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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Sale Finds: Shoes!

Since July is really a sale season for most of the stores, of course I won't let this season pass without buying shoes!  Just like any woman, aside from bags, shoes is one of their favorite things.  I get to check out the shoes from Primadonna and Shoe Box.

It's my first time to buy shoes from Primadonna.  They've been on sale since May or June, I suppose.    Good thing there are still a few good finds at this time.  I've been seeing nice shoes from this store endorsed by Anne Curtis in her Instagram account.  But most of it are high heels and I'm not so fond of wearing them.  So when I visited their branch in SM San Lazaro, I really don't have intention of buying any shoes until I saw this pair, I immediately felt "the calling".

Even if this shoes have high heels, its design is wedge so it won't be too painful for my legs.  I really felt that this wedge is really meant for me.  When I first tried it on, I got quite hesitation of buying it since its a size 7.  I'm normally a size 8 for sandals and open toe shoes.  So I put it back on the rack after trying it on.  But there's really a calling.  When I saw the other girl is trying it on, I decided to get it once she let go of it.  Good thing she did!  So I tried it again, this time both on my left and right foot and tried walking.  It was really high for me and my toes are quite peeping out.  But it doesn't matter, it still look good on my feet.  Viola! I bought it on sale for only Php 600 and it was the last pair!  They have this also in white but I prefer this black and brown combination.  I guess it was really meant for me :)

Shoebox is another favorite store of mine especially for their ballet flats because its very comfortable and of course affordable.  I think I own more than 10 pairs of ballet flats from this store.  So when I drop by their store in Glorietta, they have a rack that is on sale.  The espadrille type shoes that caught my eyes before was now on sale.  I tried the red on and it looks good on my feet.  With just Php 500, I bought it without hesitation.

When I was about to pay it, the sales lady, out of nowhere, handed me another pair of flats and asked me to try it on as it was their last pair.  And because of that, its only Php 200.  And so I did tried it on and I somehow loved it too.  Besides, its super bargain so I bought it as well.  It wasn't as comfy as my other Shoebox flat but nevertheless I still bought it because of its trendy style.  Most of my ballet flats are common in design.  This somehow adds a new look on it.

I smell something fishy with this black and yellow flats.  It was taken out from a big black plastic bag.  If it was indeed the last pair, it should still have been displayed.  Also, when I asked if I could pay in debit card, she told me that it was only allowed on the red espadrille but not on this black flats.   Hmm... whatever their business are, I'm still glad I got a great bargain.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Sale Finds: SM Supermarket

Who says you can only get bargains from clothes shop? Last week, when I was doing my groceries at SM Supermarket in Makati, I almost got a 50% off on a laundry item. I was browsing through the laundry/detergent powder rack specifically along Surf brand. I'm not really fond of Surf powder but eversince we've tried it about a month ago, I have been buying their detergent powder for the laundry. I just forgot which variant was the suitable type for our needs. I'm the type that tries all variants before patronizing one kind. I was about to pick the violet color of Surf freshness petals powder (relaxing lavander scent) when I saw that the yellow color variant (sun fresh scent) was cheaper. 800 grams was enough for us for 2-week use. It cost only 77 pesos as compared to the violet which is around 5-10 pesos higher. Then the promo girl started explaining about the Surf powder variants, how I can save better if I buy the bigger size (about 2 kilos) and which are on sale. Since I was looking at the yellow variant, she mentioned that the big size is on sale from Php 169 to just Php 141. Plus she told me that I can get a free item when I buy it. Without hesitation, I did bought it. And this is what I got as a freebie...

I'm not sure how much this cost but this is not an ordinary conditioner.  This is Sunsilk's Strong and Long treatment conditioner.  I'm thinking this cost about Php 140.  Almost a buy one take one treat when you buy big size of the Surf Freshness Petals! A really sale finds!

The King of Comedy: Dolphy

Everybody mourns on the death of the Philippines' King of Comedy, Dolphy Quizon last July 10. Even my sister and I got really sad and teary eyed when we heard the news. We were watching Walang Hanggan (a phenomenal teleserye as what they've claimed) and I was giggling on the love story that time when during commercial break, a flash news about Dolphy's death was announced.

Many people expressed their sympathy on his death, particularly in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This just shows how huge was Dolphy's influence to people and how almost every generation knew him.

I can say I knew Dolphy (not personally but as an actor) eversince John and Marsha days. I'm not a fan but I'm hearing and seeing the sitcom on tv when my family's watching. When I was growing up, I remember watching Home Along Da Riles and I know I got fond of it. Dolphy and Nova Villa's tandem was really funny. Well I guess Nova Villa was really a great comedian ever since her long running sitcom such as Chika Chika Chicks and Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata.  And yes, who will forget the comedic tandem of Dolphy and Panchito? My brother loves them.

It must be really fun now in heaven when most of the famous comedy actors are already there: Dolphy, Panchito, Redford White, Babalu, Rene Requestas and many others. This got me thinking. Will they be really be seeing each other there? Will they still know each other? How's life like in heaven? Well, I don't wanna know that now moreso experience it! Wherever they are, I hope they are happy same goes to their family whom they have left behind. And to Dolphy's family, my deepest condolences.