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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Discover Products of Taiwan through Taiwan Excellence

With the emergence of e-commerce and online shopping, people around the world have now plenty of choices in buying products that they like and access to numerous products and services across the globe.  However, one cannot guarantee the quality of the products posted online.  A thorough research on the background of the product or manufacturer maybe needed or even a product review to determine that you are getting your money’s worth in buying their products. 

Good thing there are several countries that exert extra effort in making sure their products are of good quality and passed through rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the high satisfactory rate of their consumers.  Such country is Taiwan where one can discover products of Taiwan through their Taiwan Excellence entity.

Taiwan Excellence is a campaign established in 1992 by the Taiwan government to promote Taiwanese brands that guarantee high quality and value products.  These products go through a screening process to determine whether they will pass a high standard quality for them to bear the Taiwan Excellence Seal.  But how would they qualify a certain product to be of high quality?  You may wonder.

Any Taiwanese brands who wish to have a Taiwan Excellence Seal are entitled to join this campaign.  Their products can fall any of the categories such as fashion, information technology, arts, culture, transportation, sports, home and living and many others.  An international panel of judges will evaluate the products based the following criteria: Research and Development, Design, Quality and Marketing Strategy.  A score per category will be given on each product.  After thorough evaluation and computation of scores, selected products can now carry the Taiwan Excellence Seal which they can use locally and internationally.  People will now be able to discover products of Taiwan through Taiwan Excellence.

Further distinctions are given to selected products who can be awarded a Silver and Gold Recognition Award.  Thirty products will be selected among the winners.  Only ten will be given the Gold Award, which is the highest recognition in the Taiwan Excellence campaign while the rest are given Silver Award.

In the Philippines, where various brands competition are emerging in the market particularly in terms of price, many consumers wonder which of these brands will give more value to their money.  Since Taiwan Excellence campaign was first launched in the Philippines early this year, now Filipinos can be assured of quality products of Taiwan brands such as Asus, Acer, HTC, BenQ, KingCom, MSI, Transcend and many others.  Filipinos will now have the confidence in buying these products because they pass through a rigorous screening process in obtaining a highest form of quality seal. 

The campaign, with a theme of Excellent Lifestyle, will not only benefit Filipinos of good quality products but will also let them recognize how these products will enable them to have an “excellent lifestyle”.  With about 56 Taiwanese brands with Taiwan Excellence Seal launched in the Philippines, these products provide consumers with innovative and state of the art products which will aid them in their day to day activities whether at home or at work.  One will surely discover products of Taiwan through Taiwan Excellence to be having good quality product that does not only give value for money but provide meaningful use of the products in their lives as well. 

*Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.

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