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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Have A Pimple Free Skin

Pimples are unsightly conditions on anyone's face.  It leaves insecurities and lack of confidence to anyone who are prone to it.  There are many factors affecting the eruption of pimples in one's face.  One of which is hereditary.  There is nothing you can do about it.  If your parents are prone to pimples, there's a big chance you'll be like that too.  But you do not need to lose hope.  You can prevent the appearance of pimples or at least minimize its eruption.
There are a lot of available over the counter medicines and topical solutions that you can try to prevent pimples.  However, how would you know which one is effective for you?  Even if a product have a high positive feedbacks, it does not guarantee hundred percent to be effective on you since everyone have different skin conditions.
I have a very pimple prone face because I have a combination skin: oily on the T-zone area and dry on the other parts.  Like anyone else, I have tried a lot of topical solutions and did self medicate to combat the eruption of pimples on my face.  However, nothing seems to last.  My face has a tendency of getting immune to one product too soon.  It can be effective for one to two weeks but after that, pimples keep coming back.
But just this year, I finally kept my pimples at bay.  With that, I will share with you some of my personal tips in achieving a pimple free skin.  Read on to know how.



I know you have read this simple steps so many times.  Just recently, I realized that it is indeed effective.  I noticed that whenever I fail to wash my face before going to sleep, there's a big chance I'll have a pimple the next day or in the coming days.  Since then, even if I'm already tired and sleepy, I see to it that I still wash my face to get rid of the oiliness and dirt I got from outside pollution.  For oily skin, it is best to use a cleanser that is suitable for oily skin.  I'm using Cetaphil Cleanser for oily skin.  If I fail to wash my face, I tried my best to at least apply toner to clean it.  Toners are like the final cleansing agent that takes away traces of dirt and residue that soaps/cleansers leave behind.  Of course after the toner, you need a good moisturizer.  Cleaning with soap and toning your face can make your skin dry that's why moisturizer is a must as a final touch.  For oily prone skin like mine, a water-based moisturizer is better option, most especially at day time.  It will make your face a little less oily with this type of moisturizer.


This is one product that most people disregard as an essential part of everyday regimen.  Even if the weather is cloudy or even if you'll be staying indoors most of the time, it is still essential to apply a sunblock.  Once you step out of your house, sun's rays are already penetrating through the clouds down to your skin.  For oily skin, it is suitable to find a water-based sunblock.  I got mine from a dermatology clinic.


Tretinoin is famous for treating pimples or for the more severe ones, acne.  There are a lot of topical solutions that have tretinoin content as its main ingredient.  Although this must be used with precaution as it can be drying to the skin, it is effective in clearing your face with pimples.  Some apply it all over the face while some apply it only as spot treatment to pimples.  Thin application will be enough especially if you have sensitive skin.  The tretinoin I've been using came from a dermatology clinic.  I'm applying it all over my face every other night.  After applying tretinoin, it is best to follow it up with a moisturizer to minimize the dryness on your face.  Also, when you're on tretinoin treatment, it is a must to apply sunblock at day time then a water-based moisturizer after.



When a dermatologist get to checked on my face, she prescribed me with an antibiotic called Tetralysal.  She prescribed me to take it everyday for 3 months.  For me, it was really effective.  The appearance of pimples on my face lessen and they seldom occur even if I fail to wash my face at night.  Most especially, cystic pimples were no longer present.  Knowing it is an antibiotic, I stopped taking it after 3 months.  Unfortunately, pimples, even cystic ones, came back.  I read through research that that is one of the side effects of Tetralysal.  Pimples will really come back or even worsen once you stopped taking Tetralysal.  So I consulted again the dermatologist.  She told me that it is ok to continue taking Tetralysal to prevent pimples from coming back.  So I followed her again but I did a little modification.  After 3 months, I took the medicine every other day instead of everyday.  With this regimen, my pimples were still at bay.



For spot application and quick fix solution to cystic or just erupting pimples, I spot apply acne cream on it.  The cream came from the dermatology clinic but I find benzoyl peroxide creams (5% concentration or less) to be effective as well in drying up pimples fast.  The only disadvantage of this is that it can leave pimples marks after the pimple has dried up.  I read that the brand Benzac AC contains benzoyl peroxide but does not leave pimple marks afterwards.  Same goes with Tea Tree Oil.  Tea tree oil is another effective spot application treatment to pimples without leaving any marks afterwards.  But in my experience, tea tree oil takes longer to effect in minimizing the redness and swelling of pimples than in benzoyl peroxide cream.



Yes, you read that right.  Garlic.  It is one of the most effective home remedy in treating pimples.  I have tried that myself when I do not have the acne cream yet.  Garlic have antibacterial properties that makes it effective in clearing out pimples.  The juice in the garlic is the one that can make your pimples go away.  The effect is fast even for cystic ones.  If you apply it at night, the next day, the pimple size will be significally reduced.  But be cautious in applying garlic on your face as it may sting and makes your face red, especially if you have sensitive skin (I wouldn't recommend that).  Garlic can also be crushed so you can chew.  It's effect is like taking an oral antibiotic, similar to Tetralysal.



Regular application of scrubs (whether for the face or body) helps remove dead skin cells to reveal a new, younger looking skin.  By regular, it does not necessarily mean everyday as it may make your skin thinner.  My regimen is to at least scrub my face/body at least 3 times a week.  I'm using an organic facial scrub from Human Heart Nature.  The beads from the facial scrub are not too coarse when applied to skin and yet it does leave a smooth and clean feeling.  Regular facial scrub is beneficial in minimizing pimple marks.  It is not recommended to scrub your face if you have an inflammed pimple as it can aggravate and worsen it.



I'd like to reiterate again that even if you have oily skin, you still need to hydrate and moisturize your face.  A dry skin makes your oil glands produce more oils thus prone to clogging of pores which will result to appearance of pimple.  A water-based moisturizer is best for oily face as it is not too thick and creamy which makes skin look more oily.  I'm using Celeteque facial water-based moisturizer for my oily skin.  Another way to keep your skin hydrated is by taking lots of water.  8 glasses of water will work wonders as it helps regulate your system to flush away toxins from your body.
There are many other pimple fighting regimen and products such as apple cider vinegar, erythromycin solution, etc. but the ones I have mentioned above were the most effective for me.  I've been pimple free (though not yet flawless skin) for the last 8 months.  And good thing, my face does not get immune with these regimen.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Miss Universe - Philippines

In any beauty pageant, the Miss Universe has been the most prestigious and the most dreamed pageant of little girls who wish to become a beauty queen someday.  With that, preparations from various countries were vast as this is the much awaited beauty pageant in the world.

In the Philippines, Filipinas compete for Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) pageant where its winner will compete and will be the country's delegate to the Miss Universe pageant.  It's been years since Miss Philippines placed in the top semifinalist of the prestigious Miss Universe Pageant.  The last top Filipina placer was Miriam Quiambao which won the first runner up in the 1999 Miss Universe Pageant.  But for the past 3 years, delegate from the Philippines for the Miss Universe pageant had always been in the Top 5 finalist.

In 2010, Venus Raj won 4th runner up.  Eventhough she was first dethroned due to citizenship issues, she gained back her crown as the Philippines' representative in the Miss Universe pageant after just a few months.  That time, it was one of the highest place the Philippines had won.
The following year, Philippine's delegate Shamcey Supsup did not fail the Filipino fans after she placed 3rd in the Miss Universe pageant.  Many had high hopes for her since she was an epitome of beauty and brains after graduating magna cum laude in Architecture degree at University of the Philippines.

This year, the Philippine's delegate, Janine Tugonon, was another epitome of beauty of brains after graduating cum laude in Pharmacy at University of Sto. Tomas.  This beauty queen did not let her Filipino fans down by winning first runner up in the Miss Universe pageant.  This, by far, is the highest title gained by Miss Philippines after 13 years.

With these consecutive winnings of Miss Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant, the next delegate will surely be pressured.  She may need to top the last winner or at least maintain the Philippines' rank in the Miss Universe pageant.  It also puts pressure in the organizers and judges in choosing the next Miss Philippines.  They should carefully screen and choose the right Filipina with beauty and brains.

Congratulations again to Janine Tugonon of the Philippines for placing 1st in the recently concluded Miss Universe Pageant.  High hopes for the next Miss Philippines!

Beach Trip: A Review on Butterfly Beach House

Following my previous blog about the beaches in Lobo, Batangas particularly in Barangay Fabrica, I will relate here my experience in staying overnight at Butterfly Beach House.

Based from what I've researched on the beaches in Batangas, I trim down my list to only two choices: Lobo Beach Club and Spa and Butterfly Beach House.

We're eying for the dorm type room in Lobo Beach Club and Spa since we are 9 adults and 2 kids.  I thought the room will be spacious enough for us.  Besides it has its own 2 toilet and bath so we won't be rushing and taking turns in using it.  My sister's concern, however is the dining area.  Since there's no clear picture of the room and the area if there is a dining area.  According to the person I talked to, eating in the room is not allowed but there is a veranda where we can eat.  Even if this is the case, there's not enough tables and chairs provided in the veranda for us to eat.  Another concern was there are a lot of additional fees for every movement/request we ask.  So it's already kinda confusing with all the fees and charges that needs to be paid.

Our next option then was the Butterfly Beach House.  The owner, Ms. Mary Ann, is very accommodating.  She quickly replies to all my inquiries.  Although there are still additional charges to be paid for the other requests and inquiries we asked, it is less complicated in terms of fees to be paid as compared to Lobo Beach Club & Spa.  Also, they have a dinning area which is beach front.

One major concern we had was whether or not to bring food.  From Butterfly Beach House, if we don't bring our own food, the resort can provide meals for us.  Cost is about Php 600+  per person inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner.  It has meat, vegetables and fish but the combination are not complimentary to each other.  The resort also offers cooking services so we could have a choice on what to eat.  The cost is Php 50 per person per meal.  We opted to get their cooking services instead and we will be the one to buy foods to be cooked.  Besides, according to them, the wet market is not that far from the resort.

Going to Butterfly Beach House is quite a challenge.  I think this is the farthest Batangas area I have been (farther than San Juan, Batangas).  We based the directions given by Butterfly Beach House on their site.  The road going to the resort is zigzag up and down.  Using a manual transmission car can therefore be really a challenge.  Travel time is about 5 hours coming from Paranaque.  This includes some stop overs and asking directions.

Upon reaching the Butterfly Beach House, the caretakers were the ones who assisted us.  They are a family who seem to be living there too.  The place looks like a private resort with 3 bamboo cottages, dining area facing the beach, small huts where one can also lounge and dine.  Two (2) of the cottages can accommodate 4 people.  However, one cottage only has 2 single beds so they just put extra mattress while the other one has one big (maybe queen size) bed.  The last cottage was divided into 2.  The first division was the owner's room.  The second division is the one available to public.  It has only one single bed but they told us that it can accommodate up to 3 pax so they just put extra mattress.  Each of the rooms have clean but small toilet and bath and an A/C which seems to be like just a cooler.  The resort also have wifi but unfortunately, it wasn't working during our whole overnight stay.
cottage with queen size bed

its bathroom

cottage with 2 single beds
its bathroom
cottage with 1 single bed

its bathroom
The beach was clean, both sand and sea.  It's a bit rocky near the shoreline but fine sand once you reached knee high waters.  The beach water was very clear.  I can compare this beach to the beaches in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas only cleaner.  Beaches in Laiya were becoming to be a little dirty with trashes floating on the waters.  And there's no jellyfish in sight!

nice fine sand

a bit rocky foot bed of the beach

The dining area was perfect.  It is beach front with bamboo gate before going to the shoreline.  It has long dining table that can easily accommodate us.  Most of the time we stayed there to lounge and rest after swimming.  We were not able to use the other small huts.

beach front dining area

We didn't bring any food as we decided to just go to the wet market and have the caretakers cook for us.  But when we got there, since its quite a long drive, we just ask the caretakers to do that for us and cook them as well.  We listed all the foods we want to eat and they just prepare it according to the time we have specified it to be eaten.  We paid them lump sum with excess for the service they have provided.  The food cooked to us was ok, not so spectacular but edible.

Since the resort is just small and we occupied all the rooms, this has become our own "private" place.  We had the resort all by ourselves. That's really a relaxing family experience for us.  That's why come night time, we rented videoke machine and enjoyed the singing and family bonding all through out!

small private resort

Overall, I enjoyed and liked Butterfly Beach House, most especially the private resort feel we had when we were there.  I would still recommend this resort to my friends.