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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Homemade Pizza

I got the idea of this recipe when one of our mountaineer companion cook this for us during our Mt. Romelo trip.  I find it very easy to do and very delicious!  I made some modifications on the recipe as we had chili con carne left over the other night.  So I used this as one of my toppings instead of plain ground beef.  Also, I used our mini oven instead of stove top in cooking this recipe.  Here's how I did it:

Flour tortilla
Quick melt cheese (grated and/or sliced)
Cream cheese or cream cheese spread
Del Monte Italian Pizza Sauce
White onions
Green bell pepper
Left over Chili con Carne

*The last 3 ingredients are optional.  Since this is a pizza, you may create or choose any toppings you want.  The Chili con Carne recipe is very easy.  I got the recipe from the pack of McCormick Chili Con Carne mix.

1. Pre-heat oven.  You may already put the tortilla inside just to make it a little hot.  This will make the cheese more spreadable.  Once you think that the tortilla is hot, take out from oven and spread the cheeses.  Please take note that tortillas can get "harder" crust when stayed in oven or even stove top for too long.
2.  (Another option) When the oven is already hot, you may put the slices of cheese onto the tortilla and put in the oven until in slightly melts.  Take out from the oven and spread the cheeses.
3.  Spread the pizza sauce onto the tortilla.
4.  Put your toppings on the tortilla.  In my case, I put the chili con carne first then the onions then the bell pepper.  You may still add grated cheese on top like what I did (for the love of cheese!).
5.  If you want a hard crust pizza, you may put back the tortilla in the oven until the cheese completely melts.  Otherwise,  you can eat it as it is.  You may roll the tortilla and cut it in half to make bite size soft pizza roll.

Enjoy! :)


  1. Reading this recipe at this time of the day (5am) was not a very good idea. I am craving for one right now!

  2. haha! thanks sis for finding it yummy :D i also cooked this as my midnight snack, hehe.

  3. cream cheese on pizza? That sounds really good to me :D


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