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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to Avoid Traffic

Traffic is inevitable especially nowadays in the streets of Metro Manila.  As we are nearing the holidays, there seems to be traffic everywhere!  You might think that there is no longer a solution to Metro Manila traffic but you are wrong.  Yes! There is a solution to the traffic.  How?  Use a bicycle!  Hey, do not underestimate the use of a bicycle.  Do you know the benefits of riding a bicycle?  If not, read on and you will find it interesting.

Health Benefit

In our busy schedules, I’m sure most of us have no longer time to exercise.  With the stress of using public transportation or driving your own car in Metro Manila traffic, you will definitely have no time to exercise anymore.  You might prefer just to go home and sleep.  With using a bicycle, you not only avoid traffic but you also get to tone your muscles, strengthen your body and give you more energy.  Did you know that cycling is a good form of cardiovascular exercise?  It can burn calories without hurting much your muscles and joints.  That’s already enough to keep you fit and healthy everyday.

Environmental Benefit

With today’s age, climate change has become one of the problems faced by everyone in the world, not only in the Philippines.  Riding a bicycle is somehow one of the easiest way where you can help Mother Earth.  It will help reduce your carbon footprints, less pollution or even no emission of carbon gases.  At least in your own little way, you are able to help worsen climate change.

Financial Benefit

If you drive your own car, I am pretty sure that one way or another you have experienced price escalation on gasoline a number of times per month!  That’s quite hard on the pocket especially if you are just earning enough for your day to day expenses.  But if you own and ride a bicycle, you no longer need to worry on shelling out money for your gasoline and even on the maintenance of your car.  Likewise, you will no longer need to worry about expenses in using public transport.  Riding a bicycle is really economical!

There could be a lot of different bicycles available in the market.  But good thing there is Taiwan Excellence that provides Taiwanese Bicycles that are not only economical but innovative as well.  Taiwan Excellence, a campaign organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bureau of Foreign Trade in Taiwan and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, is helping Filipinos get the best product and brands for their everyday needs.  All these brands pass through a strict quality assurance to ensure products are of high quality and can provide excellent lifestyle to Filipinos.  Aside from that, our very own Iya Villania is the celebrity endorser of Taiwan Excellence.  You can know more about them through their website and Facebook page.

Taiwan Excellence produces innovative bicycle brands like Strida, Tern and Pacific-Cycle.  These brands provide a very unique foldable bike which makes it more convenient to carry around.  Their bikes are also lightweight but sturdy which will definitely give you ease in traveling while providing good benefits of riding a bicycle.  You can now conveniently travel from one location to another on time without the hassle and stress of Metro Manila traffic as well carrying a big bike.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post*

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