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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Beach Trip: A Review on Butterfly Beach House

Following my previous blog about the beaches in Lobo, Batangas particularly in Barangay Fabrica, I will relate here my experience in staying overnight at Butterfly Beach House.

Based from what I've researched on the beaches in Batangas, I trim down my list to only two choices: Lobo Beach Club and Spa and Butterfly Beach House.

We're eying for the dorm type room in Lobo Beach Club and Spa since we are 9 adults and 2 kids.  I thought the room will be spacious enough for us.  Besides it has its own 2 toilet and bath so we won't be rushing and taking turns in using it.  My sister's concern, however is the dining area.  Since there's no clear picture of the room and the area if there is a dining area.  According to the person I talked to, eating in the room is not allowed but there is a veranda where we can eat.  Even if this is the case, there's not enough tables and chairs provided in the veranda for us to eat.  Another concern was there are a lot of additional fees for every movement/request we ask.  So it's already kinda confusing with all the fees and charges that needs to be paid.

Our next option then was the Butterfly Beach House.  The owner, Ms. Mary Ann, is very accommodating.  She quickly replies to all my inquiries.  Although there are still additional charges to be paid for the other requests and inquiries we asked, it is less complicated in terms of fees to be paid as compared to Lobo Beach Club & Spa.  Also, they have a dinning area which is beach front.

One major concern we had was whether or not to bring food.  From Butterfly Beach House, if we don't bring our own food, the resort can provide meals for us.  Cost is about Php 600+  per person inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner.  It has meat, vegetables and fish but the combination are not complimentary to each other.  The resort also offers cooking services so we could have a choice on what to eat.  The cost is Php 50 per person per meal.  We opted to get their cooking services instead and we will be the one to buy foods to be cooked.  Besides, according to them, the wet market is not that far from the resort.

Going to Butterfly Beach House is quite a challenge.  I think this is the farthest Batangas area I have been (farther than San Juan, Batangas).  We based the directions given by Butterfly Beach House on their site.  The road going to the resort is zigzag up and down.  Using a manual transmission car can therefore be really a challenge.  Travel time is about 5 hours coming from Paranaque.  This includes some stop overs and asking directions.

Upon reaching the Butterfly Beach House, the caretakers were the ones who assisted us.  They are a family who seem to be living there too.  The place looks like a private resort with 3 bamboo cottages, dining area facing the beach, small huts where one can also lounge and dine.  Two (2) of the cottages can accommodate 4 people.  However, one cottage only has 2 single beds so they just put extra mattress while the other one has one big (maybe queen size) bed.  The last cottage was divided into 2.  The first division was the owner's room.  The second division is the one available to public.  It has only one single bed but they told us that it can accommodate up to 3 pax so they just put extra mattress.  Each of the rooms have clean but small toilet and bath and an A/C which seems to be like just a cooler.  The resort also have wifi but unfortunately, it wasn't working during our whole overnight stay.
cottage with queen size bed

its bathroom

cottage with 2 single beds
its bathroom
cottage with 1 single bed

its bathroom
The beach was clean, both sand and sea.  It's a bit rocky near the shoreline but fine sand once you reached knee high waters.  The beach water was very clear.  I can compare this beach to the beaches in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas only cleaner.  Beaches in Laiya were becoming to be a little dirty with trashes floating on the waters.  And there's no jellyfish in sight!

nice fine sand

a bit rocky foot bed of the beach

The dining area was perfect.  It is beach front with bamboo gate before going to the shoreline.  It has long dining table that can easily accommodate us.  Most of the time we stayed there to lounge and rest after swimming.  We were not able to use the other small huts.

beach front dining area

We didn't bring any food as we decided to just go to the wet market and have the caretakers cook for us.  But when we got there, since its quite a long drive, we just ask the caretakers to do that for us and cook them as well.  We listed all the foods we want to eat and they just prepare it according to the time we have specified it to be eaten.  We paid them lump sum with excess for the service they have provided.  The food cooked to us was ok, not so spectacular but edible.

Since the resort is just small and we occupied all the rooms, this has become our own "private" place.  We had the resort all by ourselves. That's really a relaxing family experience for us.  That's why come night time, we rented videoke machine and enjoyed the singing and family bonding all through out!

small private resort

Overall, I enjoyed and liked Butterfly Beach House, most especially the private resort feel we had when we were there.  I would still recommend this resort to my friends.


  1. Ang ganda. Lalo na yung house. Yung feel, parang bahay kubo ang dating na nasa bukid ka.

  2. yes, probinsyang probinsya, sariwa pa hangin :)

  3. Can I get their contact details? Thank you!

  4. hi. i already lost my phone where i store contact numbers. anyway, from their FB group, i got this contact details: 09178449476, Mary Ann Luz. i hope this helps.

  5. Nice place! sana maountahan din namin yan..

  6. Hi mam ... we really want to know how safe or how challenging the road going to butterfly beach house?
    We really want to make sure that it is absolutely safe po sana? Makitid po ba at bangin na ung daan? ��

  7. Hi po, nakita po namen ang blog ninyo. With regards po sa daan or
    Road to this place? How challenging po? How safe po? At gano po kataas ang aakyatin at gano ka curve po? Un po kasi ang mejo challenging po eh. Thanks po.

    1. hello! super sorry for the late response. but to answer your query, yes, pa-curve po ang daan. mahaba at matagal na curve kaya challenging. di naman sya naka slope, kaya pa naman pero hirap or nakakapagod pag manual ang sasakyan. i think the safety will come with the driver kung maingat sya mag drive going to Lobo. I hope this helps. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    2. Dun po siguro kayo dumaan sa zigzag or bitukang manok sa Lobo. Well, mas malapit po talaga sya, pero kung gusto nyo po ng derechong daan dito po kayo sa may Batangas City dumaan, medyo mas mahaba sya pero yung bilis is the same lang kesa sa zigzag...

      Ito po yung location ng Butterfly Beach House via Google Map:


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