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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Sale Finds

This is already an overdue post.  Items bought several weeks ago.  Actually, not all of these are on sale but I still got it at a quite cheaper price.  My sale finds are Longchamp bag, Fitflop Walkstar and Paez shoes.

First item: Longchamp LM Metal in White, medium short handle.  I got this for only Php 5,000 from a multiply seller.  Store in Landmark sell similar item for about Php 9,000.  This is my 3rd Longchamp bag. I think I'm gonna stop collecting LC bags and shift to another brand.  Hmmm... what could it be?

Second item: Fitflop Walkstar I.  I so wanted a Fitflop the first time I heard of it.  But every time I try it on, it doesn't look good on my feet.  But this time, I don't care anymore.  I got this from the midnight madness sale in Glorietta last May 13.  Fitflops were at 30% off sale in Shoe Salon and Rest Toe Run.  I bought mine in Shoe Salon.  I bought it for only Php 1,700+.  I believe Fitflops are also on sale in this weekend's Green Light Sale in Trinoma.  So get yours now!

Third and last item: Paez shoes.  I've been wanting this for the longest time but I can't seem to find the right size.  Even if they say that this is a Tom's shoes knock off, it still carries its own brand.  And it is made in Argentina.  Going back to the size, good thing the sales man assisted me in finding the right size.  Because of his effort in assisting me, I felt ashamed if I don't buy the shoes that's why I bought it even if it's not on sale.  The price for it is Php 1,850.  Well, this isn't exactly the design I've been wanting but it's ok.  It's really hard to find the right size for my slim feet.

I remember I also bought 2 Plains and Prints blouse 2 months ago when it was on sale.  I got it for less than Php 500 each.  I just love sale season.  You can really get to pick a great great find.  So what's your sale story?  Care to share? :)

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