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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Favorite Apps

Here are just some of the Apps I downloaded for my iPod touch.

My Secret Diary

I so love this app! It's a walking diary which I can carry anytime, anywhere. In case I have new ideas or I am furious about something or someone or if I just wanted to write about what's on my mind, this comes in handy.  I now have an available writing tool in an instant. You can even include pictures and emoticons.

Expense Log

This app is very useful in tracking my expenses.  You can check how much spending you have every pay day, write down all the dues you need to pay (and how much money left you will have), monitor the money given to you, monitor the money people owe from you, etc.  Anything related to money and your finances can be written here.  This will help you manage your spendings and savings.

Photography Apps

I've downloaded A LOT of photography apps.  As I have mentioned in my previous blog, these apps made me vain in taking pictures of myself.  I enjoy experimenting with pictures using various background, lights, lens, film, color, etc.  It also has editing pictures which can change your background, color effect, scene inclusions and even removing your acne (i so love that!).  With lots of photo apps I've downloaded, I already have 2 folders for it.

My personal favorites are Leme Cam (which imitates an actual camera) where you can change the camera type, lens and frame (this is ideal if you want lomo type of pictures); Picture Magic, where you can edit pictures using lots of available background and effects; Fotolor PS and Fotolor Camera FX, where you can edit pictures including removing acne; Pici booth, I like this better than Pop Booth since you can save pictures in your photo library; Night Cam, for great pictures at low light or at night; Click, where you can zoom your shots including micro shots.

Game Apps

I have various game apps installed including Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds.  Below are my recent favorites.

Cut the Rope - even adults can enjoy this too!

Where's My Water - a true mind exercise game

I've got more apps installed though I haven't tested all of it.  Of course I have those common apps like Facebook, Twitter, iLoader and Blogger.  Because of the various applications available and can be downloaded for free, you will really fully utilize your iPod touch.  I do.  It's not only fun and games.  Its also a great companion for your everyday activities.  I'm so lovin' my touch!

What's your apps?  Care to share?


  1. waaah! namimiss ko si ipong ( my lost ipod) ! :'(

  2. buy na lang ng bago sis, hehe ;)

  3. I think I'll download the expense log and photography apps. I have an iphone but havent DLd a lot of apps. Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. sure, jane. share your apps too once you get hooked ;)


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