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Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Dinner at Figaro

Best things in life are FREE!  Well, the dinner at Figaro we had was not really free.  I paid using the accumulated points I earned as being a Globe subscriber.  The 2012 points I earned has an expiry date, April 15.  So on the same day, I used up all my points (even my little 2013 points) so my boyfriend and I can enjoy a free meal at Figaro.

Figaro was one of Globe's partner in their My Rewards, My Globe program.  As a Globe subscriber, you will earn points everytime you use your Globe to either call, text, browse, etc.  I'm just not sure how many points for each usage.  There are a lot of available rewards with corresponding accumulated points to avail that reward.  It seems that Figaro is one of the most attractive reward since your 1 point is equivalent to Php 1.

This was only my third time to dine it at Figaro.  So I don't know what to order and I don't know which ones are their best sellers.  So we just got what we thought would make our tummy full.

Classic Pizza - Php 179

Butterscotch Vanilla with Coffee Jelly Frost (Php 155) and two iced tea (free from meals below)

Chicken Ala Kiev - Php 239

Chicken Provencal - Php 239

I find their chicken meal delicious.  You have a choice to what kind of pasta to come with it.  The Butterscotch Vanilla with Coffee Jelly Frost tastes more like Coffee Jelly, slight hint of Butterscotch Vanilla taste.  The pizza looks big on the picture.  I was surprised that it was just a little bigger than pizza hut's pan pizza size.  The taste was just so so.

The last two chicken meal are set menus with free iced tea.  Our total bill was Php 812.  My available points is only 645, so we paid for the balance of Php 167.  Not bad for a complete meal.

I'm looking forward to accumulating my points again with My Rewards. My Globe. so I can avail more of perks like this in the future.  Thanks Globe.

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