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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Sale Finds @ Mango

Mango has been one of my favorite shops.  I always check them out especially if they are on sale.  I think Mango's sale started 2nd week of June.  During that time, I checked both branches in Ayala Malls, Greenbelt and Glorietta.  There are more lovely dresses (and new styles) in Greenbelt than in Glorietta.  There were 2 dresses that I like (less thank 1k each) but I didn't buy them since I also wanted to check Glorietta branch before I decide to buy.  Unfortunately, when I returned to Greenbelt branch, the dresses were already sold.  The only item I bought at that time was their wallet which cost me about 900.

I like this wallet so much since I improvised its main function.  I added a strap on its zipper to make it a wristlet.  Since it is spacious, I decided to put in my cellphones in the 2 compartments.  This gets so handy that I no longer need to bring 2 items: a wallet and a small pouches for cellphones every time I go out on a very short trip.

I went back to Mango today thinking that they will further reduce their price.  Besides, I've been hearing other brands such as Zara, Promod, etc. are having their (end of season?) sale.  And I know for a fact, that its always in July where most of these brands held their sale.  So I was correct, Mango indeed reduced their price.  Their window display says: up to 70% off from their previous sale of 50%.  So here are the clothes I bought.

Straight cut pants.  I never fail to buy pants in Mango during sale. Most of the pants/jeans I bought cost less than Php 1,000. So this one I bought is much cheaper. Original price: Php 1,450. Sale price: Php 795. Further reduced price: Php 695. That's more than 50% off!

Sleeveless blouse. This is a very simple sleeveless blouse, available in white and peach color. I almost bought those two available colors! Original price: Php 1,450. Sale price: Php 695. Further reduced price: Php 395.  That's more than 70% off!

Short sleeves polo. I haven't bought any polo from Mango before because I find it still expensive even if its on sale. This time, I grabbed this polo for a very affordable price! What I love about this is that the sleeves have an adjustable arm hole which is perfect for my thin arms. Original price: Php 1,950. Sale price: Php 995. Further reduced price: Php 595.  That's 70% off!

Their shorts and mini skirts were also on a further reduced price sale.  I'm thinking of going back to check on these.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Sale Finds @ The Ramp Crossings

I bought these clothes last June 17.  So I'm not sure if this store is still on sale.  Anyway, these are what I've bought on sale.

These shorts are somewhat skorts, shorts that looked like a skirt.  I've been looking for a soft fabric shorts and I think this is really a sale find.  Most shorts of this type cost Php 500 and up but I got these for just Php 330 each from an original price of Php 1,100.  That's 70% savings!

Sleeveless blouse
This may look like an ordinary blouse but I like it because its short in front and long at the back.  I can pair it with high waist shorts or pants.  Also, the button closure is quite unique with its square-look design, not just an ordinary button down blouse.  I'm also thinking of wearing short necklace with it if I close the button up to the neckline.  I bought this at Php 375 from the original price of Php 1,250.  Another 70% savings!

Round neck shirt
I'll just add this simple black round neck shirt I bought from Esprit.  Simple but can be elegant with its silver trimmings in the neckline.  The neckline cut is quite low which makes it a little more than just a casual look.  I bought this to pair with my jackets, cardigans and blazers that is good for office wear.  I find this a great steal with just Php 599 from an original price of Php 1,498.  Almost 60% savings!

Sparkle review

I finally availed the Sparkle service I bought from Metrodeal. The voucher includes Japanese hot oil, hand and foot srub and reflexology. According to the deal, the whole service is originally valued at Php 800 and will last for 60 minutes. Here's my review.

When I arrived at the spa, there's a lady who also availed the deal (i only noticed it when we were seated side by side) and she almost had her hair done that is all wrapped with foil. No electronic heat was put on her head for the hot oil. The staff is already preparing for her scrub when another staff called me to wash my hair.

After washing, the staff put on some mask or conditioner like on my hair. While applying with bare hands, she also massages my scalp and head which is good. When applying and massaging is done, she wrapped my hair with a foil and secure it with a towel-like band around my hairline. By this time, the lady customer beside me had her scrubs on her hands done. She was a little ahead of me on all of these services.

The next thing the staff did to me was applying some essential oil on both my arms and hands. Later, a scrub was applied. Same procedure was applied on both my legs and feet. The scrubs were kinda coarse. I felt uneasy when the staff rubbed the scrub on my arms and legs hard especially to those sensitive skin areas. I thought I had a skin scratch with it.

These srubs were removed by the staff with water and sponge. After it was removed, the staff started massaging my arms and hands. I guess this is the reflexology part. The massage was a little hard, making my fingers "crack" which I didn't like. When my arms were done, the staff started massaging my legs and feet. Most of the massages were at my sole. Pinching and pressing my sole, fingers and legs. I thought these will be very relaxing if you have tired lefs an feet. As for me, again, it was kinda painful. Well maybe because I'm not fond of massages. And also, I wasn't tired that day so my muscles were not stiff. There were even times that I already exclaimed painfulness to the staff so she can lighten the massages.

When all this massages are done, the staff then rinses my hair. Afterwhich, my hair was swiftly dried with a blower. The staff didn't comb or used a brush while drying my hair. She just gently scan my wet hair with her fingers to dry it. I like this technique in drying my hair. While blow drying, the lady customer was at that time was just gettig ready to rinse her hair.

When my hair was dried, the staff gently combs my hair. Surprisingly, there were no tangles. My hair was all straight as if I had it relaxed. I love the effect on my hair. It was soft to touh too.

You will noticed that I keep on mentioning the lady customer. Well, it is because she were ahead of me to undergone the treatment and all but still i'm the one who finished it first. It took me less than an hour to finish but I guess that will be dependent on the staff who is taking care of you.

Overall, I give the whole experience a rating of 7 out of 10 (10 being the highest). I like the Japanese hot oil on my hair. I like the srubs but it would be better if the staff won't rub it hard on your skin. I didn't like the massages simply because I'm not fond of massages. It's painful on my part. But I think that kind of massage will be very relaxing after a tiring day. The deal at Php 149 discounted price was all worth it. But if it returned to its original price of Php 800, I find it expensive. The Japanese hot oil has a good effect on my hair but it seems the same effect when I use Human Heart Nature's Hair Mask. As for the massages and scrubs, I can't comment further on the price as I haven't done same service from other salon. Should I go back there? Well yes, but mostly for hair treatments and mani/pedi or foot spa service. Nothing more than that. Will I recommend it? Yes, especially if you are fond of massages. The staff are friendly too. They're also giving recommendations without really hard selling their products and services.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Filipina Girls Want In A Husband

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles. 


What Filipina Girls Want In A Husband

The Philippines is known to have hospitable and friendly people.  No wonder many foreign people love to mingle and be friends with the Filipinos.  One distinct attitude of the Filipino is seen in their women.  Termed as the Filipina, these girls are very caring, sweet and loving.  That is why many foreign people would love to spend the rest of their lives with a Filipina.  But how can you capture the heart of a Filipina?  What Filipina girls really want in a husband?  Read on this article to know if you qualify.

With the influence of Catholicism in the Philippines, Filipinas are religious, conservative and very family oriented.  In order to win her heart, you must carefully know and study these traits.

Most Filipina girls are raised in Roman Catholic religious belief.  What a Filipina girl wants in a husband may also be someone who shares the same belief.  But she can still marry someone outside of her religion provided that her beliefs will still be the same.  Being religious, Filipina girls always hear Sunday mass and observe other religious obligations.  If you want her to like you, it will be a plus point if you join her during these obligations.

Being raised in a Catholic environment, you can be sure that most Filipina girls are conservative especially when in public.  They are dressed in a prim and proper manner and would demand a respect.  With their respectable outlook, you should in turn respect her as well.  This means you need to court her in her house if you want her to fall in love with you.

Most Filipino has close family relationships.  Whatever their ages are, they still live with their parents, relatives and even grandparents.  You can see that they are all living in one room or sometimes within a compound or street.  If you are serious with a Filipina girl, you are obliged to know and mingle with all the members of her family.  This will show your sincerity which is one factor what Filipina girl wants in a husband.

Effective Communication Negotiation Skills

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles. 


Tips For Effective Communication Negotiation Skills

In our daily activities, we often encounter negotiation with people we deal with.  May it be a simple agreement with a friend or bargaining for an item with a vendor.  Often than not we let our emotions take part in the decision without being rationale.  How can you really go through an effective negotiation?  Read below as you may find tips for effective communication negotiation skills.

Communicating well with people around you can produce harmonious result if done effectively.  Going through a negotiation as part of an effective communication need not be an exemplary skill that one can posses.  By experience and proper guidelines you can become an effective negotiator.

Whenever you enter into a decision making situation, it is important that you know what you are into.  Do some research and investigations before making that final decision.  Create a checklist of negotiable and non-negotiable items which will be useful before you proceed with any negotiation.

Result of an effective negotiation is not always rushed.  The decision was carefully studied and analyzed.  This tip for effective communication negotiation skills is somehow crucial in your decision.  If you rush into making a decision or if you let somebody push you to rush the negotiation activity, you might regret the outcome.  Although you have to consider the time factor in finishing up the whole negotiation activity, it is not advisable to rush things.  There may be hidden or small factors in the agreement that you might fail to discuss.

When the communication and negotiation seems intense, you should still try to avoid letting your emotions get into the way.  Getting angry or excited may lead you into irrational thinking.  You may lose your composure and may utter words that might affect the negotiation which you will just regret later on.

For every negotiation, you should be ready to compromise.  Whatever the result of the agreement be, it should always be a win-win situation to both parties.  This part of the tip for effective communication negotiation skills is what makes a negotiation successful.