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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nikon Coolpix P300 sample shots

In reference to my blog about my new toy, here are some sample shots.  Mostly are set in auto scene detection.  Comments are welcome :)

Snake Island Panoramic View

Panoramic view of swimming pool at Microtel

Maximum optical zoom

Macro shot of hermit crab
Macro shot of Hello Kitty

Outdoor nigh shot

Outdoor night shot, no lights at all

Outdoor night shot

Sunrise at past 6am

Sunrise at past 6am

My toy also has features like scene retouch, editing of pictures with scene insertion (like fish eye), manual settings (for aperture and shutter speed), aperture mode, shutter mode, sepia, 360 degrees panoramic shots and many others.  I'm still learning picture tricks from my camera especially the manual settings.  I need to know how to make the background blur while focusing on the subject.  Would you know how?  I'm so lovin' my toy! :)


  1. Nice! I need a camera that can shoot great photos even with no lights at all :)

    Definitely, Maybe
    (from GT)

  2. ^buy one like this na sis! hehe :)

  3. nice photos! :) lalo na yung mga sunrise photos :)
    visiting from GT :)

  4. Just adjust the apperture to make your backgrounds blurry.

    Nice camera features! Also love the sunset photo. =)

  5. ^what should be the apperture, high or low? or depends on the surronding? there's an option in setting apperture and i'm still figuring out which one suits best. by the way, the pic looks sunset but its actually sunrise :) (past 6am na kasi)


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