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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Sale Finds: SM Supermarket

Who says you can only get bargains from clothes shop? Last week, when I was doing my groceries at SM Supermarket in Makati, I almost got a 50% off on a laundry item. I was browsing through the laundry/detergent powder rack specifically along Surf brand. I'm not really fond of Surf powder but eversince we've tried it about a month ago, I have been buying their detergent powder for the laundry. I just forgot which variant was the suitable type for our needs. I'm the type that tries all variants before patronizing one kind. I was about to pick the violet color of Surf freshness petals powder (relaxing lavander scent) when I saw that the yellow color variant (sun fresh scent) was cheaper. 800 grams was enough for us for 2-week use. It cost only 77 pesos as compared to the violet which is around 5-10 pesos higher. Then the promo girl started explaining about the Surf powder variants, how I can save better if I buy the bigger size (about 2 kilos) and which are on sale. Since I was looking at the yellow variant, she mentioned that the big size is on sale from Php 169 to just Php 141. Plus she told me that I can get a free item when I buy it. Without hesitation, I did bought it. And this is what I got as a freebie...

I'm not sure how much this cost but this is not an ordinary conditioner.  This is Sunsilk's Strong and Long treatment conditioner.  I'm thinking this cost about Php 140.  Almost a buy one take one treat when you buy big size of the Surf Freshness Petals! A really sale finds!


  1. oh yes...great deal but it really takes patience para mag halukay ukay at ma check ang mga naka sales sa grocery:)

  2. Yeah, and for this one, there's no really a signage on the rack that it was on sale. Although outside near the cashier was a kiosk of Surf where I got my freebie.


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