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Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Inconsiderate I Can Be?

Following up my post on Ups and Downs of Being an Online Seller, I just had to rant about this negative feedback I have received from ebay.  I am not a frequent seller as I only sell stuff when I needed to.  I can't recall why I post that blog before but maybe because of the same buyer I have encountered in ebay.  She left me a negative feedback last December which I just read now.

She claimed that I was an inconsiderate seller, the first she encountered.  I don't wanna post details and explain further my side but is waiting for payment for almost two months mean inconsiderate?  Is texting for following up payment mean inconsiderate?  Yes, I do understand her personal reasons for delaying the payment, that's why I waited.  Still she called me inconsiderate and even posted negative feedback.  If I am inconsiderate, I should have posted her negative feedback as well as being a joy bidder.  But being "inconsiderate" me (sounding sarcastic), I didn't do that because I know she is not really a joy bidder.  But still I left her feedback though, stating that she never settled payment.  She just suddenly disappeared and no longer replied to my messages.  This maybe made her leave a negative feedback on me.

It's just so sad that she is also a seller yet she didn't understand my other side of the story.  You can never wait for a buyer forever to settle her payment.  In my case, I did wait, and still I am tagged as inconsiderate.  If I no longer receive response from the prospect buyer, shall I just be quiet about it and do nothing?  What if she's already dead and I still waited?  How will I know?

You're insights will be very much appreciated on what points did I become inconsiderate.


  1. I feel for you. Yung ibang seller nga, Pag wala kang payment within 3 working days, they'll offer it to another buyer na.

  2. thanks sis. ako naman kasi as long as may interested sa item, i can patiently wait for the payment. inconsiderate pa ba yun?


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