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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Microblog: Day 15 of My 366 Days Project

It's always a blessing to hear Sunday mass.  Today is a special Sunday since its the Feast of Sto. Nino.  I feel touched when the priest called up all the children and sends special prayer and blessings to them.  Sto. Nino is really indeed patron of the children.  I'm also thankful this day that my pork adobo turned out delicious! Haha!  Honestly, I don't know how to cook adobo (Yes, I know. Very unusal.).  I remember the first time I tried cooking it, I failed.  Tonight, it seemed delicious since my dad ate a lot.  Or again, maybe he's just hungry.

Microblog: Day 14 of My 366 Days Project

Since we don't have a maid, my sister offered having lunch at their house so that I won't cook anymore.  Thank God for a very generous sister!  My dad and I just stayed at my sister's house the whole afternoon then later we decided to stroll at the nearest mall.  It was another blessing enjoying the company of my family although we're not complete at that time.  Another blessing when there's a senior citizen section amidst the long queue in paying the bills.  At least we no longer need to fall in line.  More senior citizen benefits and privilege please!!

Catching Up on My 366 Days Project (Day 8 to 13)

I got so busy when the week started that's why I wasn't able to update my 366 days project.  But I'll try to recall and summarize them here.

Day 8:
It was a blessing to hear mass today.  The priest gave trivia about Christmas.  He said that it was celebrated before on a January 6.  Then later, it was moved to December 25.  The importance of the January 6 was still retained thus Feast of the Epiphany was celebrated on this day.  Then eventually, the feast was celebrated every 2nd Sunday of January.  I just felt happy that Christmas or the birth of Christ was supposedly celebrated on January 6.  Same birthday as mine.

Day 9:
Eventhough this day is not a good day for me, I'm still thankful because I get to eat my lunch at a very cheap price!  We ate at a small canteen just outside of our office.  I was full with 1 and a half rice and grilled liempo for only Php 52!  Very timely as I am really on a budget.

Day 10:
Blessings for good friends who shares their food with me.  I also thank this day that I was able to finish my writing assignment with an Odesk client.  I am expecting to be paid, hopefully next week.

Day 11:
The good deed that I did today was helping out an officemate understand more details about our work.  Eventhough she's been with the company for more than a year, she is still seeking for additional knowledge.  I am glad with that attitude and I am very much willing to teach her anything she wanted to learn relating to her work.

Day 12:
It was a tiring day.  I feel sorry for myself because I had to carry a lot of stuff on my way home.  Aside from my bag, I bring along my laptop since I'm scheduled in Manila office on Fridays and then I bought dinner meals for me and my father.  By meal it means it has drinks in it.  Some have already spilled out but it doesn't become messy.  But still I am thankful for this day because we already got our payroll this early!

Day 13:
It was Friday the 13th but I was still lucky today.  I had a feast during lunch with Chef d' Angelo's Eat All You Can.  Feast equals two servings of pasta, red and white sauce each, salad greens, potato salad, two slices of pizza, and 2 viands.  Hungry, I guess.  Come early evening, when it's time for me to go home, I was surprised that I didn't have any difficulty commuting home.  LRT wasn't jammed pack and the jeepney are all available and not full.  I thought I will be stuck with "people traffic" since its payday weekend but I'm glad I didn't.  Also, its my first time to consume the stored value card of LRT.  I didn't realize that I will get almost free ride with just Php 2 remaining in my card.  Amazing! Haha!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Impulse Buying

I am a member of Cash Cash Pinoy and other group coupon sites but I bought only a few coupons from them.  I always receive email notifications from them on their latest deals.  I don't consider these email notifications as spam but I seldom read them.  It was only my sister who texted me that Cash Cash Pinoy is offering deals from The Body Shop.  We're not so The Body Shop fan but the deals are really promising.  For as low as Php 99, you can already own a Body Shop product.  According to the deal, that's already 50% off from the original price.  I'm not sure of the actual prices in store considering that The Body Shop is actually having their sale.  But still, we bought the deals from cash cash.

My sister and I bought the Vit. E Moisture Cream and Wise Woman Regenerating Night Cream at Php 99 and Php 199 only respectively.  Aside from not knowing the price in store (if it was also on sale), we also don't know if these products are effective.  We didn't search for any review of the product and just thought of buying it.  We were also tempted to buy the day cream and eyeliner as well but we thought, for the day cream, it maybe too thick and rich that will make our face oily and greasy during the day, considering that we do have oily/combination skin.  Also, we already have the Vit. E Moisture Cream which may be a good replacement for the day cream.  For the eyeliner, it was really just an "impulse buying" but later on we thought that we both don't use any make up in our eyes and so the eyeliner may just expire on our shelves.

Below are the complete deals for The Body Shop:

Vit. E Moisture Cream 15ml - only Php 99 (50% off)
Wise Woman Regenerating Day Cream 15ml - only Php 199 (67% off)
Wise Woman Regenerating Night Cream 15ml - only Php 199 (67% off)
Hi-Shine Lip Treatment in Peach - only Php 299 (50% off)
The Body Shop Kajal Eyeliner in Steel - only Php 299 (57% off)

We were both happy with our purchases and quite excited to get it.  The redemption will be from January 27 to February 27, 2012.  That's 2 more weeks to go!  I hope these products will be worth it.  If you want to check out this deal, just go to cash cash site, sign up and start buying!

Have you tried any of these?  Sharing your experiences will be very much appreciated.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eat All You Can at Chef d' Angelo

I've been seeing the Eat All You Can Promo of Chef d' Angelo since last year but it was only this week that I get to try it.  It was really cheap at only Php 150, you can already eat all the pasta, pizza, salad and soup all you want.  Add another Php 125 and you get an unlimited chicken as well.  The Php 150 is good enough.  But don't expect it to be fancy, besides Chef d' Angelo is considered to be fast/casual restaurant.

I'm not sure if they offer the same set of menu for the eat all you can promo everyday or different from time to time.  The time when I ate there, they have simple salad composed of lettuce, gelatin, tomatoes, cucumber, singkamas (I think), carrots and special dressing which is like a mix of vinaigrette and mustard, potato salad (more of like baby potatoes with sour cream dressing), mushroom soup. Hawaiian and another pizza (I forgot the name but it's just cheese and tomatoes as its toppings), pasta with choice of fettuccine and spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce with choice of white or red sauce.  The dishes were very simple but good enough to satisfy your cravings for pasta and pizza (like I do that night).  I tasted everything.  I had 2nd round of pasta, potatoes and pizza.  I am satisfied.  With just Php 150, I am already full.

Image courtesy of Chef d' Angelo's website

I checked out their website and they're offering Php 175 eat all you can same as mentioned above but this time with rice meal.  I'm not sure if it is still applicable to some stores but maybe I'll check it out this Friday in their SM San Lazaro branch.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Microblog: Day 7 of My 366 Days Project

Not much of good deed I've done today, except that I cooked beef steak for dinner and my dad especially loved it.  He was able to eat a lot for dinner.  Either he's really hungry or my beef steak is delicious.

Day 6 of My 366 Days Project

Day 6 is January 6, my birthday. Of course I am very much thankful for another year.  I was so happy that many people, including people I didn't expect, greeted me on my facebook wall.  Then come dinner time with family, I bumped into one of my crush (haha! I feel like a teenager with the term "crush") at Greenbelt and of course he greeted me personally.  My family also surprised me with a birthday cake with all the waiters and management of the restaurant singing happy birthday to me.  Then after dinner, some friends join me in clubbing as we went to Palladium.  I really appreciate these friends as they took the time to be with me and celebrate the last few nights of January 6th.  We kinda went bar hopping, checking out various bars in Makati until we ended up in Spicy Fingers as we felt hungry at past 2am.  We just ate and called it a night at around 3am.

I was happy on my day and thankful to everyone who remembered to greet me.  I am also thankful to those who exerted effort to give gifts, provide us free entrance at Palladium and give their time to celebrate the day with me.

Another year and I am still alive.  That's the best blessing I got for Day 6 of my 366 days project.  I hope that the wish that I've been wishing will be granted soon!  Happy Birthday to me!

Microblog: Day 5 of My 366 Days Project

Before I proceed with this late post of my day 5, I just realized that I misspelled the title of my last blog.  Instead of Day 4, I indicated Day 3 that's why I have a redundant Day 3 on my 366 Days Project.  I apologize for that.

Anyway, Day 5 was really a wonderful day to me!  Aside from I sent another donation through SMS in Red Cross for the people affected by Sendong, I received a very nice blessing today.  I got another job (part time that is) in writing from Odesk from previous client.  This employer has been my client for years already.  Although the job is not frequent but he always get in touch with me whenever he needs some writing works.  I'm glad he trust me that much.  If you want to get a part time job as well, may it be in writing, graphic artist, data entry, virtual assistant, web programmer, etc., just click on the badge on the the right side.  This is a great part time job.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Microblog: Day 3 of My 366 Days Project

I thought I will end the day with no good things happening to me.  I was tired today with more than 12 hours on the street.  Finally when I got home, my dad handed me over his birthday present to me.  Quite early but I am happy.  This is what I am thankful for the day.  At his age of 72 years old, my dad never fails to give me a gift during my birthday (as well as my siblings' birthday).  He's no longer working, no recurring income, just a small pension monthly but he still remembers to give gifts to us during our birthdays.  It may not be too expensive but I really appreciate it.  Thank you, daddy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Microblog: Day 3 of 366 Days Project

 I am not so proud of what I have done today.  Well, its a mix of good and bad vibes.  In the morning, I received a compliment of how good a person and leader I am *grin*.  In the afternoon, I was a little pissed because of work.  It's just the second day of work and yet I am already harassed and stressed.  Lastly, in the evening, I sent an SMS to someone without any intention of hurting her but still she got hurt with what I said.  I really didn't judge her or whatever, I just commented on what she did (or not did) which I think is unusual to her status in life.  Well, I didn't apologize to her.  I just told her I don't have any intentions of hurting her.  Hard-headed?  I just said what I thought.  My sister told me that what I said was kinda hurtful indeed.  Well, damage has been done.  I can never take back what I've said.  But I hope she will learn something from it.  I'm sorry for that.  I really didn't mean it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Microblog: Day 2 of 366 Days Project

There's not much good things I've done today.  But I'm thankful today that I didn't experience any difficulty riding to and from Manila office (You may read about my rant and dismay in transferring to Manila office here).  My travel time from our house to Manila is 1 hour and 15 minutes while back to our house is just 1 hour.  Not all classes opened today so I'm still expecting for the worse in the coming days.  But still, good vibes.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 366 Days Project

Looking back at my post last January 2, 2011, I find it funny that I didn't fulfill ALL of my resolutions.  I tried but I still failed, haha! So now, I won't list down any resolutions.  I just let it be.  I will always remember it and try to improve but I can't promise. Haha!  For now I'm thinking of something to fulfill which will be fruitful to my soul.  Instead of coming up with 365 days project of various pictures per day like most bloggers do, I'm thinking of coming up with 366 days (since this year is a leap year) of good deeds whether to self or to others.  This will be one of my goal this year.  I hope to microblog all the good things I have done each day.  I may also include each and every small blessings that I will receive each day.

Let me start today.  I was so happy and blessed that I start the year with hearing Mass today.  I think that's a good way to start the year.  I also give my delayed Christmas gift to my nephew.  What made me happy is that he most appreciate my gift than those of my siblings :)

So there.  I'm having high hopes this year in terms of my personal goals.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers and readers of my blog.  I try my best to blog more for your reading pleasure and knowledge.  Looking forward to another good year ahead with more readers of my blog.  Happy New Year everyone!