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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Backpacking Trip in Tagaytay

While having second thoughts of pushing through with my Tagaytay trip with my boyfriend, the trip still went well with no private vehicle to use, just commuting by bus, tricycle, van/shuttle and jeepney.  It isn't my first time in Tagaytay but I am not so familiar with all the places to visit and restaurants to eat, only a few of it.  Although it is my first time to commute from Manila to Tagaytay, more like a backpacking trip to Tagaytay.  And of course, it's my first time to have this trip with my boyfriend.

It has been raining  for the past weeks and reading from forums, it's raining also in Tagaytay.  That made me think twice in pushing through this backpacking trip.  Nevertheless, we still push through with it since the typhoons were mostly headed north of Luzon.  Because its raining, we opted to stay in a fan room.  I've researched various budget and affordable accommodations which I also posted in my previous blog.  It's a good thing that there are a lot of accommodations to choose from that's why there are still a number of available rooms on my chosen dates, considering it is a long weekend. 

On this blog, I will post mostly the fares and transportation in various destinations in Tagaytay.  The reviews and other details will be posted in the next blog.  


Backpacking trip in Tagaytay, we obviously bring along just our backpacks.  We were suppose to ride the bus but I've read that it will take you more than 2 hours travel time since it will pass by Cavite and with lots of bus stops.  My officemate suggested that we ride a van located in a street before Metropoint mall along Edsa-Pasay Rotonda.  The van is going to Batangas but I'm just not sure exactly where and it will pass by Tagaytay City via Sta. Rosa exit.  This will shorten our travel time to just about an hour to 1 hour and a half.  So we chose to ride the van to shorten our travel time.  We arrived at the van area around 11am.  Travel time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The route was through Southwoods exit then to Aguinaldo highway, Silang, Cavite.  Fare is Php 180 per person going to Tagaytay.  But I learned that same fare going to Batangas.


Mahogany Market
We were not sure where to drop off but I know the van will pass by Tagaytay Rotonda or near Olivarez.  Since its already lunch and we planned to eat bulalo in Mahogany Market (which I'm not familiar with), we thought of just dropping off near that area.  But we were not sure where the van's route is.  So when we saw Mahogany Avenue we already asked the driver to drop us there.  The problem is, how do we go to Mahogany Market?  That's the fun in backpacking trip style.  You just get to ask around on how to go to your destination.  From Petron, we just rode a jeep going to NBI.  We asked the driver to take us to Mahogany Market.  Fare is just Php 11 per person.

Famous Inn / Picnic Grove
One of the cheapest accommodation I found is the Famous Inn, located at Barangay Sungay West, Tagaytay-Calamba Road.  You can read about my review on this accommodation here.  According to my research, this inn is located near Picnic Grove.  From Mahogany Market, the jeepney driver told us to ride any jeep across the market and ask them to drop us at the Terminal.  From the Terminal, there are jeeps going to Picnic Grove and People's Park.  Fare from Mahogany Market to Terminal is Php 8 per person.  From Terminal to Famous Inn/Picnic Grove, fare is Php 11 per person.

People's Park in The Sky
We rested for a while in our room then off we go to People's Park.  From Famous Inn, we rode a jeep going to People's Park.  Same jeep from the terminal is traveling in front of the Famous Inn.  Fare is Php 9 per person.  After People's Park, we'll have our snack/dinner either in Olivarez or near the restaurant row that are famous in Tagaytay.  From the park, there are no longer jeeps available going back to Picnic Grove or Olivarez at 5pm so we just rode the tricycle.  It will definitely be more expensive so we just ask the tricycle driver to take us to Picnic Grove.  Fare is Php 60 per ride.  From Picnic Grove, we just waited for a jeep going to Olivarez.  Again, Picnic Grove to Olivarez, fare is Php 11 per person.

Restaurant Row / Magallanes Square
We had dinner beside Magallanes Square.  We were told that jeepneys are only available until 8pm.  But we finished our dinner at around 8.30pm.  We still are able to rode a jeep from Magallanes Square to Terminal.  Fare is Php 8 per person.  From the terminal, it was only 1 jeep or the last trip waiting for us.  I guess the last trip is around 9pm.  From the Terminal to Famous Inn, the fare is again Php 11 per person.


My boyfriend and I decided to just ride the bus on our back to Manila.  Although at the Terminal, there are vans available going to Calamba and Festival Mall/Alabang.  It was quite hard to wait for an air-conditioned bus going to Pasay MRT/LRT.  Those in the bus stops were ordinary buses and some are going to Baclaran.  After about 20 minutes, we were able to ride an air-conditioned bus going to Pasay MRT/LRT.  Their route is via Cavite, Baclaran, Roxas Boulevard and final destination at Pasay MRT/LRT, at the back of Sogo Hotel.  Fare is Php 78 per person.  Travel time is about 2 hours.

On this backpacking trip to Tagaytay, we don't get to see a lot of tourist destinations since we don't have our own vehicle and our trip is just overnight.  We just visited People's Park in the Sky, Picnic Grove, Our Lady of Manaoag and eat near Magallanes Square.  The fares posted were as of August 2012.

UPDATE: From Manila To Tagaytay

I've mentioned in some comment/reply post that we tried riding a van in Alabang going to Tagaytay.  When we went back to Tagaytay last Dec. 30, 2014, there was no more van there going to Tagaytay.  The vans there were going to Dasma.  So we just went to Festival Mall and ask around for van terminals going to Tagaytay.  The van terminal was located outside of the Pixie Forest exit (Goldilocks).  Van fare is Php 75 each and you will be alighted at Olivarez (along Aguinaldo Highway).  This same location is where the van terminals are going back to Laguna and Alabang.

Budget Accommodations in Tagaytay

In search for a very budget friendly accommodations in Tagaytay, I found these inns, hotels, apartelles, room for rent that are less than Php 1,500 per night.  All rates indicated are good for 2 pax.

Tagaytay Econo Inn
Location: perpendicular to Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road
Budget Room - Php 1,500 with breakfast
Website: Facebook Page

Java Jazz Lodging House
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road (left side coming from Sta. Rosa), about 300 meters away from Picnic Grove
Standard Room (fan room) - Php 980 with breakfast
Website: Facebook Page
Notes: very responsive in text messages
(please see my updated blog post about Java Jazz Lodging House here)

Top Hotel
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road (right side coming from Sta. Rosa), about 100 meters away from Picnic Grove; opposite Southridge Estate
Standard Room (fan room) - Php 1,461 from
Website: click here

5R Rooms for Rent
Location: not along the highway but on the left side coming from Sta. Rosa
Fan Room - Php 800
Aircon Room - Php 1,200
Website: click here
(please see my review on this accommodation here)

Crisanta of Tagaytay (Crisanta's Bed and Breakfast)
Location: in front of Tagaytay zoo
Fan Room - Php 800 with breakfast
Website: No longer listed in but found contact number at +63 932 8657165

Overlook Inn
Location: Tagaytay Rotonda
Budget Room (aircon) - Php 1,200 to Php 1,500
Website: click here

Viewpoint Inn and Restaurant
Location: Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway
Non-aircon room - Php 1,200 (24 hours)
Aircon rooms - Php 1,500 to Php 1,800
Website: click here

Little Falls Inn
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road, right side coming from Sta. Rosa
Couple's Room - Php 1,518 from
Website: click here

Famous Inn
Location: in between Southridge and Tagaytay National Science High School but 300 meters away from the main road; 5 minutes walk to Picnic Grove
Non-aircon - Php 800
Aircon - Php 1,000
Website: click here
Notes: quick response in text messages
(please see my review on this accommodation, mentioned below)

Golden Rooms for Rent
Location: along Aguinaldo Highway, walking distance to Olivarez Mall
Fan room - Php 893 from
Website: click here

Villa Julia Seminar and Retreat House
Location: along Aguinaldo Highway
Kubo room (Ligaya Kubo) - Php 1,500 with aircon
Website: Facebook Page
Notes: quick response in text messages but they will call you instead

Keni Po Hotel
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road
Standard room - Php 1,200
Website: click here
Notes: gets fully booked quickly

Most of my references are from travelbook website and in agoda.  There are a lot more accommodations listed on those sites and you can search depending on your budget.  Agoda is also helpful as it comes with reviews from latest travelers.  We ended up staying at Famous Inn.  Check out my review on this small hotel.

Update (11/20/2016): Some links have been updated. You can also check more affordable Tagaytay hotels here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

For the Love of Accessories

Just sharing with you my various cheap finds when it comes to accessories. I found them on my photos app in iTouch so i decided to blog about it. I have more accessories than those posted here. Maybe I'll start updating this and blogging about it the next time I had a new purchase. Apologies on the pictures by the way as these were all taken from my iTouch.

crochet collar necklace from Landmark
another collar necklace from Landmark
Top: faux leather strap/bracelet from Strings Fashion Manila 
Bottom: scarf bracelet from Carrie's Closet
collar necklace from Carrie's Closet
black and gold bracelet (and shades) from SM Accessories
various bracelets: the black and gold from SM accessories (same as previous pic), blue and brown braided bracelet from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta, orange with charms bracelet from Tomato
multi function accessory from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta
Top: 2-in-1 pearl necklace (i thought) from Landmark
Bottom: 2-in-1 chain necklace from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta