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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another New Toy

You may find it weird but I never got attracted to any apple product.  Not really never.  My first apple product was the iPod shuffle, the clip type (square size, I forgot what generation was it).  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it because its small and handy.  Then when iPhone 3G S was release, I was amazed at its wonderful features but still I didn't bother to buy it.  Then came the iPod Nano clip type.  As soon as I saw it in Apple Store, I told myself I will get one.  I bought mine in the US, a little cheap compared to the price here.  I let go of my shuffle in replacement of my nano, since they're both of the same function and physical attribute.  When I bought that nano, my sister is pursuing me to buy Mac Book Air since I'm also thinking about buying a laptop.  It's very thin feature attracts me however the capacity was not enough for what I'm looking for.  Those were the only Apple products I laid my eyes onto.

These are exactly the Apple Products I own, then and now.

When my sister had her iPad 2 then later my other sister abroad had her iPod Touch 4th Generation, it wonders me again whether or not to buy one, even just the Touch.  My main reason was so I can better communicate with my siblings all over the world through Apple's technology: the Facetime.  I was jealous with my sisters as they often chat through Facetime.  It took me months before I bought my iPod Touch 4th Generation and it was even by accident.  My brother bought it abroad and told me he'll sell it to my sister.  I told him that they already have one so I'll buy it instead.  Finally this is it. I already have my iPod Touch.  After a few weeks, he send it over here in the Philippines.

At first, I thought, I won't be able to utilize it much because I know its mostly used for games.  While browsing the Apps Store, I was amazed at the many applications I can download for free and that's not only games.  I got addicted to various photography apps.  I'm not so into photography but I enjoy playing with pictures.  With these photography apps, it already made me vain in taking pictures of myself.  There are also some writing apps which I also love since I am fond of writing.  There's this Secret Diary apps which I can write anything I want in an instant.  And of course there are the various game apps.  Its really enjoyable and helps kill time.

I'm not giving up my nano yet even if I had my touch.  All my music are still stored in my nano, while the movies and other stuff are in my touch.  I'm loving it so far :)

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  1. to be honest, I'm not much of an Apple fan. Mainly because they confuse me -- using itunes, etc. My iphone is actually a hand-me-down from hubby. Hehehe!

    Creative is always my go-to mp4 brand. =)


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