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Monday, July 25, 2011


I wonder what's wrong with blogger.  The past weekend (and several weeks before) I cannot create nor edit a post.  There's this spinning icon in the writing board and in the lower left it says: "waiting for".  I waited and waited but it never stopped.  I was using my netbook and my browser is Google Chrome.  I already reported it to blogger help/support but I still got no response.  They have several topics in their support forum similiar to my problem.  I tried their solution but to no avail.  I thought it was just my connection but I am able to load other websites with ease.

So now I tried it at a different computer and different browser.  It worked! I am using a desktop and my browser is IE 7.  What could be the problem?  Has anyone encountered the same?

By the way, I also tried using IE 8 as browser in my netbook but I still get the same problem.  I haven't tried it though in Firefox.  Care to share your experience and solution?


  1. I use Chrome and a netbook too, but I blog in WordPress so I cannot help you there. Have you tried updating or reinstalling Chrome on your netbook?

  2. Maybe you should try to remove the google analytics script.

  3. @ blackshirt13 - i haven't tried that, but will do.
    @ rae - how do i do that?

  4. I had a problem with blogger before. But after a few days, it was working again. Maybe they're in the process of updating something or another?

  5. @ jane - i hope so. i was able to post a new blog using the old editor. but i can't upload pictures. when i revert back to the new editor, i get the same error. again, using different computer, i have no problems in accessing the "new post" and "edit post" tab.


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