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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BDO and BPI Mobile Banking: Let's Find Ways to Make Things Easy

At this 21st century, we are seeing a lot of technological advancement.  Smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, wireless connections are just few innovations that revolutionize the way we live.  Everything is within reach, whether you need to communicate to your love ones, find the nearest gas station, know the latest events in your community, pay your bills or mobile banking, all of these can be done at your fingertips.  I find it really convenient to do these things with my smartphone, especially paying bills online.

The past years, BPI has already come up with application on smartphone for mobile banking.  This is ultra convenient for me since I am a heavy BPI user, especially when paying bills.  This is how BPI's mobile app looks like.  It has evolved in time to make it more user friendly.

BPI Mobile App

BDO, on the other hand, did not succumb to this innovation.  They too created an application on smartphone for mobile banking.  Although, it took them quite a while to have this convenient application.  Before, the BDO app in app store is not that really helpful.  One cannot perform similar transactions as BPI app.  You can only check your balance and nothing more.  Well, lately, they have updated their app so one can have the convenience of performing several banking transactions at their fingertips.  Here is what BDO app looks like.

BDO Mobile App
I like both applications as I have savings account with them.  I can check balances, pay bills and even transfer money (of same bank).  I haven't tried inter-bank money transfer and I'm not sure if both banks are capable of it.  Although, I read that BPI is already capable of this kind of transaction.

Other banks already have mobile applications such as RCBC, China Bank, UCPB, Citibank and Union Bank.  Well, I'm speaking of applications available in App Store but I'm sure these are also available to Android users.

Thank you BPI and BDO!  You truly make things easy by finding ways :)

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