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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Treasures of Bolinao: Revisited

My family and I had a quick weekend getaway in Bolinao, Pangasinan last February.  They wanted to stay in Treasures of Bolinao.  I've visited Bolinao and also stayed in the same resort last 2012.

Not much has changed but there were improvements in the resort.

Treasures of Bolinao now have 2 pools.  This new one was supposed to be the infinity pool but it doesn't seem like it.  Although this pool is a bit bigger and deeper.

Infinity pool

The bridge was now repaired.  This serves as a viewing deck where you can view the sunset as well the picturesque rock formations with the splashing of waves.

The bridge

My family stayed in Maharlika Building.  We stayed in Suite room located at the 3rd floor.  We got 2 rooms but my family on the other room requested to transfer since their aircon was not functioning well.  They transferred to the 2nd floor which is more expensive as it has veranda but with no extra cost.

That red roof is the Maharlika Building

The picture of Suites room at the 3rd floor in their website is deceiving.  I thought the checkered floor is still part of the room, but it is not.  It's like the receiving area of the 3rd floor.  Anyone staying at the 3rd floor can lounge there.

The room was big with two queen size bed.  There is an LCD TV but there wasn't cable channel available.  The linens were clean enough except for the bed cover which seems unwashed for so long.  The pillows were just right, not too soft nor hard.  The extra bed provided was a sofa bed which is comfortable enough unlike in some resorts where a thin matress is provided for the extra bed.

The restroom was ok with hot and cold shower.  Although the shower head needs repair already as waters are coming out from the end of it.  The door knob can sometimes be not functioning well since most of the time, we can't lock the door.

Come night time, there were a lot of insects crawling in our room.  It seems like a big ant or as we call it "gamu-gamo".  It is quite disturbing as some are crawling in our pillows.  My sister patiently kills them all since we have kids in our room and the fear of it getting to our ears.  We also tried spraying citronella on it and it somehow helps.

I'm not sure why there were these kinds of insects in our room but in the other room where my other family transferred, there was none.  That room in the 2nd floor is a bit smaller but they have a veranda and size of bed is same as ours.

Similar to our last stay, the service was still slow.  It seems like they are undermanned.  The girl from the reception was also the girl getting orders and serving food from the restaurant.  Food was ok, edible.  Serving size was just enough.

Overall, it's still nice to stay in Treasures of Bolinao but some of the rooms already needs improvement.  I just don't have pictures of our room.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Human (Heart) Nature Day and Night Moisturizer: A Review

If you could recall from my previous blog, I'm an avid user of Human Heart Nature products.  Their all natural, organic and proudly Filipino made products suits my skin very well.  Just last year and last month, I found another holy grail products from Human Heart Nature.

Having an acne prone and oily skin, I am careful on what I put on my face.  As mentioned in my previous blog post, I listed a few Human Heart Nature products applicable to this skin type.  This time, I am so happy to find a cheaper moisturizer good for my skin type.

I have tried the old formulation of both day and night moisturizer of Human Heart Nature.  I didn't like them as it felt quite thick on my face and it even adds oiliness to it.  This time, I took the risk of trying out first their Night moisturizer.  I thought, if the effect on my face will be the same as the old formulation, at least I'm just at home and about to sleep.  Although I've read in some of the reviews that the Night moisturizer is even best for oily skin.  I'm glad I did try it.  Aside from it is indeed good for oily skin, it even helped in combating my pimples.  I'm so happy! My holy grail!

Because of the nice effect of Night moisturizer, I took again the risk to try the Day moisturizer.  I've been using it for only about a month but I am loving it already.  It is also good for people with oily and acne prone skin.

Both Day and Night Moisturizer have a watery like consistency which makes it absorbed by the skin quickly, no greasy feel.  On the first few days of application though, you will feel that your face is perspiring easily.  I'm not sure why this happens but after your face get used to these, you won't get to experience it anymore.

Since it quickly absorbed by the skin, I sometimes tend to put much of it but still my face doesn't look greasy.  It feels moisturized all day and night.  What I really love about them, aside from I didn't breakout from it, the oiliness on my face is now at bay even until late in the afternoon.  I now seldom use oil control sheet to blot excess oils on my face.  My face feels supple and I know that my face is getting vitamins and minerals essential to keep it healthy.  What's more, the Day Moisturizer is much cheaper than the Cetaphil Moisturizer I previously used.

So if you have oily and acne prone skin and still struggling to find the right moisturizer, then I suggest you try this Day and Night Moisturizer from Human Heart Nature.

Stay beautiful!

New Orleans Restaurant: Best Seat to Watch Pyromusical Competition

Last March 7, my fiance and I had an impromptu decision to watch the 6th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.  I love fireworks and I make sure I watch this competition every year.  But I missed out last year's competition and we almost missed out this year's.  So after persuading my fiance, at an instant, we decided to watch the competition.

Since it is a last minute decision, I called up some restaurants near the bay and veranda of SM Mall of Asia.  But unfortunately they are not taking any reservations over the phone at that last minute (I called up Saturday afternoon).  Most of their policy is now first come first served basis.  So we just decided to go to SM MOA early.

Upon reaching MOA, similar to previous years, tickets are available on sale all over the place.  We specifically wanted to watch it from the restaurants in the veranda, 2nd floor.  So we checked out Italianni's, Healthy Shabu Shabu, Sarsa, New Orleans, Pepper Lunch, and 2 more restaurants which I forgot the name.  During that time, 5pm, the veranda area is still open to the public.  Reservations are still accepted at this time on a first come first serve basis.  However, most of these restaurants were fully booked, especially on the front row seat.  We have no preferred restaurant but the New Orleans restaurant seems favorable to us.   Though the front row seat is already occupied, we reserved seat at the third row.  Favorable because for me, it is one of the best view since we saw the vessel where fireworks will be set up right in front of this restaurant.  Their price per head for the veranda dining is Php 1,000: Php 300 for the ticket entrance plus Php 700 worth of consumable food and drinks.  It seems that all the restaurants have the price range as New Orleans.  Even the time I called up some restaurants near the bay, price is also about Php 1,000 per head.

Below are the foods we ordered.  The consumable price of Php 1,400 for 2 is already more than enough for the night's dinner (and snack) for the whole duration of the show.  We just added roughly about Php 245 for the excess with drinks (we just had fruit shakes) including service charge.

This is name Godfather spaghetti with big meatballs, good for sharing

Cajun Shrimp Bucket, good for sharing

All Meat Pizza, more than enough for 2 persons
The country to perform were United Kingdom and Canada.  We were excited to see their performance since these were the usual champions in the previous Pyromusical Competition.  First to perform was United Kingdom.  Their show lasted about 20 minutes.  See some pictures and last segment video below.  Apologies for the quite blurry pics as I don't have a tripod and my camera is just basic camera, my favorite Nikon Coolpix P300 (which I own since 2011, very reliable! See my blog post about this camera here and here)

Next performer is Canada.  See below sample pictures and video on their last segment

Both countries' fireworks show were entertaining.  United Kingdom uses some upbeat music and those that are quite known by the crowd.  Even with upbeat music, their fireworks goes along with it.  For Canada, they use a more classical and instrumental music which to some may find it boring.  But their fireworks, for me, was amazing.  It was something i have never seen before.  Their fireworks display moves around to various direction.  And with that, in this night's show, my vote goes to Canada.

You still have this weekend for the last show of the 6th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.  This weekend, the country who will perform are Philippines and China.  Try to reserve seat from New Orleans Restaurant.  You will never regret it as the view is perfect!  Good food too!