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Thursday, July 31, 2014

That Province Called Siquijor

When one hear the province Siquijor, they will immediately think of sorcery, witchcraft and the supernatural which makes this province a not so famous destination.  But that's an unfair judgment on this province.  Whether the myths and tales are true or not, the province has its distinct beauty and serenity which is very inviting once you get there.

As mentioned in my previous blog, planning a trip to Siquijor, I prefer to stay and explore this province longer.  But because of its close proximity to Dumaguete and Apo Island, I wouldn't want to visit these provinces as well.  So initially, we will only stay overnight at Siquijor on our 1st day.  Beside, I read in some blogs that you can tour the Siquijor in half to one day.  But our plans changed and our itinerary was totally revamped when we set foot at Siquijor.

After a long ferry ride (about 1.5 hours) from Dumaguete to Siquijor port, it was the beauty and the long stretch beach at Coco Grove Beach Resort which easily captures our heart.  The resort was inviting and seems very relaxing.  What we love best is the uncrowded and peaceful ambiance of the resort.  You may check my review about Coco Grove Beach Resort here.

The reason why we extended for another night at Coco Grove is because I learned that they are offering day tours at Apo Island to all their guests.  This service was posted on their website (along with other services like Siquijor tour) but I thought we won't be able to use it since the minimum number of pax is 10.  The resort ask each guests and offers this tour so as to accumulate the minimum number of pax.  The Apo Island tour cost Php 1,600 per pax which includes boat transfer, entrance fees, snorkeling gears and tour guides.  We found the rate a bit expensive but at least all will be taken care of.  Read our snorkeling experience at Apo Island here.

We spent the whole afternoon of day 1 just lounging at the beach and exploring the resort.

this is on one end of the resort

one of the resort's restaurant

mixed weather: sunny yet cloudy



panoramic view

Our Apo Island tour was spent on day 2.  Travel time from Siquijor to Apo Island is about 1.5 to 2 hours.  With this schedule, we no longer had the time to tour Siquijor.  That's another reason to go back to this province.  We had a few pictures though of some tourist spots which we took along the way.    I wanted to explore more of Siquijor especially the falls and the beaches.  Siquijor seems a lovely province isn't it?    

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