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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surigao Adventure: Day 2d - The Beach

After the caves, we visited a small island/beach during our Sohoton tour.  I forgot the name of this beach but it was nice, quiet beach.  The shoreline is short but it has fine white sand.  Crushed corals can also be seen along the shoreline and on the shallow waters.  The beach was clean, clear with small fishes around.  It was only us who were at that beach that time.  Not much to say about this beach, just sharing with you these pictures we captured with it.

Small beach
Closer to the beach
Beach with some rock formations
Another rock formations, with the other couple on our tour

Fine white sand

Unique rock structure, spade shaped.  This has white sands inside.
Clear water with some rocks/corals

Underwater shot
Underwater shot

This beach side trip is part of the Bucas Grande Island tour which was explored during our Day 2 Surigao Adventure.

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