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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My New Toy

Remember my post about which camera to choose?  Well, I'm nearing to wanting to have Nikon Coolpix P300 among others.  I chose this camera since it works best in night shots or low lighting, which is one of the features I'm looking after.  After a long wait, I finally got my camera!  Night shots are really great with f1.8.  I tried taking pictures in my dark room (no lights at all) and still it captures a very well and very bright room!  Macro shots are also great.  I also love its panoramic shots, with choices of 180 degrees to 360 degrees.  Another feature that I love is that you can edit pictures in an instant, whether you want it to have more lighting, skin retouch or special effects (such as fish eye).  I'm still learning how to use each features.  I'm trying to find out how to make blurred background while the image/subject is very clear.  I guess this will be applicable in manual settings which this camera also offers.  I really am enjoying my new toy.  I'll post some sample shots soon so you can appreciate it :)


  1. yey! congrats! have a great time with your new toy. :)

  2. Where did you buy your camera? i still dont know which camera to buy. s95, nikonp300 or lumix lx5. :( Will wait for your sample shots! =)

    Choose Happiness

  3. @claire & blackshirt - thanks sis!
    @nuna - bought it at amazon at $282 lang. very cheap :) i think you have to know what you really need. as for me i wanted a very clear night shots which nikon offers over canon and lumix. but most reviews prefer lumix lx5.

  4. aylavet! ♥
    looking forward on your sample shots!

  5. panoramic shots! that's what slrs do not have. haha.. it really takes a lot of effort stitching in photoshop. :|
    congratulations on your new gadget/travel buddy! :)


  6. i've already posted sample pics. please refer to my next blog :)


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