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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bag Essentials: What's in Your Bag?

It was raining cats and dog the whole afternoon until the evening yesterday.  Well, the rain isn't strong but the wind is.  From my understanding, the tropical storm "Falcon" will not set foot in Philippines but it will carry strong winds.  And yes it does.  There was no storm signal announcement but the continuous pouring of rain make it seem like there is a typhoon.

With constant rain experienced during the week, I always brought with me my small, foldable umbrella.  I am also using my Longchamp Le Pliage bag being waterproof.  I decided to wear my wedge ankle boots since I don't want my feet to get wet.  I also have my multi-way shawl in my bag just in case I get cold.  I thought these are enough to keep me warm, protected and getting wet from the rain.  I thought I was prepared for the rain.  But I was wrong.

At around 6.30pm, rains never stopped pouring.  I know I need to get going already from the office as the lines in the terminal will definitely be full.  And surely, there will be floods in the south area that will cause traffic.  So I immediately left the office and went straight to the Edsa Carpack terminal (underneath the Ayala MRT station).  I was in the terminal about 7:15pm.  Whoa! The place is jammed-packed!  The queue for the van in my area was so long, the longest I've ever seen.  So I decided to get some snacks first at Jollibee before heading to the line to buy chips (you need these chips as your "ticket" before boarding the van).  I got stranded at the shuttle terminal for almost 3 hours!  Good thing I was able to have my snack already.  This was the longest time I have waited for the van to arrive.  

Waiting for almost 3 hours, I get to realize the essential stuff one should carry in her bag during these times.  I've listed them here which you may find useful.
  • Umbrella - I realized that it will be best to have a bigger umbrella when the rain gets strong and with winds blowing.  I had experienced my small umbrella getting carried by the wind and even I, myself, thought that I will be "blown away" by the wind.
  • Waterproof bag - Good thing my Longchamp is waterproof.  I don't know how my bag got wet even if I have an umbrella.
  • Jacket - A waterproof jacket is better during these times.  Because of the strong winds, I got wet from my waist below.  Having a jacket could protect my clothes from getting wet, thus keeping me warmer.
  • Slippers - If you'll be crossing or passing by some flooded area, it's best if you're wearing slippers or flip flops.  I was wearing an ankle boots to keep my feet from getting wet.  This is also ok since I know I won't be crossing any flooded area.  My only mistake was it is a wedge shoe.  My feet and legs got tired wearing it for almost 3 hours of standing.
  • Foldable ballet flats - This may come in handy in case you don't have slippers in your bag and you are wearing a shoe with heels.  I know coming from the office, many are wearing office shoes, meaning a quite formal shoes with heels.  This ballet flats can be your alternative foot wear once you're already outside the office.  You can also replace your shoes with these once your feet got tired.  It is a closed shoe making it still appropriate (and matching) for your office attire.
  • Gadgets - Essential gadgets such as your mp3 player, game consoles or even your cellphone games can keep you company anytime while waiting.  I forgot I had movies installed in my cellphone.  This could have been my companion while waiting for the shuttle.
  • Snacks - I'll try to make it a habit to bring along biscuits or cookies in my bag.  Having this in your bag can keep you from starving in case you cannot leave the line in queue.  A menthol candy is helpful too in case you feel a little dizzy, just like what I had experienced.
I have all of these in my bag except for the jacket and slippers/ballet flats.  I really didn't expect the weather to be like this.  If I only knew, I should have brought my jacket and slippers from the office.  So the next item in my shopping list would be a foldable ballet flats.  Care to add more bag essentials during this rainy season?


  1. your bag must be very heavy :)

  2. I forgot to bring an umbrella yesterday. :| Of all the things to forget!

    Chic Manila Mom

  3. @janelle - fortunately no :)
    @kimberly - hehe. that's why i also have spare umbrella in the office. :)

  4. Umbrella is definitely a must. =)

    I still love rainy days though. =)

  5. visiting from GT! =) I always have with me my trusty umbrella.

  6. In our weather these days, an umbrella is on top of my list too :)

  7. lucky you're using longchamp sis. aside from beign waterproof it's also light weight so it doesn't add up much to the weight of the bag.

    i read in the threads that posh pockets (foldable ballet flats) comes in handy ;)


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