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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank you, 2013!

Just like the previous years, 2013 was another year to be thankful for.  It may not be a perfect year for me but another experience, another learning was imparted to me this year.

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For my personal life, I'm happy that my relationship with my boyfriend is still going strong.  You really get to know each other when you travel together.  And this year was the test of our patience and understanding when we both traveled to places we've never been, locally and internationally.  Though it may not be a perfect trip as our attitudes were put to a test, I'm glad we were able to survive it happily and those memories are one of those to be treasured.

For my career, I'm glad that I'm always blessed with challenges on my work.  And because I endure those challenges, I was noticed and an advancement for my career happened.  I hope I will continue to do good and perform well that will be pleasing to the management eventhough there were times that I really want to give up.  But through prayers and patience, I am still here.  Thank God!

For my family, this year was when an unexpected event happened that tests our togetherness.  I am glad that we survived it and we continue to stick together and love one another.  Through thick and thin, to whatever challenges we will face, through all those hurtful times, my family will continually to grow as one.

For my passion: writing, i am happy that my blog is starting to earn! It may not be that big but I'm glad for the advertisers who believed in my blog. I'm also thankful to my followers, readers and friends for all the likes, comments and viewing/reading my blog and page.  I appreciate your time and your gratitudes in making my blog useful to you.  I still have a lot to share, hopefully I'll write more next year.

Lastly, for my another passion: traveling, thank God I'm still alive and all my travels were safe and fun!  I may not have traveled enough or as much as the previous years but I will try my best to impart and share useful information and tips about my travel adventures.  I cannot promise nor say more travel next year (as my priorities may have changed) but hopefully I can still visit places I've never been to.

Thank you everyone for being part of my 2013.  Thank you 2013 for the experience and memories. Thanks to you who are reading this.  Thank you thank you thank you!  See you again next year!

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