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Friday, December 30, 2011

For The Love of Bags

I'm so grateful to receive 3 bags this Christmas!

Michael Kors Lilly Tote Bag (sample picture only)
This is how it looked like but mine is in  genuine leather (sample picture only)

Guess clutch and sling bag (with money! haha!)

I would like to thank again those people who gave these wonderful bags to me.  I love them all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

My Sale Finds: Year End Sale

Here I am again, sharing with you my sale finds.  I just thought of looking for something to wear this New Year since they say that it is lucky to welcome the new year with new clothes.  And so I find myself browsing through the stores of Mango and Forever 21.  These are what I have found.

In Forever 21, it seems that all their old stocks are on sale.  I've seen some of the clothes before and they're selling it now at a discounted price.  They have those buy one take one again.  I got to get a good deal from it.  Most of their items on sale are up to 50% off.

Jumpsuit at Php 587.50 but under Buy One Take One Sale
Sexy back of jumpsuit

The "Take One" of the Jumpsuit. Original price  at Php 965 .  Also sale at 50% off

Original price of Php 1,278.50. Sale at 50% off
Short skirt, bought at Php 335

I honestly found many interesting items in Forever 21 that is on sale.  I let go of a Kaftan like blouse which is on sale at Php 700+ or Buy One Take One.  I think that's already a great deal because of its very intricate stitching details.  But I didn't bought it as I have not gotten any item to pair it up as Buy One Take One sale.  There are also skirts selling for Php 250 and tank top for less than Php 200.  I also find their sale with sizes mostly medium to large that's why I have quite difficulty in finding my size.  I so love the white top that I bought.  Beige color is also available for that style.  The jumpsuit also have a magenta color available aside from the blue.  The tube dress is I think the only one and only left as I don't see any similar item on the racks.  There's so much clothes to buy but I am holding on so as not to spend that much.

For Mango, they have a few items left on sale.  Some of their racks are already empty.  Although I still find some items last time to be still available this time.  Like the brown pants that I bought.  Almost same design (and color, only darker this one) as last time but the cut is straight.  I thought it won't look good on me but I was wrong.  The cut may be straight but it isn't loose fitting on my legs.  I would like to get the black color instead of the brown since I already have the brown last time but the black got so many lints which I find difficult to remove, even if its fabric is the same as the brown.

Straight cut pants bought at Php 890, original price Php 1,450
Cowl neck tank top; Original price at Php 995, bought for only Php 290

Simple white tube top at Php 390, original price Php 595
The brand stitching at the back of the tube

Similar to Forever 21, there are still a lot of good finds in Mango.  There are shorts that are on sale but I find it a bit expensive for a shorts.  Most of their prices are Php 900+ and up.  I opt for more fabric for the same price that's why I bought the pants instead.  I love the cowl neck tank top.  I'm almost on the verge of buying both the white color and this olive green color.  I chose the olive green (even if I think I'll have difficulty in pairing it up on any bottom color) because the white seem to be very thin fabric when worn.  I think this blouse is also great for the office.  As for the tube top, I just thought of buying this as there's no similar item left on the racks for this one.  Besides, I like wearing tube top and I don't have any white tube yet.

I believe there are more stores offering year end sale.  So why not visit one while there's still stocks!  If you've done shopping, care to share what you've bought?

Manila Girl

Starting January 2, 2012, I will also held office in Manila.  I was quite dismayed when my boss told me that I will be assigned in our subsidiary with office in Manila.  There are days that I will be working in Manila and Makati.  Yes, I grew up in Manila and studied my nursery up to college in Manila schools.  But this part of Manila is very close to Makati.  All my life, I let everything accessible to me.  Farthest was only 45 minutes away from my home by commute which already includes traffic and waiting time.

Recently, I tried commuting from Manila office to our home in the south.  Since it's holiday season, there's not much vehicles on the street.  This made my commuting a breeze.  Summing up my commuting experience, it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive home.  Quite short travel to my surprise but that wasn't an ordinary day.  I expect it to be about 2 hours of travel time as soon as school and work day starts.  And yes, by January 2, I will be traveling from home directly to Manila, not in Makati.  Everything will start on January 2: school and work.  So I should be expecting a very heavy traffic and large amount of commuters.

Thinking about my situation next year, I am getting disheartened.  First and foremost, my only means of transportation by commute is by jeep and LRT.  I could just imagine the pollution that I will be getting with my hair still damp from home to the office while riding the jeep.  Good thing, LRT is already air conditioned.  I wouldn't look too much haggard when I arrive at the office.  But I could still imagine the number of people lining and queuing up just to get to the train of LRT.  It will definitely be quite stressful, so early in the morning.  Just so you know, when I am commuting from home to Makati office, I'm riding the shuttle/fx with terminal just outside our village so I still look fresh when I get to the office.  And sometimes, my dad drop me off in the office which is much more convenient.  I cannot ask my dad to drop me off to Manila office now as it is really far.  With constant gasoline hike, and it never comes down, I wouldn't want to spend too much on the gas alone with constant fetching and sending to Manila office.  Besides, he also give up on me and told me to just ride the LRT instead.  My only way to not get too stressful every morning is to leave the house very early so that I won't line up in riding the jeep and train.  I hope I can do that.

To all the commuters, I'm just wondering, how do you maintain to look fresh in the morning as you arrive in the office if you're just commuting?  Your experiences might be helpful to me.  Thanks in advance!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Sale Finds, Again

I remember passing by Mango this week with its exclusive sale.  But I totally forgot it until I pass by there again awhile ago.  Without any hesitations, I entered the store even though I really don't have plans of buying anything.  I just wanted to look if the sale is really cheap.  Well, I guess it does.  I am not able to browse much since I was with my dad.  I didn't want him to wait for me for so long.  But anyway, Below are the (only) clothes I bought after trying out a few pieces.

I always look for jeans or pants at Mango.  It fits me well and I find their style appealing.  I recall the jeans I bought years ago at Php 990 only.  So I'm hoping to see another jeans or pants with the same price.  Unfortunately, most of their jeans already cost more than Php 1,000.  Not so bargain for me, haha! But they have other bottoms which cost about Php 890 to Php 990, though mostly are capri or cropped pants.  I was just in luck to find this chocolate brown pants, which I think is great for office wear.  The style is slim fit.  So slim that it really hugged my legs which I find quite difficult to bend my knees.  But it's ok, I can still move comfortably.  Original price was at Php 1,250.  I bought it at Php 990.  Not bad.

slim fit trousers

closer view
Another item that catches my attention was this simple tank top.  Even though my favorite color is blue, I'm hoping to have a white or red tank top but I couldn't find any, for the same style.  The strap of this tank top is not so thin and the depth in front is same at the back.  For me, it is not really a sale find since its just a tank top.  Original price is Php 595.  I bought it at Php 390.  Still quite expensive.

stretch tank top, front

stretch tank top, back

I might go back at Mango again next week.  Just to check again if there's anything that will catch my attention :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Sale Finds

Last week, I pass by Giordano as they have a huge tarpaulin of "SALE" on their window display.  I really didn't expect to buy anything there since I know it will still be a bit expensive even if their items are on sale.  But I was really looking for black pants that I will wear on our company's Christmas party.  Unfortunately, the pants I plan to wear was burned by our maid when she was ironing it.  So I am really in search for black pants.  I already have this style on my mind on what I will be wearing on our Christmas party.  I must really look for black pants.

When I came inside the Giordano store, there was a black jeans available.  I thought maybe this jeans will suffice but I prefer black pants so I could still use it as office wear.  Nevertheless, I tried it on along with a gray pants/jeggings (which doesn't really look like jeggings except for its design on the waist that is similar to jeans).  I tried both on and it fits me well.  I'm having second thoughts of buying both as I am really in search for just pants and not jeans.  But the price is really attractive.  And so I decided to buy them both.  I think its really pretty cheap for a pants considering its an international brand.  Guess how much I paid for each pants?  A very cheap Php 350 pesos!

gray jeggings with silver lining

closer view of the jeggings

black jeans without pockets and garterized waist

closer view of the black jeans

I'm not sure until when will the sale be at Giordano.  But if you have time, you might just spot a very cheap item such as these.  A really great sale find!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Micro Blog: Why Are There Always a Rally During Holidays?

Its funny how people kept on rallying and protesting on the country's condition and problems, asking more than what the country can give at the moment.  It is true, over the years and decade, rallyists are fighting for the same problem over and over again.  Similarly, they all blame it to the country's president.  But do they ever think if they have done anything to at least improve the country's condition?  Have they done their part as a citizen to be responsible, disciplined and law abiding person?   I'm sure even the simplest rule of lining up is very difficult for Filipinos to follow.  In other words, simpleng pagpila lang, hindi nagagawa.  Wala kasing disiplina.  You think you're helping your country with this?  As what John F. Kennedy says: "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country."  There is no problem, big or small, that is solved overnight.  Do not always blame to others the outcome of the country.  Instead, do your share in helping improve it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Sale of SM

I find it funny when SM stores decided to held a Thanksgiving Sale across all their stores and their exclusive brands.  Simply because we, Filipinos, normally don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines.  Besides, I know owners of SM are not even Americans (no offense meant to whatever it may imply).  Anyway, it seems like the Thanksgiving Sale of SM worked.  I read a lot about it on Facebook and some blogs.  So I'm sharing mine too.

I don't have plans of buying anything at SM's Thanksgiving Sale.  I just accompanied my sister when she was looking for a nice blouse to wear for an event she'll be attending this Sunday.  We roam around the stores of Glorietta and SM Makati.  Our last stop was Forever 21 in SM Makati.  On both malls, my sister didn't find anything she liked.  Although she has a few choices from Plains and Prints in Glorietta and in Forever 21, but still she didn't buy it.  So it turned out, I was the one who did the shopping mainly in Forever 21.  Here's a picture of what I bought.

Basically all these clothes have a purpose when I decided to buy them.  Let's start with the floral skirts.  I've been seeing these in Forever 21 for the longest time.  Maybe its not so hard selling that's why this time, they made it "2 for Php 525" promo.  I only need 1 skirt but since its on super sale, I bought 2.  Original price of each skirt is Php 405.  So I save about 60%.  I have an event to attend to that requires a business attire outfit.  I don't want to look too business like and so I thought this floral skirt will work.  I just need to pair it with a nice plain top and a blazer maybe.

On our group's Christmas Party, the theme is metallic and it will be held in a bar.  So the outfit should somehow be clubbing type.  I only have 2 clothes that is somewhat metallic in my closet but I am not convinced to wear them on that party.  Thus, I bought the orange racer back top with silver metallic hints.  There's only 2 colors available, orange and yellow.  I chose the orange one since the yellow seems untidy looking (no offense to those who bought the yellow one).  Then I further browse through more racks and found the Buy 1 Take 1 promo.  I found the printed orange skirt with belt.  I checked out other clothes to grab that Buy 1 Take 1 opportunity but unfortunately, there are no longer nice clothes that catches my attention and that will fit my size.  So I just got the orange skirt at 50% off.  Original price was Php 915.

I'm happy with my purchases even if it's not on my budget list.  And somehow, I still get to wear these even after the events that I'll be attending.  And of course, I spent only about Php 300+ for each item.  Cheap isn't it?        

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why I Love Being Single

You get to attend a single's party!
I was one of the lucky cosmo chick who got invited by to their 2nd Singles' Bash this year.  I never expected to won since I just got back to cosmo website just a week ago.  Still I joined their contest by clicking the singles bash logo.  Luckily, the winners to score a special invite to the party was drawn by an electronic raffle.  And so I got in!  When you're single, you wouldn't hesitate to join similar contest.  And you wouldn't hesitate to party all night!

You get to mingle with and meet other single women 
Well, of course you can meet and mingle with any woman whatever your relationship status is.  But being single may be a little different.  Different being you get to share same interest in attending a singles party.  And of course what do you expect from a singles party? Meet men!  I get to meet new single friends namely: Elaine, Tricia, Florence, Verlyn, sis of Verlyn, Reg and friend of Reg.  Sorry I forgot the two names.  I'm so glad I met them.  They all have their cameras! I no longer need to bring out mine.  I hope they get to tag me on facebook with pictures.  With these new found friends, we also decided to meet up again real soon.

Of course, you get to meet MEN!!
Most of the men at the singles bash were from Cosmo's hot hunks.  I get to meet some of them and take pictures with them.  I also had a handful small chit chat with a few of them.  I can't recall all their names but there are really a lot!  Maybe after I get a copy of some pictures from the official photographer and from my new friends' camera, I'll post it here and try to identify them via cosmo's website.  And oh, by the way, not only chat and picture taking, I also get to dance with them!

There is no curfew nor obligation
The supposedly 7pm party started at about 9pm already and it ended at around 11pm.  But we get to stay a little past midnight.  If the party falls on a weekend, I'll surely stay a little longer.  Luckily, my new found friends also doesn't have a curfew (except for some) that's why we still stayed at 7th High even after the party.  There were still a few cosmo people and hunks at the venue and we danced with them.  I also had a few drinks which luckily didn't made me turn red, which normally happens to me when I drink alcohol.

I'm really glad I was able to attend this party after a little hesitation of going because my companion suddenly couldn't make it.  Even though I had a little nerve-wracking experience with the cab driver along the way, I can say I truly enjoyed the night.  It is my first time to attend a Singles' Party and it is my first time to attend it all by myself.  I'm happy to say that I made it and I really love being single :)  But I hope it won't be forever (the being single that is) ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Blogger In Me

I missed blogging.  This month has been a very busy month for me that I am always tired when I get home from work.  Before, I still get the chance to blog after office.  Now, it seems like I am only able to write on weekends.  Except now.  I just feel like writing.

I don't really consider myself as a blogger.  Well, I'm not really sure what does a blogger mean.  But I'm pretty sure I love to write.  I know I can speak well of my mind through writing.  Besides, many complimented me that I type fast with little errors.  That's why having a keyboard is still an important part of my blogging.  I tried blogging through mobile and it's kinda difficult.

Anyway, I don't actually know what will be the content of this blog.  I'm not even sure if the title fits it.  I'm just sad that I haven't been blogging, even quality and interesting blogs for my followers and readers to read.  It seems like I seldom go out nowadays which can enable me to share experiences on that free time.  I think that's the problem, I don't have that much of free time.  Sometimes, I would want to quit my day job and concentrate on writing.  My passion.  But with so much responsibilities, I don't think I'm ready for that.  That's why for now, writing is just my part time job.

I envy those bloggers who have that luxury of time, writing more than one blog in a day.  I envy those bloggers who get special invites to prestigious, if not, worthy events that is of an interest to the blogger.  In turn, they will blog about the event, a way of advertising.  I envy those bloggers who are sponsored to blog about their travels, photography, etc.  I envy those bloggers who get to meet fellow bloggers which can eventually lead to friendship.  And finally, I envy those bloggers who are able to generate income through blogging.

That's the blogger in me.  I'm not saying that I'm an envious blogger.  All I'm saying is that, this is what I perceive a blogger should be.  Not really should but that's what bloggers do.  And that's what I wanted to do.  I want to participate in events and write about it.  I want to gain more friends/bloggers so I could learn from them or even exchange blogging experiences.  And of course, it will be a plus if I can earn through blogging.  I remember when I was still young, I wanted to become a journalist.  I know journalist interviews people, go to general activities, events, situations, etc. and write a report about it.  I guess that's also what a blogger do nowadays.  That is what I want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I know I can also do all of these if I have time.  Hopefully soon.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my followers, commenters and readers from all over the world.  In my 11 months of blogging, I now have 7k+ visitors and counting.  Thank you.  It may not be a huge number to be proud of but its enough for me to know that indeed, people still find time to browse and visit my blog.  Thank you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Apple Apps

In relation to my previous blog, here's an addition to my favorite apps with my iPod Touch.

Karaoke Anywhere
Since I'm a frustrated singer, I find this app fun!  The only down side is that I need to be online via wifi so I could access and sing to there songs.  And oh, by the way, some songs are quite old.  I can't relate! Haha!  Screenshot below shows the karaoke screen and some songs.

Night Cam
Remember the Night Cam app I've mentioned last time?  Well, below are just some sample pictures taken at night.  It really is a night camera!  It can take nice shot at night with very minimal light.

I am proud of this app as it is made by a Filipino!  As what the name implies, you can send text messages to any mobile number.  In case you run out of load, you can utilize this app to send text messages to your loved ones.  However, this only works with a wifi connection.  Also, in case you haven't updated your iOS to its latest version (iOS 5) which has iMessage, then this can be an alternative.  Although iMessage works like Facetime where you can text or chat with anyone using their email address.

I've tried this app and sent text messages to myself and to my sister.  It is real time and messages are sent instantly.  Although the sender that will appear in your recipient's mobile will be coming from various numbers.  They cannot reply to it, nor you will not receive any text messages from then with your iPod with this app.  They can just reply to your ordinary mobile number.

Pocket Monet
For the love of photography, I've downloaded this app which depicts any photo into a painting art work.  Below is a sample picture.

Wow Camera
This is another photography app that I like.  It has a lot of available effects just like the one below.  Picture below is under Sketch effect.  What i love about it is that it still captures a color in the sketch drawing.  Unlike in the Sketch app, the sketches are all black.  You will need to add other effects to have a color.  But here, the drawing itself has a color.

A+ Signature Lite
I am enjoying this app!  You can write notes, watermark, labels and many more in your picture.  It is like personalizing your own picture and copy writing it.  It also recognizes your own handwriting, similar to the upper left write up written in the picture below.  It was written using just fingers, not stylus.  Another wonderful thing about this app is that you can also edit your pictures.

That's all for now.  I hope you, readers, can also share your favorite apps in your Apple device.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Being an Online Seller

I've been an online seller for several years already, selling pre-loved items, Victoria's Secret products, US clothing, etc.  Mostly I'm selling at multiply and ebay.  For all these years, I've experienced a lot as a seller.  Below are just the Ups and Downs I've experienced as an online seller.  I'll start with the positive side.

The UPs
Understanding seller
Personally, I know I'm an understanding person.  I understand everyone's need, preference and situation.  As a seller, there are buyers who pays late.  When they inform me of those delay payments, I understand their situation.  I don't give them specific date to settle payment after they inform me of the delay.  They're the one's who give date of payment.  It is sometimes a good feeling when your buyers sent you feedback that you're understanding.

Accommodating seller
There are also buyers who prefer other mode of payments other than what I've specified.  If it's not hassle on my part, then I gave it to their preference.  And of course, just like any buying-selling scheme, you will expect buyers to haggle.  I accept haggling as long as it is reasonable.  If the items they're trying to haggle are those pre-loved items, I often gave in as it is already a used item.  Besides, most of the items I'm selling have a very little capital so there's no really big loss on my part.

From Buyer to Acquaintance to Friendship
Since I've build up my reputation as a seller, I have some repeat customers.  Some of which have eventually become my friends.  When a certain customer is also a buyer, we exchange items or swap whatever items available on our shop.  Selling online is also a way of widening your network.

Extra income
Of course one major benefit in selling online is getting an extra income out of it, most especially if it's just a sideline job, similar to my store.  I sell items whatever I feel like to.  My siblings sometimes uses my account for them to sell their merchandise.  For pre-loved items, there are people who really believes in the saying, there is gold in other people's trash.  Well, I hope they find gold in some of my items.

The DOWN's
Joy bidder / Bogus buyers
As a seller, you really can't get away from those bogus buyers and joy bidders.  In my case, most of my experience were joy bidders.  Well, they're not really joy bidders but most of the time they still contact me just to say they will no longer be getting the item.  The most common reason I heard from these joy bidders are they got hospitalized or they have been sick for the longest time.  Out of pity, of course you will no longer force him/her to pay you.  I think its much better to just be honest and say that they don't have money.  But then again, why bid if you don't have money, right?  Whatever their reason are, whether true or not, I just let karma take its course.

Too long reservation
In addition to not paying after bidding, it is also frustrating when a buyer reserves the item for the longest time then later on decided not to get it where in fact there is another buyer interested with your item but you can't give it out due to prior reservation made.  By the time the reservation was lifted, the second buyer is no longer interested with your item.  It is like a double whammy.  You are at lost in both situations.

Increasing clutter
My room is already full of unsold items.  This is most especially when my siblings decided to sell their stuff through my online shop.  They stock their items in my room!  Since I am also busy at work, I don't have that luxury of time to immediately post their items online.  That is when my room gets cluttered.

Patience is a virtue
As a seller, you will encounter different types of people.  Whatever their needs are, concerns, inquiries, etc.  you have to be patient with it.  Once they find you unaccommodating or unfriendly, it turns them off and you lose a potential buyer.  I should know as I am also a buyer myself.  When you accommodate a customer's request, that's when you experience abusive customers.  This is where your patience is tested.  That is why you should not be stubborn and learn to lengthen your patience.

Don't get me wrong.  There maybe downside in selling but I still enjoy it.  There were some who compliments me that I am a good seller (but my line of work isn't in sales, it's the other way around).  Besides, whenever I'm selling online, I also get to "window" shop online.  That's multi-tasking!   There maybe other ups and downs on being an online seller.  Do you have one to share?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Traveling 101

Two weeks ago, I attended the BDJ (Belle de Jour) Fair for their launch of the 2012 BDJ Power Planner.  I have been a fan of BDJ Power Planner ever since a friend gave it as a gift to me on my birthday last 2008.  I liked the content and of course the coupons which made me anticipate for the next BDJ Planner.  So basically, I'm in my 5th year of BDJ Planner and I'm still loving it!

Anyway, I'm not going to blog about the BDJ Planner itself (maybe in my next blog).  I'd like to share with you what I learned from the BDJ Fair.  This year's theme is about traveling since the 2012 planner has a travel-like design.  I registered for the following talks during the fair: Shop Around the World by Alyanna Martinez, Trippin' by Sole Sisters, and Get Lost In Style by Divine Lee.  I'm excited to hear the talk from Sole Sisters since I've read (and followed) their blogs about traveling.  They mostly blog about budget traveling.  I've also met ChiChi when I was in Calaguas but didn't personally know her, just an acquaintance.

The talk was presided by Lois, one of the blog owners of Sole Sisters.  Her talk was about how they were able to travel to 9 countries for 6 months under Php 100,000 budget.  (You can also find the details of her talk in their blog).  Inspiring isn't it?  I want to accomplish that too.  Well, maybe not soon as I have a current job (unless our company decided to retrench us).  But still, I want to do what they have done.

What I have learned

Money.  Of course you cannot travel without money.  What Lois and ChiChi did is that they both quit their job and using their backpay to fund their travel project.  They then started ditching inessential stuff like buying Starbucks coffee.  Aside from that they also sold some of their unused items on garage sale.  ChiChi alone was able to acquire Php 50,000 from selling her items in garage sale.  That's inspiring.  I may not be able to quit my job in an instant but I can definitely sell some of my items, especially my clothes.  I joked my friends that I will clean up my closet, as in CLEARING them out.  I may only leave the basics behind but definitely my target is to get rid of those items I haven't been using for more than a year.  Thinking of it discourages me.  I know I've tried doing it before but I failed.  I still kept those "sentimental value" items.  It maybe hard to do (and hard to let go) but I will still keep on trying just to fulfill my dream to travel.  At the same time, I know it will help me declutter my closet and of course my room.

Plan Your Trip.  Good thing I enjoyed researching and planning for a trip.  It maybe tedious at times but I find it fulfilling afterwards.  Girltalk has been a very reliable forum for me everytime I research on my next trip.  But Lois also presented some blog sites for online support where you can find tips on your next destination.  This gave me an addition blog to bookmark.

Pack Your Stuff.  Lois mentioned that you should only pack essentials.  Well, that's what I really do.  As an additional tip, I personally determine our itinerary so I could better plan the things that I will wear for a day's activity.  Lois also mentioned that when your going to a country with cold weather, of course you'll bring along a jacket or cardigan.  But make sure you take it off during picture taking especially if you brought only one jacket (advisable to avoid bulky luggage) and you'll be wearing it all throughout your trip.  This will give an impression that you've only been to one place.  This is also my philosophy when it comes to swimwear.  My motto is you should never be caught wearing the same swimwear the following day, moreso in your next beach trip within a year.  People who will see your picture will think you've only been to one and same beach area.  With this motto, I've kinda "inspired" my friends to do the same thing.  So whenever we travel in a beach for 3 days, they also automatically brought 3 types of bikini.  Going back to Lois talk, she also mentioned to always look good in pictures so bringing make up is essential but bring only the basics.  Also, accessories is helpful in making you look good on pictures.  I seldom bring accessories, except for watch.  But now maybe I'll bring a few.  Also, I don't bring my all my beauty rituals when traveling, except for moisturizer (for face and body).  Besides, I will be only breaking my beauty ritual in a few days.

Budget traveling.  My travel buddies and I always ensure that we make the most out of our trip without spending much.  We're also in a look out for a cheap hotels or hostel but we ensure that the place is at least have a nice rest room with efficient water flow.  With what Lois mentioned about skipping flights, I think it will only be applicable if you have a lot of time available.  But if you only have a 3-4 days vacation, then you will be needing all the fast moving transportation available to get to your destination fast. When it comes to street food or any budget meal, I personally don't have a problem with that.  It maybe scary to eat  just any food especially if you're in a different country but I would never skip the chance to even just try the best or specialty food in that country (or even in that province).  I'll just bring along first aid kit or medicines specifically for stomachache in case any problem with my stomach arise.

Lois' talk was an additional knowledge for me when it comes to traveling.  I really got inspired on how eager they were in attaining their 9 countries travel in Asia within 6 months with just Php 100,000 budget.  I would want to start saving up more to do the same in the future.  Thanks again to BDJ Fair for this worthwhile event!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Favorite Apps

Here are just some of the Apps I downloaded for my iPod touch.

My Secret Diary

I so love this app! It's a walking diary which I can carry anytime, anywhere. In case I have new ideas or I am furious about something or someone or if I just wanted to write about what's on my mind, this comes in handy.  I now have an available writing tool in an instant. You can even include pictures and emoticons.

Expense Log

This app is very useful in tracking my expenses.  You can check how much spending you have every pay day, write down all the dues you need to pay (and how much money left you will have), monitor the money given to you, monitor the money people owe from you, etc.  Anything related to money and your finances can be written here.  This will help you manage your spendings and savings.

Photography Apps

I've downloaded A LOT of photography apps.  As I have mentioned in my previous blog, these apps made me vain in taking pictures of myself.  I enjoy experimenting with pictures using various background, lights, lens, film, color, etc.  It also has editing pictures which can change your background, color effect, scene inclusions and even removing your acne (i so love that!).  With lots of photo apps I've downloaded, I already have 2 folders for it.

My personal favorites are Leme Cam (which imitates an actual camera) where you can change the camera type, lens and frame (this is ideal if you want lomo type of pictures); Picture Magic, where you can edit pictures using lots of available background and effects; Fotolor PS and Fotolor Camera FX, where you can edit pictures including removing acne; Pici booth, I like this better than Pop Booth since you can save pictures in your photo library; Night Cam, for great pictures at low light or at night; Click, where you can zoom your shots including micro shots.

Game Apps

I have various game apps installed including Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds.  Below are my recent favorites.

Cut the Rope - even adults can enjoy this too!

Where's My Water - a true mind exercise game

I've got more apps installed though I haven't tested all of it.  Of course I have those common apps like Facebook, Twitter, iLoader and Blogger.  Because of the various applications available and can be downloaded for free, you will really fully utilize your iPod touch.  I do.  It's not only fun and games.  Its also a great companion for your everyday activities.  I'm so lovin' my touch!

What's your apps?  Care to share?

Another New Toy

You may find it weird but I never got attracted to any apple product.  Not really never.  My first apple product was the iPod shuffle, the clip type (square size, I forgot what generation was it).  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it because its small and handy.  Then when iPhone 3G S was release, I was amazed at its wonderful features but still I didn't bother to buy it.  Then came the iPod Nano clip type.  As soon as I saw it in Apple Store, I told myself I will get one.  I bought mine in the US, a little cheap compared to the price here.  I let go of my shuffle in replacement of my nano, since they're both of the same function and physical attribute.  When I bought that nano, my sister is pursuing me to buy Mac Book Air since I'm also thinking about buying a laptop.  It's very thin feature attracts me however the capacity was not enough for what I'm looking for.  Those were the only Apple products I laid my eyes onto.

These are exactly the Apple Products I own, then and now.

When my sister had her iPad 2 then later my other sister abroad had her iPod Touch 4th Generation, it wonders me again whether or not to buy one, even just the Touch.  My main reason was so I can better communicate with my siblings all over the world through Apple's technology: the Facetime.  I was jealous with my sisters as they often chat through Facetime.  It took me months before I bought my iPod Touch 4th Generation and it was even by accident.  My brother bought it abroad and told me he'll sell it to my sister.  I told him that they already have one so I'll buy it instead.  Finally this is it. I already have my iPod Touch.  After a few weeks, he send it over here in the Philippines.

At first, I thought, I won't be able to utilize it much because I know its mostly used for games.  While browsing the Apps Store, I was amazed at the many applications I can download for free and that's not only games.  I got addicted to various photography apps.  I'm not so into photography but I enjoy playing with pictures.  With these photography apps, it already made me vain in taking pictures of myself.  There are also some writing apps which I also love since I am fond of writing.  There's this Secret Diary apps which I can write anything I want in an instant.  And of course there are the various game apps.  Its really enjoyable and helps kill time.

I'm not giving up my nano yet even if I had my touch.  All my music are still stored in my nano, while the movies and other stuff are in my touch.  I'm loving it so far :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Posting via mobile

This is just a test :) I'm using my ipod touch 4th gen...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Recipe of The Day

I can't recall where I got these recipes.  I just saw them in my old computer.  I cooked them this lunch and my dad liked it.  He even told me I looked like Chun-Li a.k.a. Kristin Kreuk while we're watching Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li during lunch.  He must have been blown away with the foods I cooked, haha!

Steamed Fish Fillet in Tausi Sauce

3 tbsp ginger juice (i just grated the ginger)
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp gin (i don't have this so i didn't put any to replace this)
350 g. fish fillet (i used dory fish fillet from sm)
*I marinate this while cooking the sauce

2 tbsp oil
3 slices ginger, shredded
1 stalk leeks, shredded
2 tbsp black beans, washed and strained
2 pieces dried chinese mushrooms, rehydrated in hot water then shredded
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp gin (again, i don't have this)
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1/4 tsp white pepper

1/4 cup corn oil (i only used ordinary oil. i'm not sure if there'll be difference in taste when used this)
1/4 cup chopped garlic
1 stalk leeks, shredded
1/2 piece red bell pepper, shredded
1 sprig cilantro

1. saute ginger and leeks in oil. then add the rest of the ingredients for the sauce.
2. season with sugar, light soy sauce and white pepper.
3. place on top of marinated fish and steam for about 10-15 mins. or until cooked.
4. discard the ginger and leeks (pero ako di ko na inalis, hehe).
5. for the topping, fry garlic in oil until golden brown. add in leeks and bell pepper, stir fry for a few minutes. top these over the fish and add cilantro for garnish.
6. serve at once

Eggplant with Pork

1. slice eggplant into 1-1/2 inch stick.
2. soak in salted water and let stand for few minutes.
3. fry in oil until half cooked.
4. using same oil, saute garlic, onion, tomatoes.
5. add kasim (sliced into strips) and pork broth (pork cube dissolve in water). simmer until pork is cooked.
6. add fried eggplants.
7. serve hot.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Healthy Eating

I came across this new healthy food from Dole at the SM Supermarket in Makati yesterday.  Since I was already watching what I eat (well, I'm trying) after my sickness the other day, I went to the salad section and saw this from Dole.

empty pack of the salad :)

This is just one variety of about 4 or 5 other salad variants of Dole.  They also have Ceasar, Mixed Greens and Stir Fry Veggies.  I can't recall the other one if it's 5 types.  Anyway, this is an all complete meal for health conscious eaters as it already comes with a Thousand Island dressing and a small fork.  It's easy to carry and you can pack it around your bag.  It tastes ok.  The veggies are crisp.  Well, it's indicated in the package whether the veggies are crisp or not.  It's already a good meal.  The price is really cheap.  I bought this about Php 50 to Php 60.  I'm not sure of the price of the others though.  Let's eat healthy!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I think this is the generic, common term I have experienced with my stomach ache yesterday.  I was feeling so much pain in my stomach and back at past 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  I already wanted to go home but at the same time I wanted to consult a doctor.  Unfortunately, our company doctor will be available at 4pm.  So for quick relieve, I just drank hot water.  It somehow alleviate the pain.

When I consulted our company doctor, he diagnosed me with having gastro something.  I didn't quite get the complete term but in leyman's term, it is somewhat related to being acidic.  I asked if the pain in my back has anything to do with UTI.  Fortunately, he said it is not and it is so far from UTI.  He prescribed me with Nexium, 1 tablet per day for 7 days.

I was surprised how expensive the tablet was!  Each tablet cost Php 110!  I can't recall having bought any medicine as expensive as that in my entire life.  That's when I realize that health is really wealth.  And prove that the tagline: "Bawal magkasakit" from a certain multivitamin commercial is really true.  It's hard to get sick with all those expensive medicines.  It's also then I realize I should watch what I eat. 

I searched the internet for what Nexium is.  It turned out it is a medicine to treat heartburn.  I can't believe I was almost getting that kind of sickness.  Well, I haven't felt any of its symptoms although yesterday, I also felt a little pain above my stomach, nearing my chest.  Since I really don't want to get serious illness, I googled all those foods to avoid when you're acidic.  I ranted when I found out that almost all the foods I'm taking everyday should be avoided!  Even my favorite rice! Haha!  I'm a rice person.  I can eat 1 and a half to 2 cups of rice with just 3 or 4 pieces of siomai.  Construction worker as what they've described me.  It's kinda humiliating because sometimes I outnumbred my male friends when eating rice.  But that's ok, I'm just hungry, haha!  Anyway, there are some sites that indicates rice as ok to eat when acidic.  So it gets kinda confusing.  Browsing through other foods to avoid, I thought, what else should I eat now, leaves?  Even chicken and fish should be avoided.  Well, I think yes, I should only eat green leafy vegetables.  Huhu, that's really sad...  My stomach won't be full with just eating salads.  It will just make my jaw tired from chewing.

Right now, I'm really watching what I eat.  I know it's hard to avoid those acidic foods but I guess I should eat those in moderation.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Latest Bag Buy: Steve Madden Crossbody Btamara

This is another bag that I've waited for 3 months!  I've mentioned this in my previous blog and finally here it is!  I've received this bag end August.  I was kinda surprised when I received this.  You know why?  It is because this isn't my first choice of bag.  But it's still all good as this was my second choice.

Original price is about $100 but I only got this for $25!  Really cheap!  I'm loving this bag to use on weekends.  Unfortunately, it is too small for office use.  But I still love it!

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Sale Find

I'm not so into make up but I like having different shades of lipstick.  And so when I spotted this E.L.F lipstick at a very discounted price, I didn't hesitate of buying it.  For only Php 199, I got 2 lipsticks already!  Original price was Php 129 each.  Not bad isn't it?  This sale is exclusive to SM Advantage, SM BDO Rewards card holders.  Promo is until Sept. 30, 2011.  I bought this at Watsons in SM Makati.  I'm just not sure if it is also being offered in other Watsons branches.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back at Blogger!

I am happy to be back in Blogger again!  That is back to normal blog posting!  If you can still recall my problems with blogger (also this one), I cannot compose nor edit any blogs.  That's why I resort to sending and writing blogs through my email.

With Blogger's new interface, I am now able to write new post on this site and not anymore through email!  There's really nothing wrong with my laptop, just blogger's settings maybe that made me unable to post normally.  I'm so excited to be writing again and posting pictures (with my new toy of course!)!


Nikon Coolpix P300 sample shots

In reference to my blog about my new toy, here are some sample shots.  Mostly are set in auto scene detection.  Comments are welcome :)

Snake Island Panoramic View

Panoramic view of swimming pool at Microtel

Maximum optical zoom

Macro shot of hermit crab
Macro shot of Hello Kitty

Outdoor nigh shot

Outdoor night shot, no lights at all

Outdoor night shot

Sunrise at past 6am

Sunrise at past 6am

My toy also has features like scene retouch, editing of pictures with scene insertion (like fish eye), manual settings (for aperture and shutter speed), aperture mode, shutter mode, sepia, 360 degrees panoramic shots and many others.  I'm still learning picture tricks from my camera especially the manual settings.  I need to know how to make the background blur while focusing on the subject.  Would you know how?  I'm so lovin' my toy! :)