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Monday, August 26, 2013

Surigao Adventure: Day 2c - Bolitas Cave, Bucas Grande Island

Bolitas Cave was our next destination.  This is just perpendicular to Crystal Cave, which is said to be its twin.  Actually they have the same cave entrance, its just that in Bolitas Cave, you need to walk a little further to enter the small opening down to the cave.

This is the entrance to the twin caves
Closer shot of the Bolitas Cave entrance
Another shot of the entrance to Bolitas Cave
Another entrance shot of Bolitas Cave with people going down

Seeing the small entrance of Bolitas Cave, I passed on this one.  Even the couples who joined us with the tour no longer visited this cave.  So we just waited for my boyfriend as he wants to explore everything.

Based on the pictures he gathered, it seems that this cave is very small.  He also has difficulty in going down and climbing up the cave.  It was also hot and with very little ventilation down there.

Inside the Bolitas Cave
Creepy looking rock formations even on the ceiling
My boyfriend coming out of the Bolitas Cave
Bolitas Cave is very unique.  Its rock formations really resembles a bolitas or pellets.  The ceiling seems like droplets.  Not much head room under this cave.  But still worth seeing because of its uniqueness.

This visit to Crystal Cave is part of the Bucas Grande Island tour which was explored during our Day 2 Surigao Adventure.

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