just then tested it at home.

I'm not a techie person that's why I wasn't able to configure the unit at an instant.  I had to make a call to the seller the next day just to teach me how to configure it.  Good thing the seller is very accommodating.  He must have taught a lot of buyers in configuring the unit using various network sim.  I placed my Sun Broadband postpaid sim in the unit.  After a few instructions from the seller, VIOLA! I am already connected.  I can already use my pocket WiFi with my iPod touch and Blackberry all at the same time!  I am so enjoying it!

The unit gets a bit hot after several minutes of us.  From charging time, I was able to use the unit at about 5 hours.  That's quite long hours.  I'm sure I won't be able to consume that long when I'm on the go.  I noticed though that when it's time to charge, it took forever for the unit to stop blinking the battery icon which means that it is charging.  So I'm not sure whether it is already fully charged or not.  I have also experienced an immediate red color battery icon which means that the unit is nearing draining of its battery when in fact it has been just several minutes when I unplugged the unit from its charging mode.  What I do is I just turned off the unit (its always open even when its charging) and open it again after a few minutes.  The coverage of the signal is quite huge.  When I left the unit in my room, I can still catch the signal up to our dirty kitchen.  The connectivity is quite fast, just like my sun broadband (well, after all, I'm still using the same network), even if 3 gadgets were connected in the unit.  The unit is lightweight and very portable.  I think it has the same size as Huawei.  Overall, I'm still liking my ZTE pocket WiFi.  I'm still gonna test it in the coming weeks especially its battery reliability.  After all, it's a pocket WiFi.  Therefore, it should offer great mobility.

Please read my updated review here on this pocket wifi after using it for almost a year.