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Friday, February 7, 2014

Transient Houses for Rent in Baguio

For family or big groups, I have a difficulty in looking for transient houses for rent.  In TripAdvisor, I only found 1 transient house for big groups and the rest are mostly hotels and inns.  So I thought of sharing with you the transient houses I have inquired and researched.  These can accommodate 10 people and up.

Baguio Pines Transient House
Location: Suello Village, Marcos Highway
House #3 - Php 5,000 per night (up to 10 persons; 3BR, 3TB)
Contact no.: 0915.382.4570 / 0917.323.9832 (Mila)
Notes: Their facebook page is more updated.  It has 3 houses with pictures while their website only has 2 houses with pictures.  We opted to stay here (house #3) but we were given a different house due to their mismanagement of reservations. Check my post about this experience.

Baguio Tiptop Vacation Homes
Location: Simsim Compound Tiptop, Pacdal
Unit 202, 302, 303 - Php 6,300 per night (up to 12 persons; 3BR, 3TB )
Unit 101, 201, 301 - Php 3,750 per night (up to 7 persons; 2BR, 1TB)
Contact no.: 0917.904.1778
Notes: Delay in response via text message (though I only contacted this globe number), better to contact them through their FB page via FB message.

Baguio Apartments
Location: near city (upon inquiry through text)
3BR Townhouse - Php 5,000 per night (up to 10 persons)
Contact no.: 0917.541.4003 (Michelle)
Notes: Their FB page offers a lot of houses/condo/townhouse for rent which can be for transient or longer stay.  The 3-bedroom I inquired does not have pictures of the house on their FB page so Michelle just sent it to me via iMessage.              

Baguio Transient
Location: close to Session Road and City
Family Condo - Php 9,000 per night (up to 16 persons; 3BR with TB and balcony each)
Apartment 4 - Php 6,000 per night, off peak (up to 12-15 persons; 4BR)
Contact no.: 0917.558.6896 / 0920.969.3697
Notes: Gets fully booked quickly

Our first choice was Baguio Transient due to its positive reviews in TripAdvisor.  Besides, it is near the city.  Next was Baguio Tiptop but it was kinda expensive and it seems far from the city.  When I saw the Baguio Pines Transient House, I love the 3 houses because it is big.  So this was the one we reserved, specifically House #3, even though we were informed that it takes 10 minute drive to Burnham Park.

I had contacted about 2-3 more numbers, but I already forgot their website and some didn't respond.  Maybe if I could research further, I could have found a more cheaper transient house for rent.  But nevertheless, our budget was Php 5k per night for a family of 10 so these will suffice. 

If you know any transient houses for rent in Baguio good for big groups, you may share it here.

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the links! This will make my Baguio trip preparation much easier. Also, do you know Suntrust Baguio? My Dad plans to buy me a unit there! Thanks


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