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Friday, March 23, 2012

One Of My Best Boracay Trip

When the year 2012 started, I could feel an even more stressful work at the office.  That's why I am always looking forward to every vacation that I have scheduled.  First was this long weekend in January.  My kaladkarin friends and I went to Bolinao, Pangasinan.  I enjoyed this vacation although quite tiring because of the long travel time.  Come this February, I've been anticipating my Boracay trip.  Ever since I first set foot in Boracay last 2007, I am always eager and looking forward to visiting it again.

This Boracay trip is one of my best.  Simply because I get to enjoy and relax during the 3 days and 2 nights vacation.  I didn't do any water activities.  I just shop, took photos, enjoy the beach and of course eat!  For me, it was the most relaxing Boracay trip I have ever experienced.  This is exactly what I need for having a stressful environment at work.

We stayed at Tan's Guesthouse.  Rate is Php 3,000 per night for a room good for 4, inclusive of breakfast.  The room is basic with 2 double size bed, toilet and bath, an a/c, a small tv, storage area and a veranda.  Our room is located at the annex of Tan's.  The sliding door is quite difficult to handle.  It seems that the key has been misaligned so it gives us quite a hard time locking and unlocking the door.  Another concern was that the room doesn't have any mirror.  No woman can stand a room without a mirror.  So it's hard for us to just see ourselves with our pocket mirror.

Just to give on the update on the transportation expenses from the port to Boracay, please refer below.

From Caticlan airport:
tricycle to Caticlan port - Php 25 each (max of 3 passengers per tricycle)
environmental fee - Php 75 each
Caticlan port terminal fee - Php 50 each
pump boat to Cagban port - Php 25 each
tricycle from Cagban port to White Beach - Php 100 (up to 4 passengers per tricycle)

From Cagban port to Kalibo:
tricycle White Beach to Cagban port - Php 100 (or Php 25 per head)
shuttle van to Kalibo - Php 175 each (inclusive of boat)
terminal fee - Php 50 each

Would love to hear your comments or feedback in case the rates above are inaccurate.  Enjoy your summer!


  1. Great post! I'm glad yo enjoy your visit in Bora!

  2. Shocks! Super lapit ng province namen so Boracay but shame to me cos I haven't been there.

    Thanks for the visit :)

  3. Mrs. Kolca: San ba province mo sis? I always love Boracay. Naka-book nga ulit ako by November :)

  4. Thanks for posting this. I was actually drafting the expenses in case we push through with our Bora trip. Good thing I saw this.

    Btw, just followed your blog through GFC. Hope you could follow mine as well.

  5. You might also want to read by blog about Boracay expenses :)


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