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Friday, October 9, 2015

Tips: E-Session or Prenup Shoot

Getting married is typically a once in a lifetime event.  And with today's changing times, e-session or prenup shoot has become part of the wedding preparations.  As for me, I am getting married soon (that's the reason why I seldom post here as I got really busy).  Of course, we also had our prenup shoot.

At first, I thought we can do away without prenup shoot.  It would just be an added cost and I don't seem to understand why it is needed or why it is always part of wedding preparations.  Out of the constant questions from family, friends and relatives as to where and when will our prenup shoot will be, that's the only time I've decided to have prenup shoot of our own.

We had our prenup shoot the other day.  Now I understand why it is recommended (not really required) to have a prenup shoot.  The most important thing I've learned is that, during prenup shoot, you will get the chance to be comfortable with your photographer.  For me, it is important to be at ease with them so that both parties can express themselves and give feedback or suggestions on how to make the shoot beautiful.  You also get to see the raw files of the shoot so that during the actual wedding day, you already know what to expect on the output and quality of your photos. 

Another important thing is with your chosen hair and make up artist.  For some, they do the trial make up during prenup shoot.  As for me, I already had a trial make up with the same artist during my prenup shoot.  So during the session, I gave comments to my artist based on the feedback I got during the trial make up.  It turned out, I already looked "made up" and better during the e-session.
Aside from what I learned in having an e-session as part of wedding preparations, I'd like to share some tips when planning for an e-session or prenup shoot.  Again, these are all based from my personal experience.

Plan for Location and Theme
Planning is everything.  I admit, we had planned for prenup shoot only a few weeks before the target date.  I had a preferred location but time, budget and weather conditions does not permit us to push through with it.  I had difficulty in finding a nice location as I really do not have a definite theme in mind and I only have about a few weeks left to decide and book for a location.  By planning, this entails determining the location of the shoot and the theme or peg for the e-session.  It is not necessary to have a theme but it helps to have one as the theme can coincide with the location.  Likewise, having a theme will help you decide on what clothes/shoes/accessories to wear and what props to bring if necessary.  Another thing to consider in choosing a location is whether it has powder area and changing clothes area.  Though it's not really a requirement but it would be better if it is available.  It would be hard to just use your car to change clothes.  In case you don't know, prenup shoot entails a lot of shots using different outfit depending on your requirement and preference.  Similarly, your look and make up can change depending on your outfit, if necessary.  

Treat Prenup Shoot as the Actual Wedding Day
Why? Because all soon to be married couples had undergone several preparations for their wedding day, that is grooming themselves.  You should also do the same on your prenup shoot.  For the soon to be groom, it would be best to keep your face clean without mustache and beard.  It is also best to have your hair cut or keep your hair away from your face.  For the soon to be bride, be sure you have shaved your legs and armpits, had your nails done and finally kept your face clean and clear if possible (I know wedding preparations can be stressful and lead to pimples).  Additional tip, it is best to just shampoo your hair (no conditioner) if you have long hair and plan to set it into curls or whatever style.  This will help keep the chosen style setting last.

Be Physically Prepared
No need to be buff or physically fit (though health-wise, that will be great) but mainly I meant keeping yourself free from sickness and had taken enough food.  Prenup shoot normally takes hours with little breaks.  It will keep you sane if you had eaten before your shoot.  Yes, sane.  It's hard to smile and laugh with an empty stomach.  If you choose an outdoor shoot, be prepared to get sweaty on a hot weather.  Sometimes a hot weather can put you out of the mood so just try to be patient with it else your tiresome might be seen in the pictures.

Bring Drinking Water
Most especially if you're shooting outdoors on a sunny weather, it is best to have drinking water available, not just for the couple but also for the photographer, assistant and make up artist.  As mentioned, hot weather can change your mood so drinking cold water can somehow keep your cool.

Practice Your Smile
Prenup shoot will of course require you to smile, either showing your teeth or not.  I think it would help if you know the kind of smile that will look good on you.  Also, it helps if you know which angle will make you more beautiful (and handsome for the groom to be) in pictures.  And since this is a prenup shoot which will take more than an hour, expect to get tired from smiling.  Just be patient with it so your pictures will look good.

Trust Your Photographer
You've chosen your photographer because of their style in photography.  Trust their creativity.  Even if you're not used to always strike a pose on your photos, just trust to what pose they will ask you to do.  The poses that they will tell you maybe common but for sure they will give you a shot that will still look extraordinary.   

Unless you're a celebrity, you will only get to have a prenup shoot once in your life.  So just enjoy the moment being a model for a day.  Smile and have fun! 

It was a tiring 4-hour prenup shoot for us but seeing the pictures (raw file), it was worth it.  And when my photographer uploaded a few pictures in his FB page, we felt happier and relieved as the comments from different people were heartwarming.  The shots were wonderful!  We didn't look tired.  And most importantly, we looked in love according to the commenters.  Click this link for a preview of our prenup shoot from our photographer's FB page.

To those soon to be wed couples, congratulations in advance and enjoy your prenup shoot!

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