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Saturday, March 22, 2014


A jet-setter is defined as: "A person who travels to numerous places around the world to places that other people always want to go but never do." - from 

I never considered myself as a jet-setter but many people are calling me one.  According to Lakbayan site, I'm only a B- traveler.  I have only traveled around 30 provinces out of 80+ provinces in the Philippines.  Not a lot, not even half.  I still wanted to become an A traveler if based from Lakbayan site but that's quite difficult to do considering my work, my resources and priorities.  But if I got the time, I will definitely travel around the Philippines first before I travel abroad (although I've been to a few foreign countries already).  Love your own! And its More Fun in the Philippines!

I guess its because I have different group of friends who loves traveling that gave me an opportunity to visit the beautiful provinces in the Philippines, particularly the beaches.  But still, I don't consider myself as a jet-setter because when I looked at other jet-setter people and bloggers, I'm not even close to where they have gone.  There are more places I need to go and discover to appreciate better the beauty of the Philippines.  Thank God for blogs and forum sites (like Girltalk) which give information on various provinces, destinations and tourist spot in the country.

This is the reason why I created this blog to share the beautiful places I've been to in the Philippines.  But unfortunately, I can no longer recall all the details of most of my travels that's why there's a few travel post on this blog.  That's the problem with me.  I immediately forgot those details, like accommodation, fares, expenses, etc.  But those memories are all kept through pictures.  If I have the time, I really try to recall my travel experience by recalling the events from the pictures.  I wanted to share and help my readers on their upcoming travel adventure with my post.  I'm glad I am able to help some.

It really doesn't matter to me whether I am tagged as a jet-setter or not.  What's important for me is that I am able to help my readers through my blog post at the same time I got the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Philippines.

Let me take this opportunity to thank my readers and advertisers who supports my blog and find them helpful.  I'll try my best to post more travel experience with lots of pictures.  Thank you again.  Happy traveling!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Planning Your Next Trip

I previously blogged about the essentials when traveling or Traveling 101 which I learned from a talk during the Belle de Jour Planner fair/event.  So now, I'd like to share with you some tips I personally do in planning my next trip.  The basic word is "research".  But what should you research about?

Tourist Spots
Of course how can you be inspired to visit the destination of your choice if you don't know what's the famous tourist spots on that place.  I'm sure before you got eager to visit your next destination, you are somehow aware on where you want to visit or explore.  This is the first thing that I do, listing down all the tourist spots available in that place.  You can also check if there are packages available from an agency, hotel or tourist guide to help you visit your preferred destination without any worries.  But in case you're on a budget, you must just thoroughly research about it.  Some destinations, though, requires you to be accompanied by a tourist guide.

Scouting for an accommodation can be crucial as it is dependent on various factors like budget and its proximity to tourist destinations.  But one thing is for sure, for ever tourist spots you visit, there is at least one available accommodation or near to it.  If you will go on hopping from one area to another, finding an accommodation will be more challenging.  I remember our Surigao Adventure trip.  We visit a lot of provinces in 5-day trip which also resulted to staying to 3 different accommodations!

Transportation Schedule
Based on your choice of tourist destination, it is important to know the available transport schedule most especially if there are fixed schedule followed.  It is important to know the departure and arrival time as well as the intervals or the next available schedule.  This can be crucial in your itinerary planning most especially if you are following a tight schedule.   It is also important to know the travel time in going from one place to another.  This will help you determine which tourist spot to visit first or even skip out in case your schedule is tight (here's a sample of thorough transportation research that I made).  For a place with vast transportation system (e.g. trains in other countries such as Hong Kong), it would be best to print the whole train destination and its stops.  If you're availing a package tour, most of the time the transportation and fees are already covered.

Fares and Expenses
While determining the transportation schedule, it will be helpful to know the fares of each for budgetary purposes.  Same with scouting for accommodation.  Budget can also be one of your considerations most especially if it is limited.  You should also determine the rates, if any, of tours, entrance fees and other charges during the tour.  Most of the time, rates and fees are dependent on the number of people. Here is a sample of the expenses we incurred in one of our trips.

Most of the time, I prepare an itinerary for the whole trip from departing to Manila up to arriving to Manila including the time for each destination  (here's a sample itinerary).  Jotting down your itinerary can help you maximize your trip.  You will somehow have an idea on how your trip will flow.  From this itinerary, you will know if your trip is just right and not an "amazing race" type.  Some strictly follows their itinerary while some completely ditch it on the day of the trip itself.  It is up to you but an itinerary will help you forsee what you will be doing on your whole trip.  It can also be helpful if you have a "plan B" in case your initial itinerary did not push through due to unforseen circumstances.     

Things to Bring
Aside from the basics "what to bring" on a trip, it is important to know what other items you should be bringing in the various destination that you plan to visit.  For example, if you are planning to go on an island hoping the whole day, you should check how and where will you be having your lunch.  This may also entail providing lunch for your tour guide/s.  

Most of my trips are DIY or Do-It-Yourself.  That's why a thorough research is essential.  These are just some of the things I consider in my research.  In case you have other ideas, you may want to share them here.  Have a safe and enjoyable trip!