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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Camaya Sands (Camaya Coast) Day Tour

It was May 2013 when I first heard and set foot at Camaya Sands (Camaya Coast) in Mariveles, Bataan.  It was sponsored by our company for our group's team building.  During that time, you wouldn't see any details about this resort except for an offering to invest in the island.  Thus, it perceived to be for members only.

Camaya Coast is a beach resort with residential and condominium development.   Its hotel, Camaya Sands Resort and Leisure is managed by Fuego Hotels.  This hotel was likewise opened last year offering day tour packages to guests inclusive of round trip ferry transfers, lunch and afternoon snacks.  I believe this was the same package given to our company for our day tour team building.

The ferry ride took about an hour and a half.  It was a smooth sailing ride and the boat was quite big with air conditioning.  A movie was also played on their LCD TV screen on the duration of the ride.  Since it was a team building, we were provided with morning snacks.

wrist band
The ferry boat arrived exactly at the Camaya Coast's beach but since it was big, it cannot dock at the shore.  Floating rubber walkway will be your path going to the beach. For me, that was quite a long walk because we walk slowly as it was shaky.

Arriving at Camaya Coast
Floating rubber

Its a bit shaky!
 Upon arriving at the beach, we were greeted by the Camaya Sands staff giving us refreshing drink and wet towels to freshen up.  Our group directed us to proceed to the Wood Pavillion.  This is where we placed our bags and things all throughout the team building event.

The first view upon arrival at the beach
The day tour includes lunch.  It was served buffet type.  There are a number of foods provided but I'm not sure if those were all care of the resort or if a few were provided by our company.  I can't recall how the food tasted but I remember it also includes buffet dessert.  You can also request for halo-halo, a Filipino type of refreshing dessert with different kinds of fruits topped with crushed ice.  Later in the afternoon, snacks are also provided.

For the beach area, lots of lounging chairs with umbrellas are available.  My friends and I spent  few minutes in the afternoon resting at each chair just to relax and enjoy the view of the calm beach.  There's this round rattan loungers available that are also ideal for resting.  

Lounging chairs
Rattan loungers

The sand of Camaya Coast beach has a wide stretch of cream or slight whitish and clean sand.  It is somehow fine but not that powdery as in Boracay.  The waters at the beach is also clear and clean.  There are a few small fishes seen at the beach.  Gladly, we didn't see any jellyfish.

Panoramic view of the beach
Activities available are kayaking, banana boat, karaoke, beach volleyball, frisbee and even a massage at the beach area.  These are all for a fee.

Another nice thing about Camaya Coast is their swimming pool area.  It is an infinity pool with jacuzzi attached to it.  The pool is quite big and not that deep.  The water is clear and clean.  Kiddie pool is also available.  The jacuzzi is very relaxing and it was nice to stay here and converse with your friends.

Panoramic view of the pool
Several shower and comfort rooms are available near the pool and beach area.  I can't quite recall the shower area but I remember the cubicle at their comfort rooms is quite big.  Toilet tissue is also provided.

Overall, Camaya Sands is another beach destination to look forward to in Luzon area.  I don't have any idea how much the room rate per night and I'm not sure if its already open for guests.   But this year, several group deal websites are offering day tour to Camaya Sands.  I think its already a good deal if you want to experience the beauty of Camaya Coast.  However, the ferry transfer is not included on those deals.  You can still get here by land though by private or public vehicle.  Travel time will be around 3 hours and another 10 minute boat ride to reach Camaya Coast.  By boat, you may check with Sun Cruises if they have trips to Camaya Coast or you can check directly with Camaya Coast if ferry ride is available to them.

Enjoy the summer!


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