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Monday, August 8, 2011

Latest Bag Buy: Coach Daisy Signature File Bag

I've waited for this bag for 2 months! Haha!  And I was surprised that it comes with a small wristlet.  Total value is $276 but I only bought it for only $134!  More than 50% savings!

This was not originally my first choice.  I'm only eyeing for a Steve Madden or Fossil bag and my budget is not more than $100.  But my sister saw this bag and asked me if I liked it.  Learning its just only $134, I gave in!  I'm really happy I did!  It was so cute and versatile.  I can even use it at the office.  I'm so lovin' my new bag!

I'm still waiting for my other bag.  Expected of arrival by end of the month.  I'll let you know when it arrives :)


  1. i like the wristlet. like you, im alao waiting for a bag i ordered online. im a bit excited already and will definitely be blogging about it its delivery. =)

  2. Cool! Nice bag!

    Anyway, thanks for the follow. Im following back. Ingat sa mga group buying sites ;)

    Definitely, Maybe

  3. the bag is very nice! so chic.. definitely, every girl deserves a coach. hope you can also write a review on "what's inside my coach bag"..hahaha.. love your bag sis! :)

  4. @ ayen - i'll be waiting for your post on your bags too!
    @ joei - yeah, your post about group buying is really helpful. i also shared it with my friends.
    @ roxyfoxy - thanks for that idea! maybe i will someday. iba iba kasi laman ng bag ko, ehehe.

  5. what a great deal on a nice bag. congrats!

  6. Hey sis! I really, really wanna get a coach bag. Can you tell me how did you purchase yours? Pls pls. TIA! :D

  7. @ janelle - thanks sis! :)
    @ pink - i just asked my sister who went to the US to buy it for me :)

  8. nice bag sis and ang cute ng wristlet! pwede ba makibili kay sister?! jk! hehe

    ~ leelou (GT)

  9. ^haha! my sister's already here na eh. i don't know when ulit balik nya sa US :)


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