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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Concerts / Foreign Performers

What have I been doing?! I'm already missing concerts! I missed out the concerts of Stone Temple Pilots, Chippendales (haha!), Yellowcard, Anberlin and Far East Movement.  And now, I think I won't be able to catch the concerts of Bruno Mars (April 8), The Script (April 16), Switchfoot (April 30) and Maroon 5 (May 23).

I'm not a big fan of Bruno Mars but I like some of his songs.  So missing this out will not be too painful for me.  For The Script, I'd like to hear them play live but unfortunately I might have an out of town trip by that time.  I still can't decide.  I might ran out of tickets for this.  For Switchfoot, I think this will be their 3rd visit to the country and I'm gonna miss it again! Well, I'm not yet so sure but Phil. Sports Arena is way to far (and inconvenient) for me.  Maroon 5... At first I thought I can miss their concert this time since I was able to hear them last time they were here.  But on second thought, I wanna see Adam Levine up close and personal!  But the ticket might be sky rocket high again.  I remember their last concert here, ticket prices was as high as 10k.  I think I wouldn't spend that much just to see them.  And also, I don't like the venue for their concert this time.  I read somewhere that only VIP and Gold ticket holders have seats, correct me if I'm wrong.

 Sigh.  Expensive.  Oh well.

Maybe I'll just check out Cirque De Soleil instead?  I heard they're amazing performers.  But I'm sure its also expensive.  They'll be here sometime end June to July.

Care to join me in any of these concerts? :)


  1. I'm not really fan of concerts in general (no matter whose concert it is) but I do want to watch Cirque De Soleil too. I figured it's expensive though

  2. yeah, it definitely will. my sister saw their show in Las Vegas and they're really amazing. I wonder if there will also be underwater acts here if the venue is in Quirino Grandstand?

  3. Hi sis, if you ask me, I don't want to miss cirque de soleil and Maroon 5 heheh!

  4. me too. i'm still hoping i will be able to watch all these concerts. see on Maroon 5, maybe! hehe.

  5. For The Script, I only like one of their songs, "Breakeven". Maroon 5? No, don't miss it :)
    CIRQUE DE SOLEIL!? Oh my! Yes, they ARE amazing performers, I saw them perform on TV and I really liked them :)) But I think they're expensive since they're quite popular.
    I don't like Bruno Mars much too but I like his songs, Grenade and Just the Way You Are :))

  6. ^try listening to The Script's latest album. its nice. yeah, i'm saving up for Maroon 5 already :)


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