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Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Baguio Pines Transient House

Among the transient houses I inquired for rent in Baguio that is good for big groups, I fell in love with Baguio Pines Transient House based from their FB page.  With a rate of Php 5,000 per night, not bad for a spacious room and fully furnished house with balcony.  This is for house #3.  At the time I inquired, this is the only house available for rent.  Main house is also lovely as it comes with a fireplace.

After consulting with may siblings and sharing pictures of house #3, we all decided to make a reservation.  Reservation comes with a 50% downpayment, so that will be Php 5,000 since we will staying for 2 nights.

After 2 weeks, I texted the house owner, Ms. Mila, just to inquire on the house' distance to the market.  She called me up instead of texting back.  She told me that it wasn't my name who was reserved for house #3 on the specific date I inquired/reserved.  She asked if I already made a downpayment since its "first paid, first reserve" policy.  I said I paid two weeks ago and even texted her to confirm which she replied.  She then told me that the person who reserved made payments a month ago.  I thought, why would she tell me it was available the time I inquired when in fact there was somebody who already paid for its reservation a month ago.  Also, when I texted, she remembered my name, meaning she recalled our initial conversation.  I didn't argue on this further as she was quite kind when we spoke and besides she was doing all the talking, as if preventing me to speak up.  She told me that there is this another house but with smaller rooms.  I told her I need to see the picture of the house and its room for my sisters' information/approval.  She tagged me on facebook for the pictures.  Honestly, the house was incomparable to house #3.  If you can view their facebook page, go to photos and click Baguio Pines Transient's Photos (in between Photos of Baguio Pines Transient and Albums).  Starting from the dining area with green curtains and green table cloth (this was the last picture uploaded as of this writing) up to the kitchen with countertop table picture (beside the dining table) was the house replaced by house #3.  Be the judge and compare.  I will be posting pictures on my next blog post.

Ms. Mila lowered the rent to sort of relieve us of their mismanagement of reservations.  Since we only saw pictures, we thought this replacement house for Php 4,500 is quite acceptable.  She said that this has fireplace and there's a caretaker who can assist us in all our needs.  Drinking water is also provided and similar to house #3, it is fully furnished with kitchen utensils and equipment.  The only problem with this house is that, only one car garage available but the house is near the guard house so its safe to park the other car in front of it.  Also, there is no water heater but there is a portable heater where you can plug it in while immersed in a bucket of water.  We think these are all acceptable.  We will know our final verdict once we get there.  Besides, we are left with no choice since we already made a downpayment.  It would rather be difficult to refund the Php 5,000 without any assurance since it is our first time to deal with Baguio Pines Transient House.

So basically, there's no review on the Baguio Pines Transient House since we really didn't stay there.  Please read my blog post on where we stayed, here.


  1. Do you have a small bedroom for me and my 2 kids (11 & 9)?

    1. hello. i'm sorry but I don't own any of these accommodations. i just provided reviews based from my experience. thanks for visiting my blog though.


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