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Friday, April 6, 2012

Undiscovered Shores of Lobo, Batangas

My family wanted to have a summer overnight getaway before my brother went back to his work abroad.  I first thought of bringing them to Anvaya Cove but unfortunately, my contacts cannot accommodate us since we're more than 10 pax.  So our next resort was some beach in Batangas.  I wanted to check other beaches in Batangas aside from San Juan municipality.  I learned, through research, that there are also nice beaches in Lobo, Batangas particulartly in Brgy. Fabrica. Althought it is quite far from Metro Manila (about 3 hours drive with zigzag trail nearing Barangay Fabrica), the resorts are all beach front.  Listed below are some of the resorts I found and inquired about their accommodation.

Gerthel Beach Resort

This is one of the most well known resort along Brgy. Fabrica. Unfortunately when I inquired about their rates and other info through email, they replied to me about 5 days late. I'm not sure if their mobile number is working but i also texted them but got no replies. They have a website but a very few information can be found there.

The rates they gave me for overnight are as follows. We are 9 adults and 2 kids:

Php 3,000 - 4,000 per house/cottage (nipa type house)
Php 3,000 rate includes:
- 1 bed with restroom
- private vicinity with a place to cook
- can accommodate 3-5 persons

Php 4,000 rate includes:
- 2 beds with restroom
- private vicinity with a place to cook
- can accommodate 7-10 persons

Entrance fee: 25 pesos per head
No corkage fee

Contact info:
Mobile#: 0918.7247983

Lobo Beach Club and Spa

This is so far the most complete and informative resort i have researched. Their website is complete with updated room rates and they have pictures of their resort. They also responded quickly from my inquiries. Based from the information i got from their website, this is one of the best resort to choose if you are in a group of 10 or more. It is because they have a dorm type room that can accommodate up to 17 pax and with 2 toilets and bath aleready. That is why this is one of the resort that I am considering for my family.

Again, we are 9 adults and 2 kids. The rate are as follows:

Php 5,500 per night
- dorm type room
- up to 17 pax
- with 2 toilets and bath
- with terrace
- with aircon

Entrance fee: 30 pesos per head
Parking fee: 100 per vehicle
Bringing of food: allowed, no corkage fee
Rent of gas range: 300 pesos

Contact info:

Almalin Beach Resort

Another resort that is well known in Lobo, Batangas is Almalin Beach Resort. Good thing about this resort is that they have their own website which covers everything you need to know about the resort. From their website, the room rates are quite expensive. They also offer amenities and water activities. This what sets them apart among the resorts i've researched in Barangay Fabrica. Other than its beach front location, they also have their own swimming pool. We'd like to try this resort but unfortunately, they never responded to my queries either through email or text.

Contact info:

Butterfly Beach House

This is also one of the resort who responded to my queries fast. My only concern is that they do not have a website where I can check on their room. But during the course of conversing with the owner through text, she leads me to their group page in facebook. Whatever it is written on the group page about the rates, the owner gave me some more discounts.

Php 6,000 per night
- 3 rooms: 2 rooms good for 4 pax each and 1 room good for 2-3 pax
- all rooms with aircon, toilet and bath
- with wifi connection
- with dining area outside, fronting the beach

Bringing of food: allowed but with refundable fee of 500 pesos
Food rate: 600 pesos per person for 4 meals
Rate for paluto: 50 pesos per head per meal

Contact info:
Mobile#: 09178440476
Contact person: Mary Ann

My family then decided to stay at Butterfly Beach House.  Read my post and review of this resort here.

Happy beach-ing!


  1. Pano magpunta sa butterfly beach house by public transpo? We're planning to go there this weekend. Thanks! :) -miles

  2. Hi Miles - apologies for the late response. you may want to check their group site in facebook. details on how to go there by public transpo is indicated or you may also try calling the mobile number i have posted.

  3. hi you can get in touch with Almalin Beach Resort through this number : 09166090580 / 09228616112. You can alwasy ask for possible discounts. :)

  4. hello do you know the cheapest resort in Lobo Batangas?

  5. hi. you may inquire from the list i've posted above. i've also indicated the rates so you can just check which is the lowest :)

  6. Thanks for sharing, so informative blog! Maybe the next time you visit Batangas, you may also come at Playa Calatagan Residences that offer beach condos in Batangas.

  7. Hi, i would just like to ask about the lobo beach club and spa.. do you happen to have their contact number, coz the on on the blog is not working as well as the website.. Thanks

    1. sorry for the late response but i do not have any update on their contact details.


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