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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Have A Pimple Free Skin

Pimples are unsightly conditions on anyone's face.  It leaves insecurities and lack of confidence to anyone who are prone to it.  There are many factors affecting the eruption of pimples in one's face.  One of which is hereditary.  There is nothing you can do about it.  If your parents are prone to pimples, there's a big chance you'll be like that too.  But you do not need to lose hope.  You can prevent the appearance of pimples or at least minimize its eruption.
There are a lot of available over the counter medicines and topical solutions that you can try to prevent pimples.  However, how would you know which one is effective for you?  Even if a product have a high positive feedbacks, it does not guarantee hundred percent to be effective on you since everyone have different skin conditions.
I have a very pimple prone face because I have a combination skin: oily on the T-zone area and dry on the other parts.  Like anyone else, I have tried a lot of topical solutions and did self medicate to combat the eruption of pimples on my face.  However, nothing seems to last.  My face has a tendency of getting immune to one product too soon.  It can be effective for one to two weeks but after that, pimples keep coming back.
But just this year, I finally kept my pimples at bay.  With that, I will share with you some of my personal tips in achieving a pimple free skin.  Read on to know how.



I know you have read this simple steps so many times.  Just recently, I realized that it is indeed effective.  I noticed that whenever I fail to wash my face before going to sleep, there's a big chance I'll have a pimple the next day or in the coming days.  Since then, even if I'm already tired and sleepy, I see to it that I still wash my face to get rid of the oiliness and dirt I got from outside pollution.  For oily skin, it is best to use a cleanser that is suitable for oily skin.  I'm using Cetaphil Cleanser for oily skin.  If I fail to wash my face, I tried my best to at least apply toner to clean it.  Toners are like the final cleansing agent that takes away traces of dirt and residue that soaps/cleansers leave behind.  Of course after the toner, you need a good moisturizer.  Cleaning with soap and toning your face can make your skin dry that's why moisturizer is a must as a final touch.  For oily prone skin like mine, a water-based moisturizer is better option, most especially at day time.  It will make your face a little less oily with this type of moisturizer.


This is one product that most people disregard as an essential part of everyday regimen.  Even if the weather is cloudy or even if you'll be staying indoors most of the time, it is still essential to apply a sunblock.  Once you step out of your house, sun's rays are already penetrating through the clouds down to your skin.  For oily skin, it is suitable to find a water-based sunblock.  I got mine from a dermatology clinic.


Tretinoin is famous for treating pimples or for the more severe ones, acne.  There are a lot of topical solutions that have tretinoin content as its main ingredient.  Although this must be used with precaution as it can be drying to the skin, it is effective in clearing your face with pimples.  Some apply it all over the face while some apply it only as spot treatment to pimples.  Thin application will be enough especially if you have sensitive skin.  The tretinoin I've been using came from a dermatology clinic.  I'm applying it all over my face every other night.  After applying tretinoin, it is best to follow it up with a moisturizer to minimize the dryness on your face.  Also, when you're on tretinoin treatment, it is a must to apply sunblock at day time then a water-based moisturizer after.



When a dermatologist get to checked on my face, she prescribed me with an antibiotic called Tetralysal.  She prescribed me to take it everyday for 3 months.  For me, it was really effective.  The appearance of pimples on my face lessen and they seldom occur even if I fail to wash my face at night.  Most especially, cystic pimples were no longer present.  Knowing it is an antibiotic, I stopped taking it after 3 months.  Unfortunately, pimples, even cystic ones, came back.  I read through research that that is one of the side effects of Tetralysal.  Pimples will really come back or even worsen once you stopped taking Tetralysal.  So I consulted again the dermatologist.  She told me that it is ok to continue taking Tetralysal to prevent pimples from coming back.  So I followed her again but I did a little modification.  After 3 months, I took the medicine every other day instead of everyday.  With this regimen, my pimples were still at bay.



For spot application and quick fix solution to cystic or just erupting pimples, I spot apply acne cream on it.  The cream came from the dermatology clinic but I find benzoyl peroxide creams (5% concentration or less) to be effective as well in drying up pimples fast.  The only disadvantage of this is that it can leave pimples marks after the pimple has dried up.  I read that the brand Benzac AC contains benzoyl peroxide but does not leave pimple marks afterwards.  Same goes with Tea Tree Oil.  Tea tree oil is another effective spot application treatment to pimples without leaving any marks afterwards.  But in my experience, tea tree oil takes longer to effect in minimizing the redness and swelling of pimples than in benzoyl peroxide cream.



Yes, you read that right.  Garlic.  It is one of the most effective home remedy in treating pimples.  I have tried that myself when I do not have the acne cream yet.  Garlic have antibacterial properties that makes it effective in clearing out pimples.  The juice in the garlic is the one that can make your pimples go away.  The effect is fast even for cystic ones.  If you apply it at night, the next day, the pimple size will be significally reduced.  But be cautious in applying garlic on your face as it may sting and makes your face red, especially if you have sensitive skin (I wouldn't recommend that).  Garlic can also be crushed so you can chew.  It's effect is like taking an oral antibiotic, similar to Tetralysal.



Regular application of scrubs (whether for the face or body) helps remove dead skin cells to reveal a new, younger looking skin.  By regular, it does not necessarily mean everyday as it may make your skin thinner.  My regimen is to at least scrub my face/body at least 3 times a week.  I'm using an organic facial scrub from Human Heart Nature.  The beads from the facial scrub are not too coarse when applied to skin and yet it does leave a smooth and clean feeling.  Regular facial scrub is beneficial in minimizing pimple marks.  It is not recommended to scrub your face if you have an inflammed pimple as it can aggravate and worsen it.



I'd like to reiterate again that even if you have oily skin, you still need to hydrate and moisturize your face.  A dry skin makes your oil glands produce more oils thus prone to clogging of pores which will result to appearance of pimple.  A water-based moisturizer is best for oily face as it is not too thick and creamy which makes skin look more oily.  I'm using Celeteque facial water-based moisturizer for my oily skin.  Another way to keep your skin hydrated is by taking lots of water.  8 glasses of water will work wonders as it helps regulate your system to flush away toxins from your body.
There are many other pimple fighting regimen and products such as apple cider vinegar, erythromycin solution, etc. but the ones I have mentioned above were the most effective for me.  I've been pimple free (though not yet flawless skin) for the last 8 months.  And good thing, my face does not get immune with these regimen.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Miss Universe - Philippines

In any beauty pageant, the Miss Universe has been the most prestigious and the most dreamed pageant of little girls who wish to become a beauty queen someday.  With that, preparations from various countries were vast as this is the much awaited beauty pageant in the world.

In the Philippines, Filipinas compete for Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) pageant where its winner will compete and will be the country's delegate to the Miss Universe pageant.  It's been years since Miss Philippines placed in the top semifinalist of the prestigious Miss Universe Pageant.  The last top Filipina placer was Miriam Quiambao which won the first runner up in the 1999 Miss Universe Pageant.  But for the past 3 years, delegate from the Philippines for the Miss Universe pageant had always been in the Top 5 finalist.

In 2010, Venus Raj won 4th runner up.  Eventhough she was first dethroned due to citizenship issues, she gained back her crown as the Philippines' representative in the Miss Universe pageant after just a few months.  That time, it was one of the highest place the Philippines had won.
The following year, Philippine's delegate Shamcey Supsup did not fail the Filipino fans after she placed 3rd in the Miss Universe pageant.  Many had high hopes for her since she was an epitome of beauty and brains after graduating magna cum laude in Architecture degree at University of the Philippines.

This year, the Philippine's delegate, Janine Tugonon, was another epitome of beauty of brains after graduating cum laude in Pharmacy at University of Sto. Tomas.  This beauty queen did not let her Filipino fans down by winning first runner up in the Miss Universe pageant.  This, by far, is the highest title gained by Miss Philippines after 13 years.

With these consecutive winnings of Miss Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant, the next delegate will surely be pressured.  She may need to top the last winner or at least maintain the Philippines' rank in the Miss Universe pageant.  It also puts pressure in the organizers and judges in choosing the next Miss Philippines.  They should carefully screen and choose the right Filipina with beauty and brains.

Congratulations again to Janine Tugonon of the Philippines for placing 1st in the recently concluded Miss Universe Pageant.  High hopes for the next Miss Philippines!

Beach Trip: A Review on Butterfly Beach House

Following my previous blog about the beaches in Lobo, Batangas particularly in Barangay Fabrica, I will relate here my experience in staying overnight at Butterfly Beach House.

Based from what I've researched on the beaches in Batangas, I trim down my list to only two choices: Lobo Beach Club and Spa and Butterfly Beach House.

We're eying for the dorm type room in Lobo Beach Club and Spa since we are 9 adults and 2 kids.  I thought the room will be spacious enough for us.  Besides it has its own 2 toilet and bath so we won't be rushing and taking turns in using it.  My sister's concern, however is the dining area.  Since there's no clear picture of the room and the area if there is a dining area.  According to the person I talked to, eating in the room is not allowed but there is a veranda where we can eat.  Even if this is the case, there's not enough tables and chairs provided in the veranda for us to eat.  Another concern was there are a lot of additional fees for every movement/request we ask.  So it's already kinda confusing with all the fees and charges that needs to be paid.

Our next option then was the Butterfly Beach House.  The owner, Ms. Mary Ann, is very accommodating.  She quickly replies to all my inquiries.  Although there are still additional charges to be paid for the other requests and inquiries we asked, it is less complicated in terms of fees to be paid as compared to Lobo Beach Club & Spa.  Also, they have a dinning area which is beach front.

One major concern we had was whether or not to bring food.  From Butterfly Beach House, if we don't bring our own food, the resort can provide meals for us.  Cost is about Php 600+  per person inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner.  It has meat, vegetables and fish but the combination are not complimentary to each other.  The resort also offers cooking services so we could have a choice on what to eat.  The cost is Php 50 per person per meal.  We opted to get their cooking services instead and we will be the one to buy foods to be cooked.  Besides, according to them, the wet market is not that far from the resort.

Going to Butterfly Beach House is quite a challenge.  I think this is the farthest Batangas area I have been (farther than San Juan, Batangas).  We based the directions given by Butterfly Beach House on their site.  The road going to the resort is zigzag up and down.  Using a manual transmission car can therefore be really a challenge.  Travel time is about 5 hours coming from Paranaque.  This includes some stop overs and asking directions.

Upon reaching the Butterfly Beach House, the caretakers were the ones who assisted us.  They are a family who seem to be living there too.  The place looks like a private resort with 3 bamboo cottages, dining area facing the beach, small huts where one can also lounge and dine.  Two (2) of the cottages can accommodate 4 people.  However, one cottage only has 2 single beds so they just put extra mattress while the other one has one big (maybe queen size) bed.  The last cottage was divided into 2.  The first division was the owner's room.  The second division is the one available to public.  It has only one single bed but they told us that it can accommodate up to 3 pax so they just put extra mattress.  Each of the rooms have clean but small toilet and bath and an A/C which seems to be like just a cooler.  The resort also have wifi but unfortunately, it wasn't working during our whole overnight stay.
cottage with queen size bed

its bathroom

cottage with 2 single beds
its bathroom
cottage with 1 single bed

its bathroom
The beach was clean, both sand and sea.  It's a bit rocky near the shoreline but fine sand once you reached knee high waters.  The beach water was very clear.  I can compare this beach to the beaches in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas only cleaner.  Beaches in Laiya were becoming to be a little dirty with trashes floating on the waters.  And there's no jellyfish in sight!

nice fine sand

a bit rocky foot bed of the beach

The dining area was perfect.  It is beach front with bamboo gate before going to the shoreline.  It has long dining table that can easily accommodate us.  Most of the time we stayed there to lounge and rest after swimming.  We were not able to use the other small huts.

beach front dining area

We didn't bring any food as we decided to just go to the wet market and have the caretakers cook for us.  But when we got there, since its quite a long drive, we just ask the caretakers to do that for us and cook them as well.  We listed all the foods we want to eat and they just prepare it according to the time we have specified it to be eaten.  We paid them lump sum with excess for the service they have provided.  The food cooked to us was ok, not so spectacular but edible.

Since the resort is just small and we occupied all the rooms, this has become our own "private" place.  We had the resort all by ourselves. That's really a relaxing family experience for us.  That's why come night time, we rented videoke machine and enjoyed the singing and family bonding all through out!

small private resort

Overall, I enjoyed and liked Butterfly Beach House, most especially the private resort feel we had when we were there.  I would still recommend this resort to my friends.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shopping at Divisoria

Divisoria is one area in Manila that is know for finding cheap finds of all (as in ALL) items you need.  There are clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, kitchen tools, hardware items, christmas decor, costumes, school and office supplies and many others.  It is like a night market similar to those abroad (like in Hong Kong) where vendors are scattered on the streets.  However, here in the Philippines, the vendors are already selling as early as 10 in the morning.  The area is becoming a modern shopping destination with buildings surrounding it such as Tutuban Mall, 168 Mall, 11/88 Mall and the newest one, Lucky Chinatown Mall.  The latter, however, caters for a more high class shopping destination with cinemas in it.

It isn't my first time to go to Divisoria but it is my first time to go on shopping for clothes and gift items.  Last year, I went to Divisioria to shop for Christmas decors.  I spent only Php 1,500 including an 6ft (or 7ft) christmas tree, ribbons, ball decors, lights and an angel.  Really really cheap.  This time, I really don't have particular items on mind that I wanted to buy.  I just wanted to check out the stores and maybe have some idea on what gifts to give.  And look on what I have bought.  All these for just Php 1,000.  That's 9 items so it could only cost probably Php 115 each!

For me: crochet and lace shorts, maxi dress, crochet top
For him: muscle shirt and shorts

2 tone suede flats
Well, I wasn't able to buy any gifts since I bought a lot of clothes for me and my boyfriend.  The clothes I bought were timely for our upcoming Boracay trip. 

I especially love the maxi dress.  It even has a tag brand Forever 21 with side ribbon tag inside (used to hang on hangers.  I don't know what it is called :D).  I compared the ribbon tag to my authentic Forever 21 clothes and the print is just the same! I wonder if this was authentic.  Well there are a lot of branded clothes at Divisoria which I doubt to be authentic (just like my boyfriend's shorts/boardshorts with brands Nike and Billabong while his muscle shirt, Polo by Ralph Lauren).  What's best, its only Php 150!  Where can you find a maxi dress that only cost Php 150!

I also like my crochet shorts.  Just recently, I saw the same type of shorts being sold online.  It cost about Php 450 but I bought mine at only Php 200.

The ballet flats is also a good find.  It only cost Php 300.  MNJ is a Korean brand according to my friend and it has imitations as well in Divisoria but this one, according to her, is authentic.  Since I'm not so branded/designer person, I don't mind having this brand for cute flats.  The 2-tone feature got my attention and I had difficulty in choosing color combination!  There are violet and pink, blue and pink, gray and black, and many more.

Divisoria is really a shopping haven for budget conscious person like me.  There are other stuff I wanted to buy but there's no more time and budget! haha.  Most of these were bought in 168 mall.  My friend told me that it is cheaper outside the malls.  Well for me, it is already cheap inside the mall.  I wonder how many more items I can buy for just Php 1,000.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Midnight Madness at the Glorietta

The opening of new Glorietta was just perfect for Glorietta's Midnight Madness.  Meaning there will be more stores to choose from.  The New Glorietta opened last November 5 with some stores and restaurants from Glorietta 5 and Park Square added to this new section.  Weeks after, Glorietta held its Midnight Madness which is still ongoing until today.  The Midnight Madness started last November 14 and it will end today.

There were lots of great finds in this midnight madness.  As what I have previously blogged about Toms Shoes, I also get to check out great finds in Kamiseta, Bayo, Toys 'R' Us, Lacoste, Cinderella, The Ramp Crossings, Terranova, and many others.  All items in Kamiseta are on sale from 50% to 70% off.  There are even blouses and jeans that are priced for only Php 200!  Bayo also provides good sale finds with 30% to 50% off on some of their items.  There are a few items which are priced at Php 250 only.  Toys 'R' Us have 10% on all of their items.  There's also a free gift wrapping service when you reached Php 300 worth of items.  This is a great place to shop for kids' toys as Christmas Gifts.  My favorite store, The Ramp Crossings, also have good finds.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy any.  But again, the brands The Ramp, Possibility, Faith Hope and Love have bargain clothes for as low as Php 300.  All of the items (or should I say shoes) from Lacoste are on sale, even their new arrivals.  Discounts ranges from 10% to 60% off.  My other favorite store, Mango, didn't participate in the sale.  I guess it is because they held their own sale season.  Same with Zara.

Another attraction to bargain hunters on this sale is their mini bazaar located at the activity center.  Just like in any other bazaars, you will find items for as low as Php 50.  There's even an Ukay Ukay at the stage area.  

This season's midnight madness were not as jammed pack as their previous years' sale.  The only time I saw a lot of people was last Friday.  Yesterday, at 10pm, there seem to be a very few shoppers already.

You still have a few hours left to do your shopping at Glorietta's Midnight Madness.  In case you are far from Makati, Alabang Town Center is also having their sale as well as the Trinoma Mall.  So whether you're in the north or in the south, you can enjoy Ayala Malls' sale.  In case you are an SM loyal shopper, SM Makati is also having their payday sale which also ends today.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Sale Finds: Toms Shoes

Today is the 1st day of Glorietta's midnight madness.  It will end on Sunday, Nov. 18.  Similarly, SM Makati is also having their payday sale until Sunday.  It's sale season so I don't wanna miss out on a great bargain.

My friend and I don't have any specific item on mind so we just stroll around Glorietta although she wanted to check some shoes while I wanted to check for some wallets.  We chance upon Nothing But Water and saw Toms Shoes on Sale at 30% off.  The women's shoes now only cost about Php 2,100 from original price of Php 2,900.  Were about to choose from the women's section and try them out when my friend saw the kids section was on sale too.  She was thinking of getting one for her daughter who is just 5 month old (excited lang, haha!)  The kids' price are a little cheaper.  From original price of Php 2,295, it now only sells for Php 1,600.  What's amazing is that the kids' shoes have big sizes, good enough for adults like us!  Normally we are size 7, but for Toms youth, we are size 5.  Another good thing is that even if it is on kids' section, the available designs were not all too colorful nor childish.  It's actually stylish!

Classics Navy Palmetto

I got myself the pink one in somewhat Aztec design.  This is their Meleni collection.  My friend also got the same design only in red color.  There's also color violet available for this design.  My sister asked me to buy one for her.  She got the blue denim wash design.  This is their Classics Navy Palmetto collection.

There are a lot of styles to choose from and its quite difficult to choose.  You can only decide when your 1st choice of design doesn't have a size 5 from the kids section.  The women's section also have nice designs but of course we're after the cheaper cost! Haha!  I think the men's section are also on sale, we were just not able to ask it.  The salesmen told us that only Toms in Nothing But Water are on sale.  Also, the stock availability are only 1 per size per design.  There's also Toms store in the new Glorietta and it seems like it is not on sale.  I'm not sure with the Rustan's branch.

If you're a fan of Toms or been eyeing to get one.  This is your chance.  It's very rare that Toms get this great sale!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Sale Finds: Forever 21

I didn't know that Forever 21 was having a sale in their branch in SM Makati. What I heard before was they have a sale in SM North Edsa branch. That's too far from me.

When my officemate came back to the office after lunch last Friday, she had bags of Forever 21. I teased her that she has gone shopping even if its not payday yet. She was very excited to inform me that Forever 21 gives additional discount on their sale items. She was able to buy shorts for just 150 pesos! Great buy! I should check that out!

I was able to visit Forever 21 in SM Makati yesterday. There are quite a few racks with sale items on it ranging from 200 to 400 pesos. There are also racks with less 20% on the regular items and racks with 500 pesos and below. I was able to find only 2 pieces of shorts that is only 300 pesos. I believe these are the ones that has further 50% off discounts. There are still available sizes and still a lot of styles to choose from. You just need to check all the racks including those returned from the fitting rooms.

5 items for a total of about Php 1,000 only!

I fitted about 9 clothes but retained only 5 pieces. Calculating them, it will cost me more than 2,000 pesos. I had some hesitations at first as it is very expensive already but still i brought them at the counter. To my surprise, all of the items were at an additional 50% off! Yahoo!!! Sale on sale items!

I'm not sure until when is the sale but i hope its extended until payday next week! So go visit Forever 21 in SM Makati! You still have a few hours left! (In case the sale is only up to today)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SM Megamall's 3-Day Sale

I am not always looking forward to SM Megamall's Sale because I know it will be jammed pack.  Even if the mall is not on sale, there's always a lot of people there.  But this time, I got this urge to check out their 3-day sale specifically visiting Forever 21 store.  Well, I'm glad I did! I've got pretty good finds from Forever 21 and Melissa Shoes! Below are some of the items I bought.

50% off on each item
I was so happy with the swimwear I bought from Forever 21.  Even if summer is still far away, as a beach lover, I know I will get to wear these at any season.  And fortunately, I have an upcoming beach trip this November.  I'm not so into printed swimwear but I still grab this pair because its cheap!  Good thing I found a pair for these.  Each costs Php 309 from the original price of Php 620 each.  So basically this pair is only Php 618! Way cheaper than those sold in Landmark and SM!

this only cost Php 99!

the back side of the bikini bottom
I especially love the blue bikini bottom because its just Php 99!  Besides, blue is my favorite color!  It's just unfortunate that I can't find a bikini top to pair with it.  I did find some but the size is large.  But it doesn't matter.  I can just mix and match this bottom to my existing bikini tops.

You can fit these swimwear at Forever 21 before buying so good thing I know my size is always small.  I also bought a skirt (with belt) and a dress (great for the beach! haha!) for just less than Php 500 each.  Great buys!
Melissa Ultragirl + Gareth Pugh shoes
I never had any Melissa shoes but I have loved a few of its collections like the Campana and Ultragirl.  I'm just having difficulty in buying them because I'm seeing a lot of fakes and similar items sold in side streets.  I want most of my shoes to be somehow unique.  So when I saw the Melissa shoes "booth" along the bridgeway of SM Megamall, I didn't hesitate to check them out.  I tried a lot of shoes and sandals and everything was at 20%-40% off!  I almost hoarded a lot of their flats and sandals which only costs Php 1,000!  Anyway, my eye caught this Melissa Ultragirl + Gareth Pugh shoes.  I wanted the red and white combination but my feet looks darker when I tried it on.  So I opted for teh safer color, black and white.  It's not really my favorite but it looks good on my feet.  Plus its so comfy!  I'm just not sure if I can wear this with my office attire.  Anyway, this pair of flats originally costs Php 3,250 but I bought it for only Php 1,900, that's more than 40% off!

There are other good finds I saw like in Unarosa with up to 70% off, Kipling bags and wallet at 40%-50% off, Esprit at up to 50% off, Giordano at up to 70% off, Guess bags and wallets at 50% off and many more!  My other favorite brand, Mango, also have sale items but only on some of their bags.

The 3-day sale ends today.  So you still have a few hours left to shop.  SM Megamall closes today at 11pm.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Backpacking Trip in Tagaytay: Review of Famous Inn

It's my first time to stay overnight in Tagaytay at my own expense (previous trips were care of my company where we had team building and planning sessions).  My first choice was actually at Keni Po since this is the same hotel I recommended to my friends which unfortunately I wasn't able to join them.  I recommended it due to good reviews and very affordable accommodation.  Since Keni Po was fully booked on my chosen date, we opted to stay in Famous Inn after several search on cheap accommodations in Tagaytay.  You can read them here.

As what the name implies, Famous Inn is a small hotel providing lodging and food for travelers.  It has 2 floors with about 15 rooms.  They offer fan and air conditioned rooms good for 2 up to 8 persons.  True to what they've posted on their website, the hotel is painted in bright yellow and their rooms were well painted in bright color as well.  (As of this writing, they've already changed the design of their website but you can still view their rooms from here).

We reserved for a fan room since it'll be cold in Tagaytay on our travel date due to the rainy weather.  The rate is Php 800 per night.  The room offered double size bed, small tv, fan, small table with 2 chairs and a bathroom with hot and cold shower.  They have a small restaurant and parking space is provided.  I was surprised that the room they gave us has air conditioning unit.  I thought maybe all their rooms have it.  I just learned upon check out that the room they gave us was indeed for an aircon room when the receptionist was charging us Php 1,000 for the aircon room.  Well that's no longer my fault.  And besides, we never used the aircon due to the cold weather (we even turned off the electric fan).

Now for my review... To get to Famous Inn, you still need to walk 300 meters from the main road.  But from the main road, it is about 5 minutes away from Picnic Grove.  I didn't expect the room to have big mirrors beside the bed as it was not in any pictures of the room I've searched.  It was like motels in Manila.  It felt awkward and it really didn't seem like a romantic room (honestly, some motel rooms in Manila were better than this).  The headboard of the bed have some black ants crawling that it can get to your bed.  Towels were provided but it was really thin as if it shrunk due to frequent wash.  Good thing we brought our own towels.  No toiletries were provided except for toilet paper which were half consumed (see, motels in Manila were better! haha!).  The receptionist told us that blankets will just be delivered to our room.  It didn't came so we just use their thin blanket on a cold night.  The water from the shower is strong and you can adjust the temperature.  The only problem is that the bathroom can get clogged but the water subsides after a few minutes.  Wifi is provided up to the room though there are certain areas when the signal is weak.  We were not able to try their food but their prices are quite cheap.  By the way, breakfast was not included in their rates.  Even if the inn is walking distance from the main road, it's not scary to walk there at night as there were lights alongside the houses.

If you don't mind sleeping in a motel-like lodging and if you will just be sleeping there, then Famous Inn is ok.  It's cheap and somehow clean.  Just bring your own towel.  Overall, I'll give this small hotel a 6 rating out of 10.  I personally didn't like the mirror and the towel.  All the rest are ok.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Backpacking Trip in Tagaytay

While having second thoughts of pushing through with my Tagaytay trip with my boyfriend, the trip still went well with no private vehicle to use, just commuting by bus, tricycle, van/shuttle and jeepney.  It isn't my first time in Tagaytay but I am not so familiar with all the places to visit and restaurants to eat, only a few of it.  Although it is my first time to commute from Manila to Tagaytay, more like a backpacking trip to Tagaytay.  And of course, it's my first time to have this trip with my boyfriend.

It has been raining  for the past weeks and reading from forums, it's raining also in Tagaytay.  That made me think twice in pushing through this backpacking trip.  Nevertheless, we still push through with it since the typhoons were mostly headed north of Luzon.  Because its raining, we opted to stay in a fan room.  I've researched various budget and affordable accommodations which I also posted in my previous blog.  It's a good thing that there are a lot of accommodations to choose from that's why there are still a number of available rooms on my chosen dates, considering it is a long weekend. 

On this blog, I will post mostly the fares and transportation in various destinations in Tagaytay.  The reviews and other details will be posted in the next blog.  


Backpacking trip in Tagaytay, we obviously bring along just our backpacks.  We were suppose to ride the bus but I've read that it will take you more than 2 hours travel time since it will pass by Cavite and with lots of bus stops.  My officemate suggested that we ride a van located in a street before Metropoint mall along Edsa-Pasay Rotonda.  The van is going to Batangas but I'm just not sure exactly where and it will pass by Tagaytay City via Sta. Rosa exit.  This will shorten our travel time to just about an hour to 1 hour and a half.  So we chose to ride the van to shorten our travel time.  We arrived at the van area around 11am.  Travel time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The route was through Southwoods exit then to Aguinaldo highway, Silang, Cavite.  Fare is Php 180 per person going to Tagaytay.  But I learned that same fare going to Batangas.


Mahogany Market
We were not sure where to drop off but I know the van will pass by Tagaytay Rotonda or near Olivarez.  Since its already lunch and we planned to eat bulalo in Mahogany Market (which I'm not familiar with), we thought of just dropping off near that area.  But we were not sure where the van's route is.  So when we saw Mahogany Avenue we already asked the driver to drop us there.  The problem is, how do we go to Mahogany Market?  That's the fun in backpacking trip style.  You just get to ask around on how to go to your destination.  From Petron, we just rode a jeep going to NBI.  We asked the driver to take us to Mahogany Market.  Fare is just Php 11 per person.

Famous Inn / Picnic Grove
One of the cheapest accommodation I found is the Famous Inn, located at Barangay Sungay West, Tagaytay-Calamba Road.  You can read about my review on this accommodation here.  According to my research, this inn is located near Picnic Grove.  From Mahogany Market, the jeepney driver told us to ride any jeep across the market and ask them to drop us at the Terminal.  From the Terminal, there are jeeps going to Picnic Grove and People's Park.  Fare from Mahogany Market to Terminal is Php 8 per person.  From Terminal to Famous Inn/Picnic Grove, fare is Php 11 per person.

People's Park in The Sky
We rested for a while in our room then off we go to People's Park.  From Famous Inn, we rode a jeep going to People's Park.  Same jeep from the terminal is traveling in front of the Famous Inn.  Fare is Php 9 per person.  After People's Park, we'll have our snack/dinner either in Olivarez or near the restaurant row that are famous in Tagaytay.  From the park, there are no longer jeeps available going back to Picnic Grove or Olivarez at 5pm so we just rode the tricycle.  It will definitely be more expensive so we just ask the tricycle driver to take us to Picnic Grove.  Fare is Php 60 per ride.  From Picnic Grove, we just waited for a jeep going to Olivarez.  Again, Picnic Grove to Olivarez, fare is Php 11 per person.

Restaurant Row / Magallanes Square
We had dinner beside Magallanes Square.  We were told that jeepneys are only available until 8pm.  But we finished our dinner at around 8.30pm.  We still are able to rode a jeep from Magallanes Square to Terminal.  Fare is Php 8 per person.  From the terminal, it was only 1 jeep or the last trip waiting for us.  I guess the last trip is around 9pm.  From the Terminal to Famous Inn, the fare is again Php 11 per person.


My boyfriend and I decided to just ride the bus on our back to Manila.  Although at the Terminal, there are vans available going to Calamba and Festival Mall/Alabang.  It was quite hard to wait for an air-conditioned bus going to Pasay MRT/LRT.  Those in the bus stops were ordinary buses and some are going to Baclaran.  After about 20 minutes, we were able to ride an air-conditioned bus going to Pasay MRT/LRT.  Their route is via Cavite, Baclaran, Roxas Boulevard and final destination at Pasay MRT/LRT, at the back of Sogo Hotel.  Fare is Php 78 per person.  Travel time is about 2 hours.

On this backpacking trip to Tagaytay, we don't get to see a lot of tourist destinations since we don't have our own vehicle and our trip is just overnight.  We just visited People's Park in the Sky, Picnic Grove, Our Lady of Manaoag and eat near Magallanes Square.  The fares posted were as of August 2012.

UPDATE: From Manila To Tagaytay

I've mentioned in some comment/reply post that we tried riding a van in Alabang going to Tagaytay.  When we went back to Tagaytay last Dec. 30, 2014, there was no more van there going to Tagaytay.  The vans there were going to Dasma.  So we just went to Festival Mall and ask around for van terminals going to Tagaytay.  The van terminal was located outside of the Pixie Forest exit (Goldilocks).  Van fare is Php 75 each and you will be alighted at Olivarez (along Aguinaldo Highway).  This same location is where the van terminals are going back to Laguna and Alabang.

Budget Accommodations in Tagaytay

In search for a very budget friendly accommodations in Tagaytay, I found these inns, hotels, apartelles, room for rent that are less than Php 1,500 per night.  All rates indicated are good for 2 pax.

Tagaytay Econo Inn
Location: perpendicular to Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road
Budget Room - Php 1,500 with breakfast
Website: Facebook Page

Java Jazz Lodging House
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road (left side coming from Sta. Rosa), about 300 meters away from Picnic Grove
Standard Room (fan room) - Php 980 with breakfast
Website: Facebook Page
Notes: very responsive in text messages
(please see my updated blog post about Java Jazz Lodging House here)

Top Hotel
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road (right side coming from Sta. Rosa), about 100 meters away from Picnic Grove; opposite Southridge Estate
Standard Room (fan room) - Php 1,461 from
Website: click here

5R Rooms for Rent
Location: not along the highway but on the left side coming from Sta. Rosa
Fan Room - Php 800
Aircon Room - Php 1,200
Website: click here
(please see my review on this accommodation here)

Crisanta of Tagaytay (Crisanta's Bed and Breakfast)
Location: in front of Tagaytay zoo
Fan Room - Php 800 with breakfast
Website: No longer listed in but found contact number at +63 932 8657165

Overlook Inn
Location: Tagaytay Rotonda
Budget Room (aircon) - Php 1,200 to Php 1,500
Website: click here

Viewpoint Inn and Restaurant
Location: Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway
Non-aircon room - Php 1,200 (24 hours)
Aircon rooms - Php 1,500 to Php 1,800
Website: click here

Little Falls Inn
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road, right side coming from Sta. Rosa
Couple's Room - Php 1,518 from
Website: click here

Famous Inn
Location: in between Southridge and Tagaytay National Science High School but 300 meters away from the main road; 5 minutes walk to Picnic Grove
Non-aircon - Php 800
Aircon - Php 1,000
Website: click here
Notes: quick response in text messages
(please see my review on this accommodation, mentioned below)

Golden Rooms for Rent
Location: along Aguinaldo Highway, walking distance to Olivarez Mall
Fan room - Php 893 from
Website: click here

Villa Julia Seminar and Retreat House
Location: along Aguinaldo Highway
Kubo room (Ligaya Kubo) - Php 1,500 with aircon
Website: Facebook Page
Notes: quick response in text messages but they will call you instead

Keni Po Hotel
Location: along Tagaytay-Calamba Road
Standard room - Php 1,200
Website: click here
Notes: gets fully booked quickly

Most of my references are from travelbook website and in agoda.  There are a lot more accommodations listed on those sites and you can search depending on your budget.  Agoda is also helpful as it comes with reviews from latest travelers.  We ended up staying at Famous Inn.  Check out my review on this small hotel.

Update (11/20/2016): Some links have been updated. You can also check more affordable Tagaytay hotels here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

For the Love of Accessories

Just sharing with you my various cheap finds when it comes to accessories. I found them on my photos app in iTouch so i decided to blog about it. I have more accessories than those posted here. Maybe I'll start updating this and blogging about it the next time I had a new purchase. Apologies on the pictures by the way as these were all taken from my iTouch.

crochet collar necklace from Landmark
another collar necklace from Landmark
Top: faux leather strap/bracelet from Strings Fashion Manila 
Bottom: scarf bracelet from Carrie's Closet
collar necklace from Carrie's Closet
black and gold bracelet (and shades) from SM Accessories
various bracelets: the black and gold from SM accessories (same as previous pic), blue and brown braided bracelet from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta, orange with charms bracelet from Tomato
multi function accessory from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta
Top: 2-in-1 pearl necklace (i thought) from Landmark
Bottom: 2-in-1 chain necklace from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Sale Finds: Shoes!

Since July is really a sale season for most of the stores, of course I won't let this season pass without buying shoes!  Just like any woman, aside from bags, shoes is one of their favorite things.  I get to check out the shoes from Primadonna and Shoe Box.

It's my first time to buy shoes from Primadonna.  They've been on sale since May or June, I suppose.    Good thing there are still a few good finds at this time.  I've been seeing nice shoes from this store endorsed by Anne Curtis in her Instagram account.  But most of it are high heels and I'm not so fond of wearing them.  So when I visited their branch in SM San Lazaro, I really don't have intention of buying any shoes until I saw this pair, I immediately felt "the calling".

Even if this shoes have high heels, its design is wedge so it won't be too painful for my legs.  I really felt that this wedge is really meant for me.  When I first tried it on, I got quite hesitation of buying it since its a size 7.  I'm normally a size 8 for sandals and open toe shoes.  So I put it back on the rack after trying it on.  But there's really a calling.  When I saw the other girl is trying it on, I decided to get it once she let go of it.  Good thing she did!  So I tried it again, this time both on my left and right foot and tried walking.  It was really high for me and my toes are quite peeping out.  But it doesn't matter, it still look good on my feet.  Viola! I bought it on sale for only Php 600 and it was the last pair!  They have this also in white but I prefer this black and brown combination.  I guess it was really meant for me :)

Shoebox is another favorite store of mine especially for their ballet flats because its very comfortable and of course affordable.  I think I own more than 10 pairs of ballet flats from this store.  So when I drop by their store in Glorietta, they have a rack that is on sale.  The espadrille type shoes that caught my eyes before was now on sale.  I tried the red on and it looks good on my feet.  With just Php 500, I bought it without hesitation.

When I was about to pay it, the sales lady, out of nowhere, handed me another pair of flats and asked me to try it on as it was their last pair.  And because of that, its only Php 200.  And so I did tried it on and I somehow loved it too.  Besides, its super bargain so I bought it as well.  It wasn't as comfy as my other Shoebox flat but nevertheless I still bought it because of its trendy style.  Most of my ballet flats are common in design.  This somehow adds a new look on it.

I smell something fishy with this black and yellow flats.  It was taken out from a big black plastic bag.  If it was indeed the last pair, it should still have been displayed.  Also, when I asked if I could pay in debit card, she told me that it was only allowed on the red espadrille but not on this black flats.   Hmm... whatever their business are, I'm still glad I got a great bargain.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Sale Finds: SM Supermarket

Who says you can only get bargains from clothes shop? Last week, when I was doing my groceries at SM Supermarket in Makati, I almost got a 50% off on a laundry item. I was browsing through the laundry/detergent powder rack specifically along Surf brand. I'm not really fond of Surf powder but eversince we've tried it about a month ago, I have been buying their detergent powder for the laundry. I just forgot which variant was the suitable type for our needs. I'm the type that tries all variants before patronizing one kind. I was about to pick the violet color of Surf freshness petals powder (relaxing lavander scent) when I saw that the yellow color variant (sun fresh scent) was cheaper. 800 grams was enough for us for 2-week use. It cost only 77 pesos as compared to the violet which is around 5-10 pesos higher. Then the promo girl started explaining about the Surf powder variants, how I can save better if I buy the bigger size (about 2 kilos) and which are on sale. Since I was looking at the yellow variant, she mentioned that the big size is on sale from Php 169 to just Php 141. Plus she told me that I can get a free item when I buy it. Without hesitation, I did bought it. And this is what I got as a freebie...

I'm not sure how much this cost but this is not an ordinary conditioner.  This is Sunsilk's Strong and Long treatment conditioner.  I'm thinking this cost about Php 140.  Almost a buy one take one treat when you buy big size of the Surf Freshness Petals! A really sale finds!

The King of Comedy: Dolphy

Everybody mourns on the death of the Philippines' King of Comedy, Dolphy Quizon last July 10. Even my sister and I got really sad and teary eyed when we heard the news. We were watching Walang Hanggan (a phenomenal teleserye as what they've claimed) and I was giggling on the love story that time when during commercial break, a flash news about Dolphy's death was announced.

Many people expressed their sympathy on his death, particularly in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This just shows how huge was Dolphy's influence to people and how almost every generation knew him.

I can say I knew Dolphy (not personally but as an actor) eversince John and Marsha days. I'm not a fan but I'm hearing and seeing the sitcom on tv when my family's watching. When I was growing up, I remember watching Home Along Da Riles and I know I got fond of it. Dolphy and Nova Villa's tandem was really funny. Well I guess Nova Villa was really a great comedian ever since her long running sitcom such as Chika Chika Chicks and Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata.  And yes, who will forget the comedic tandem of Dolphy and Panchito? My brother loves them.

It must be really fun now in heaven when most of the famous comedy actors are already there: Dolphy, Panchito, Redford White, Babalu, Rene Requestas and many others. This got me thinking. Will they be really be seeing each other there? Will they still know each other? How's life like in heaven? Well, I don't wanna know that now moreso experience it! Wherever they are, I hope they are happy same goes to their family whom they have left behind. And to Dolphy's family, my deepest condolences.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Sale Finds @ Mango

Mango has been one of my favorite shops.  I always check them out especially if they are on sale.  I think Mango's sale started 2nd week of June.  During that time, I checked both branches in Ayala Malls, Greenbelt and Glorietta.  There are more lovely dresses (and new styles) in Greenbelt than in Glorietta.  There were 2 dresses that I like (less thank 1k each) but I didn't buy them since I also wanted to check Glorietta branch before I decide to buy.  Unfortunately, when I returned to Greenbelt branch, the dresses were already sold.  The only item I bought at that time was their wallet which cost me about 900.

I like this wallet so much since I improvised its main function.  I added a strap on its zipper to make it a wristlet.  Since it is spacious, I decided to put in my cellphones in the 2 compartments.  This gets so handy that I no longer need to bring 2 items: a wallet and a small pouches for cellphones every time I go out on a very short trip.

I went back to Mango today thinking that they will further reduce their price.  Besides, I've been hearing other brands such as Zara, Promod, etc. are having their (end of season?) sale.  And I know for a fact, that its always in July where most of these brands held their sale.  So I was correct, Mango indeed reduced their price.  Their window display says: up to 70% off from their previous sale of 50%.  So here are the clothes I bought.

Straight cut pants.  I never fail to buy pants in Mango during sale. Most of the pants/jeans I bought cost less than Php 1,000. So this one I bought is much cheaper. Original price: Php 1,450. Sale price: Php 795. Further reduced price: Php 695. That's more than 50% off!

Sleeveless blouse. This is a very simple sleeveless blouse, available in white and peach color. I almost bought those two available colors! Original price: Php 1,450. Sale price: Php 695. Further reduced price: Php 395.  That's more than 70% off!

Short sleeves polo. I haven't bought any polo from Mango before because I find it still expensive even if its on sale. This time, I grabbed this polo for a very affordable price! What I love about this is that the sleeves have an adjustable arm hole which is perfect for my thin arms. Original price: Php 1,950. Sale price: Php 995. Further reduced price: Php 595.  That's 70% off!

Their shorts and mini skirts were also on a further reduced price sale.  I'm thinking of going back to check on these.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Sale Finds @ The Ramp Crossings

I bought these clothes last June 17.  So I'm not sure if this store is still on sale.  Anyway, these are what I've bought on sale.

These shorts are somewhat skorts, shorts that looked like a skirt.  I've been looking for a soft fabric shorts and I think this is really a sale find.  Most shorts of this type cost Php 500 and up but I got these for just Php 330 each from an original price of Php 1,100.  That's 70% savings!

Sleeveless blouse
This may look like an ordinary blouse but I like it because its short in front and long at the back.  I can pair it with high waist shorts or pants.  Also, the button closure is quite unique with its square-look design, not just an ordinary button down blouse.  I'm also thinking of wearing short necklace with it if I close the button up to the neckline.  I bought this at Php 375 from the original price of Php 1,250.  Another 70% savings!

Round neck shirt
I'll just add this simple black round neck shirt I bought from Esprit.  Simple but can be elegant with its silver trimmings in the neckline.  The neckline cut is quite low which makes it a little more than just a casual look.  I bought this to pair with my jackets, cardigans and blazers that is good for office wear.  I find this a great steal with just Php 599 from an original price of Php 1,498.  Almost 60% savings!

Sparkle review

I finally availed the Sparkle service I bought from Metrodeal. The voucher includes Japanese hot oil, hand and foot srub and reflexology. According to the deal, the whole service is originally valued at Php 800 and will last for 60 minutes. Here's my review.

When I arrived at the spa, there's a lady who also availed the deal (i only noticed it when we were seated side by side) and she almost had her hair done that is all wrapped with foil. No electronic heat was put on her head for the hot oil. The staff is already preparing for her scrub when another staff called me to wash my hair.

After washing, the staff put on some mask or conditioner like on my hair. While applying with bare hands, she also massages my scalp and head which is good. When applying and massaging is done, she wrapped my hair with a foil and secure it with a towel-like band around my hairline. By this time, the lady customer beside me had her scrubs on her hands done. She was a little ahead of me on all of these services.

The next thing the staff did to me was applying some essential oil on both my arms and hands. Later, a scrub was applied. Same procedure was applied on both my legs and feet. The scrubs were kinda coarse. I felt uneasy when the staff rubbed the scrub on my arms and legs hard especially to those sensitive skin areas. I thought I had a skin scratch with it.

These srubs were removed by the staff with water and sponge. After it was removed, the staff started massaging my arms and hands. I guess this is the reflexology part. The massage was a little hard, making my fingers "crack" which I didn't like. When my arms were done, the staff started massaging my legs and feet. Most of the massages were at my sole. Pinching and pressing my sole, fingers and legs. I thought these will be very relaxing if you have tired lefs an feet. As for me, again, it was kinda painful. Well maybe because I'm not fond of massages. And also, I wasn't tired that day so my muscles were not stiff. There were even times that I already exclaimed painfulness to the staff so she can lighten the massages.

When all this massages are done, the staff then rinses my hair. Afterwhich, my hair was swiftly dried with a blower. The staff didn't comb or used a brush while drying my hair. She just gently scan my wet hair with her fingers to dry it. I like this technique in drying my hair. While blow drying, the lady customer was at that time was just gettig ready to rinse her hair.

When my hair was dried, the staff gently combs my hair. Surprisingly, there were no tangles. My hair was all straight as if I had it relaxed. I love the effect on my hair. It was soft to touh too.

You will noticed that I keep on mentioning the lady customer. Well, it is because she were ahead of me to undergone the treatment and all but still i'm the one who finished it first. It took me less than an hour to finish but I guess that will be dependent on the staff who is taking care of you.

Overall, I give the whole experience a rating of 7 out of 10 (10 being the highest). I like the Japanese hot oil on my hair. I like the srubs but it would be better if the staff won't rub it hard on your skin. I didn't like the massages simply because I'm not fond of massages. It's painful on my part. But I think that kind of massage will be very relaxing after a tiring day. The deal at Php 149 discounted price was all worth it. But if it returned to its original price of Php 800, I find it expensive. The Japanese hot oil has a good effect on my hair but it seems the same effect when I use Human Heart Nature's Hair Mask. As for the massages and scrubs, I can't comment further on the price as I haven't done same service from other salon. Should I go back there? Well yes, but mostly for hair treatments and mani/pedi or foot spa service. Nothing more than that. Will I recommend it? Yes, especially if you are fond of massages. The staff are friendly too. They're also giving recommendations without really hard selling their products and services.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Filipina Girls Want In A Husband

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles. 


What Filipina Girls Want In A Husband

The Philippines is known to have hospitable and friendly people.  No wonder many foreign people love to mingle and be friends with the Filipinos.  One distinct attitude of the Filipino is seen in their women.  Termed as the Filipina, these girls are very caring, sweet and loving.  That is why many foreign people would love to spend the rest of their lives with a Filipina.  But how can you capture the heart of a Filipina?  What Filipina girls really want in a husband?  Read on this article to know if you qualify.

With the influence of Catholicism in the Philippines, Filipinas are religious, conservative and very family oriented.  In order to win her heart, you must carefully know and study these traits.

Most Filipina girls are raised in Roman Catholic religious belief.  What a Filipina girl wants in a husband may also be someone who shares the same belief.  But she can still marry someone outside of her religion provided that her beliefs will still be the same.  Being religious, Filipina girls always hear Sunday mass and observe other religious obligations.  If you want her to like you, it will be a plus point if you join her during these obligations.

Being raised in a Catholic environment, you can be sure that most Filipina girls are conservative especially when in public.  They are dressed in a prim and proper manner and would demand a respect.  With their respectable outlook, you should in turn respect her as well.  This means you need to court her in her house if you want her to fall in love with you.

Most Filipino has close family relationships.  Whatever their ages are, they still live with their parents, relatives and even grandparents.  You can see that they are all living in one room or sometimes within a compound or street.  If you are serious with a Filipina girl, you are obliged to know and mingle with all the members of her family.  This will show your sincerity which is one factor what Filipina girl wants in a husband.

Effective Communication Negotiation Skills

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles. 


Tips For Effective Communication Negotiation Skills

In our daily activities, we often encounter negotiation with people we deal with.  May it be a simple agreement with a friend or bargaining for an item with a vendor.  Often than not we let our emotions take part in the decision without being rationale.  How can you really go through an effective negotiation?  Read below as you may find tips for effective communication negotiation skills.

Communicating well with people around you can produce harmonious result if done effectively.  Going through a negotiation as part of an effective communication need not be an exemplary skill that one can posses.  By experience and proper guidelines you can become an effective negotiator.

Whenever you enter into a decision making situation, it is important that you know what you are into.  Do some research and investigations before making that final decision.  Create a checklist of negotiable and non-negotiable items which will be useful before you proceed with any negotiation.

Result of an effective negotiation is not always rushed.  The decision was carefully studied and analyzed.  This tip for effective communication negotiation skills is somehow crucial in your decision.  If you rush into making a decision or if you let somebody push you to rush the negotiation activity, you might regret the outcome.  Although you have to consider the time factor in finishing up the whole negotiation activity, it is not advisable to rush things.  There may be hidden or small factors in the agreement that you might fail to discuss.

When the communication and negotiation seems intense, you should still try to avoid letting your emotions get into the way.  Getting angry or excited may lead you into irrational thinking.  You may lose your composure and may utter words that might affect the negotiation which you will just regret later on.

For every negotiation, you should be ready to compromise.  Whatever the result of the agreement be, it should always be a win-win situation to both parties.  This part of the tip for effective communication negotiation skills is what makes a negotiation successful.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brooklyn Storage

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles.


What is Brooklyn Storage?

Many of us have a lot of unused items in the house but can’t seem to dispose.  To some, items have sentimental values that we cannot just let go.  This results to cluttering of your house.  When your house is small, you will surely be worried on how to store these items without actually letting them go.

In a populous city like Brooklyn, New York, there is a storage facility where you can stock up your things safely and securely.  Brooklyn storage is a commercial storehouse where you can rent a space to keep your valuable items.  You can be sure that your personal items such as gadgets, furniture, or even vehicles can be kept safe and protected.  Aside from the security you will feel in keeping these items, you will also have a spacious house that is clutter free.  The Brooklyn storage will surely help anyone in their space management and in organizing their things.


Brooklyn Storage: The Benefits

More and more people are moving into the city for living.  Like in Brooklyn, one of New York’s populous cities, people are moving in here because of the opportunities abound in the city.  With this, demand for housing has increased.  There are more rental apartments available however most of it offers a very limited space.  People then seek or rent another space just to keep their stuff securely with them.  Good thing, there is Brooklyn storage where people can rent a space and keep their personal belongings safe and secure.  This storage facility is highly commendable by people in the city.  It helps them keep their house clutter free at the same time giving more space at their home.  Another great advantage of this facility is that it is conveniently available in the city. 

This cost-effective facility is what rental owners are looking for.  Instead of renting another apartment to keep their valuables, they can opt to just rent a space as needed in a secure facility like Brooklyn storage. 


Why Rent a Space With Brooklyn Storage

When I first moved in to Brooklyn with my family, I find most of the apartments too small.  With all the personal and valuable stuff that we will be bringing, definitely the space in the apartment will not be enough.  That’s when I learn about Brooklyn Storage, a facility for rent where you can store your personal belongings safely and securely. 

For a budget conscious person like me, I am having second thoughts of renting another space just keep our valuables.  But I know I had to get another safe storage as our house is getting cluttered.  By planning and organizing which items to keep at home and which items to send to the storage facility, I was surprised I didn’t get to spend a lot.  The best thing I did was organizing the items per type and put them in one box.  By combining the same items in one box and properly labeling them, only a small space will be required.  Now, I am happy that I resort to Brooklyn storage to keep our personal belongings safe, secure and at the same time keeping our house clutter free.