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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Review: Blue Lilly Villa Resort Boracay

Going back to Boracay, we always prefer beachfront stay in station 1. After some research on various budget accommodations in Station 1 of Boracay, we finally decided to book at Blue Lilly Villa. We even got the room at a discounted price through my boracay guide website.  It is my second time to book hotels/resorts in MyBoracayGuide.  The first one was when we stayed in Willy's Beach Club in 2012 and now here in Blue Lilly Villa.

We booked for a standard room, which is just behind the reception area. The room was quite small but very clean and with strong a/c. The room has its own hot and cold shower, LCD TV, mini ref, extra mattress, queen size bed and desk fan. Wifi is also strong in our room. Each room is equipped with room service button where you can ask for anything from their friendly staff, to be delivered in your room.  I noticed in our room that it lacks clothes hanger.  Outside our room was a bamboo hanger but i'm not sure if its for everyone's use especially for the 2 rooms behind the reception area which is perpendicular to our room.  I wasn't able to ask about it.

The bed with extra mattress underneath

Room service button beside the bed

Mini ref and electric fan

Small LCD TV with small table and chair

Given that its only 3 stars, only mini soaps and towels were provided. The toilet/shower area was quite small. While inside, you need to stay away from the door for you to be able to close it and use the toilet. The faucet was quite at the edge of the water bin which makes it difficult to use.  Nevertheless, water flow was strong and everything was functioning well.

The bathroom.  See the door?  That's already full open.

Need to close the door to access the toilet
The free breakfast was just so so.  There were times when the viand seems reheated several times as it was somehow hardened already.  Nothing spectacular on their food but somehow edible.  You can also ask their friendly staff to buy food for you from outside stores.

Service was great. They allowed and delivered our breakfast in our room when it was raining one morning. They will also be the one to offer to clean your room if you like. We requested for that even with our valuables still in our room and nothing got lost.  The staff also helped my fiance in preparing a surprised proposal for me.  You may read the story here.

The room rate was cheap for a standard room. But for me, the discounted rate we got should be the right price for their room considering it was quite small. We stayed in other beachfront resorts in station 1 at the same rate as their regular rate but the room was bigger.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay and most probably I will recommend this to my budget conscious friends.  Besides, it is a memorable stay for me and my now fiance as they help in the preparation of the proposal.

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