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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Incubus: Live in Manila

It was a last minute decision when I decided to buy tickets for Incubus concert. I bought the ticket a day before the concert date. When I first heard they are going to perform again here in the Philippines for the 3rd time, I am eager and determined to watch them. I wanted to be at the front seat or at least near to it but the ticket prices were quite high. Many things have happened months before the concert date and I really need to tighten my budget. Even the cheapest ticket at the General Admission, I'm having seconds thought of buying it as this will affect the budget that I am holding. But nevertheless, I wouldn't want to pass this concert as this is already their 3rd time to visit the Philippines. I'm not sure if there will still be a 4th time. They've been in the music industry for years. We don't know if they can and still able to record albums in the succeeding years. So I thought, If Not Now, When? The same title of their newest album got me inspired to finally buy a ticket. I am so happy I did.

I was once again alone when I decided to watch the concert. Doesn't matter as this is already my nth time in watching concert alone. But it's quite different this time. I will be meeting a few people from Girltalk who share the same passion and who will also be watching the concert alone. At least soloist people will later be a company. It will be a sort of a small EB for us. I will only get to meet 3 new people. All of them are also fond of watching concerts.

I arrived at Araneta Coliseum at exactly 6pm. I immediately fall in line at the Gen Ad area. I just texted the people I am to meet of my whereabouts. With or without them, I must find a good seat. Unfortunately, the first person I texted left her ticket at home so she needs to go back. She was already in Araneta area when I arrived. So when its time to go in, I go in anyway and just texted the other two of my whereabouts. I was inside the Araneta at around 7pm. My seat was already in the 2nd to the last row but the view of the stage is directly in front of it. There are quite a number of people already in the free seating section at that early. At about quarter to 8pm, two other girls already met me at my seat. Finally, I'm no longer alone.

The concert started at 8:15pm with the front act, Franco. I don't know them but their music good. They're a good band on my first impression. And it seems their songs are good as well. They sang 4 songs as front act. After they performed, Incubus staff are still preparing the stage: sound check, mic test, musical instruments test, decor, etc. It took about 15-20 minutes to finish. Incubus' concert finally started at around 9:20 pm. It was a long wait, but worth it. First song, Megalomaniac. I can see from my seat that the expensive standing area in the front row are jumping uniformly while this song is being played. Quite a nice sight to see.

The songs in their concert are combination of old and new songs from different albums. That's a good thing as I am not quite familiar with the songs from their new album. I already googled the setlist of their concert based from previous country (Indonesia and Malaysia). At least somehow I know what songs will they be playing. It's unfortunate they will not be singing Are You In, Stellar, Dig, The Original (new album) and Thieves (new album). But I'm very much content with their setlist especially they sang my current favorite, In the Company of Wolves, at encore. Again, I don't know or memorize the lyrics of all of their song. Another mistake I should've already learned!

Here's their setlist:

Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Anna Molly
Love Hurts
Look Alive
Promises, Promises
The Warmth
Sick Sad Little World
Talk Shows On Mute
A Crow Left Of The Murder

Encore set:
I Miss You
In The Company of Wolves
Nice To Know You

They always have pause after each song and Brandon keeps on saying Thank You. This somehow bore some of the audience as some of the people at my surroundings sat if they don't know the song or if they're at pause.

I love how they ended the concert with the song, Nice to Know You. Really fits the situation. It was sad (at least for me) that Brandon didn't take off his shirt on his 3rd time concert in the Philippines. Although, he teases people by attempting to remove his shirt at the final encore set. But that's ok. At least they sang and perform really good even if they're quite old already. I feel like I was just listening to my mp3 player. That's how good they are. Brandon was still able to reach those high notes with ease and without difficulty. His voice is still the same. I'm really glad I was able to watch this concert. This is another one of the best concerts I have attended.

To Incubus, it's Nice to Know [Hear] You and I [Will] Miss You and will always Wish You Were Here.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I wonder what's wrong with blogger.  The past weekend (and several weeks before) I cannot create nor edit a post.  There's this spinning icon in the writing board and in the lower left it says: "waiting for".  I waited and waited but it never stopped.  I was using my netbook and my browser is Google Chrome.  I already reported it to blogger help/support but I still got no response.  They have several topics in their support forum similiar to my problem.  I tried their solution but to no avail.  I thought it was just my connection but I am able to load other websites with ease.

So now I tried it at a different computer and different browser.  It worked! I am using a desktop and my browser is IE 7.  What could be the problem?  Has anyone encountered the same?

By the way, I also tried using IE 8 as browser in my netbook but I still get the same problem.  I haven't tried it though in Firefox.  Care to share your experience and solution?