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Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend at Nagsasa Cove

Arriving at Nagsasa Cove, the boatmen helped us in setting up the tent and looking for stones and woods which will serve as our stove and stove top.  Together with my male friend (the only male in our group), he helped in setting out the fire.  Indeed, everything was provided.  After everything was set up, the boatmen already left us.  That's why at night, there was no bonfire provided to us which was supposed to be included in our package as agreed with Marvin.

Nagsasa Cove campsite

Panoramic view of Nagsasa Cove

There were several beach resorts/campsite at the cove.  I guess the only difference is their little convenience to be provided to their guests.  I haven't tour around those resorts but comparing ours (Kuya Ting Campsite) to the neighboring resort, I noticed that ours provided a generator particularly on the 4 restrooms.  The lights were always on until no one is taking a bath according to the caretaker.

This is where we stayed

It was scourging hot during the day especially at noon.  Whats even hotter is the flame coming out from the neighboring tent's cooking area which seem to be endlessly cooking from dusk 'til dawn.  The direction of wind was towards us thus the flame of their charcoal/wood fire was all directed to us.  My friends with the help of the caretakers talked to the neighboring tent but it took them awhile to convince them to change their cooking area.  Those in charged were already a bit drunk so its quite difficult to convince them.

Nagsasa Cove is bigger than Anawaning Cove.  It was indeed more picturesque than Anawangin, in my opinion because of mountains and hills surrounding it.  Pine trees, however are more abundant in Anawangin Cove.  If Anawangin Cove has its lake, Nagsasa Cove has its sand bar.  Its lovely here especially before sunset.  At both coves, water is clear and the sand was somehow fine but not that white.  It is sad, however, that there are quite a number of trash found at the shores and even at the waters of Nagsasa Cove.  Also, there are small jellyfishes found here.

Picturesque beauty located at the back of the beach

Small lake?

Lovely sunset

Jellyfish found on the shore

The next day, for our island hopping at Anawangin Cove and Capones, the scheduled pick up at 7:30-8am was not followed.  Marvin (our boatman) arrived at around 9am already.  With this, we had so little time to explore and swim at Anawangin and Capones.  But somehow, we still managed to enjoyed it.  We were suppose to visit the lake at Anawangin but we learned that there was already an entrance fee.  Some of us wasn't able to swim at Anawangin, instead, they ate halo halo.  But at Capones, all of us got the chance to swim.  We didn't, however, visit the lighthouse because according to Marvin, it is on the other side of the island and it was low tide so our boat couldn't dock there.  Capones Island is more rocky with pebbles but again the water is clear.  The foot bed was uneven that there are sudden steep portion so one must be careful in swimming the area.

Panoramic view of Anawangin Cove

Part of Capones Island

Clear waters and pebbles of Capones

Since our island hopping happened on our last day, Marvin provided an area in Pundaquit which he said owned by his aunt where we could take a bath and change clothes.  It was an open area with water "poso" that is somehow clean.  2 changing areas were provided, one with toilet but there was no water inside.  You need to fetch water from the "poso" using their pail.  The area was full of pomelo and mango trees.  Its just unfortunate that the fruits were still unripe for the picking.  If it was already ripe and ready for picking, Marvin said we could take home some.

Overall, we enjoyed Marvin's service and I will recommend him to all those who wish to visit Nagsasa Cove and looking for a boatman.  You may check my previous blog for his contact details.

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