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Friday, August 10, 2012

For the Love of Accessories

Just sharing with you my various cheap finds when it comes to accessories. I found them on my photos app in iTouch so i decided to blog about it. I have more accessories than those posted here. Maybe I'll start updating this and blogging about it the next time I had a new purchase. Apologies on the pictures by the way as these were all taken from my iTouch.

crochet collar necklace from Landmark
another collar necklace from Landmark
Top: faux leather strap/bracelet from Strings Fashion Manila 
Bottom: scarf bracelet from Carrie's Closet
collar necklace from Carrie's Closet
black and gold bracelet (and shades) from SM Accessories
various bracelets: the black and gold from SM accessories (same as previous pic), blue and brown braided bracelet from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta, orange with charms bracelet from Tomato
multi function accessory from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta
Top: 2-in-1 pearl necklace (i thought) from Landmark
Bottom: 2-in-1 chain necklace from Therapy Bags store in Glorietta

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