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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For some reason, I felt sad.  I should be happy and excited because I'll be leaving for HK tomorrow.  But I don't know.  I suddenly felt sad.  I feel like telling people close to me that I love them.  Am I gonna die?  Why do I have this feeling of saying goodbye? No, no, no. I can't think that way. Happy thoughts happy thoughts... I've got tons of things to do before my HK trip.  That's what I should be more concerned about.  Happy thoughts happy thoughts...

Friday, February 11, 2011

My First International Trip

No, it's not in Hong Kong.  It will be in Taipei, Taiwan.  I'm pretty much excited about it despite my sister's discouraging comments on this trip; telling me that it will just be a waste of money since there's nothing to do there in Taiwan.  Whatever.  I will still pursue this trip.  Besides, this will be my first international trip!

I've done a few researches and visited various forums to get an idea on what to expect in Taiwan.  First things first, the visa.  Wow! My first international trip and my first visa! Bongga!  Secondly, yeah, there's really not much to do in Taipei and most of the famous tourist attractions are the museums, temples and shrines.  Of course there's also the famous Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world.  But the pictures from my researches looked good and inviting.  What got me curious is that, as they say, Taipei is really a food trip.  I like!  I know you wouldn't believe that I like food if you see me personally, haha!  But I really enjoy trying out the food (specialty or famous food) of various places I've visited and will be visiting.  Since I'm quite Chinese, the taste of noodles and dimsum will no longer be new to me.  But I'm excited to taste a real, authentic Chinese noodles!!  I've read also other must try foods like the stinky tofu (they say it really does stink but taste really good. curiosity curiosity..), pineapple cake, mochi balls, milk tea and a lot more.  I'm really looking forward to taste these!  and lastly, Taipei is currently having their once a year event called the Flora Expo.  This event can already cover one day of our vacation.  At least we no longer need to worry much as to where to go.  I just hope I could see cherry blossoms in the event!

I'm really really excited about this trip! Aside from what I've mentioned above, I will finally experience a very cold weather!  I will get to wear my boots and a "winter fashion" outfit! Haha!  8-15 degrees Celsius... Not too close to winter but cold enough for the experience.  I'll be leaving this weekend and be back after Valentine's.  I'll be spending my Valentine's there with my single girlfriends!  

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boots... after 2 days

Remember my blog post about boots, whether or not should I buy? Well, in just 2 days, I was able to buy one!  I'm really worried on how to protect my feet during my trip so I searched for shoes that can do just that, eliminating the sneakers/rubber shoes section.  I've chosen about 4 shoes but they don't seem to be worn with socks.  So when I was about to go home, I passed by Naf Naf in Cinderella Glorietta.  There's this one boots that caught my attention.  Unfortunately, they don't have my size but the SA convince me to try on their boots that is 2 inches bigger than my shoe size since their sizing is really small.  To my amazement, the size 9 boots fits perfectly!  I fell in love with it.  I took pictures and send it to my sister for her "approval".  And I even waited for my friend for her to see it and get her opinion.  Gladly, they both liked it and convinced me that it's already cheap.  With a few walks to see if I'll hurt my toes (fortunately not!), without hesitation, I bought it!  The price? Only Php 1,249 from the original price of Php 2,498!

I just used a cam phone so forgive me if the photo was too bright...

I am pretty much satisfied with my boots.  All the stuff that I'm looking for is here.  You can even wear it in two ways!  Love it! I'm now ready to travel!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almost Free Meal

The best things in life are free.  But the second best thing is getting an item on sale or at a discounted price.  I was able to eat at Italianni's in Glorietta with a friend at half the price.  Since we are on a slightly tight budget, so we only ordered for a Tropicale pizza which cost Php 450 and no drinks, just water.  It already has 8 slices.  Divided to just the two of us will be enough for a snack.  Well, I think that was already my dinner.  4 slices each of pizza plus free servings of bread can really make your tummy full.  And how much did we pay?  Only Php 216!  It already includes the taxes and service charge.  So cheap isn't it?  Glad to have that coupon!  Unfortunately, only 1 coupon per transaction is allowed.  Since we used my friend's coupon to avail the discount, I can get to keep mine.  We'll be using it again maybe soon.  Good thing the coupon doesn't have any expiry ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boots: To Buy or Not To Buy

Even if wearing boots has become a fashion trend here in the Philippines, I still am not eager to have one for myself.  Well, not exactly.  I own one, a faux leather ankle boots which I bought 3 or 4 years ago.  But I only got to wear it once.  I still feel awkward wearing it.  Maybe because my perception for boots is worn only during cold weather and Philippines is not one.  Yeah it can get chilly on the "ber" months until February but still it is a humid country.  No offense to those who love boots.  This is just me.

But now, I'm having second thoughts of owning another boots for myself.  My reason, I have two upcoming out of the country trips this month and they say the weather is cold.  Browsing through my shoes, I only have rubber shoes that can cover my whole feet.  I don't feel like wearing it as part of my outfit or get up.  I also have closed shoes like ballet flats but only my toes are covered.  It will be "unpleasant" sight if I wore socks with my ballet flats.  That is when I thought of getting boots just for this trip.  Yes, just for this trip.  Wouldn't that be expensive?  I mean I'll be only wearing it for this trip and for sure I don't have plans of travelling to a colder country anytime soon.  Now that's my dilemma, whether or not to buy boots.

Right now, I'm in search for cheapest boots I can find over the internet.  I have browsed through the malls and department stores and the cheapest I can find cost Php 2,000.  That's still expensive for me! Haha!  My budget is only Php 1,000 max.  Well, I can stretch my budget up to Php 1,500 but I prefer not too.  I'm even considering a slightly used boots! Haha!  Can anyone help?  I prefer a mid-calf length boots and suede material.  But whatever you may offer, I would gladly check it out.

I hope someone can reply soon as my trip is already next week!