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Friday, May 20, 2011

Which Bag to Choose?

My sister is my biggest influence when it comes to bags.  Well, I do love bags eversince I was in grade school.  I remember I would ask my mom to buy me new bags every school year.  Since then, my love for bags never ceased.  And of course when there's a bag, there must be a corresponding shoes to go with it, haha!  But that's a different story.

Anyway, my love for bags comes from different forms and sizes.  I never cared for the brand as long as a certain bag catches my attention, then I'll buy it.  I think the most expensive bag I have then amounts to just Php 1,000.  Nothing over than that.  Until last year, when people were raving about Longchamp, even my sister, I also got interested with it.  You can read my Longchamp story here.

As I've mentioned, my sister is my biggest influence when it comes to bags, especially those designer ones.  She's the one who encourages me to have my first Longchamp when she got her LM.  Well, I never complained and I thank her for that.  Just recently, we purchased another Longchamp online, haha!  I'll blog about it soon.  Now, we're both eyeing this wonderful satchel.  It's the Mulberry Alexa. 

Mulberry Alexa
 Of course we can't afford that, that's too expensive!  So my dilemma is, can anyone suggest a similar bag with a budget of about $200?  or at least less expnesive than Alexa.  It may or may not be a designer bag as long as it isn't a fake one, hehe.  I spotted another one with similar design from Kate Spade but it cost $345.  Another one from Dooney and Bourke which cost $358.

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Small Leslie
Dooney and Bourke Florentine Satchel

Your suggestions are most welcome :)


  1. I'll go for the first one. Hihi. Will definitely look best with any outfit. Natural hue!

  2. true, but that's expensive. i can't afford that... :(

  3. I love bags, too! Especially the leather (or faux leather) ones! Topshop, Zara and Mango have awesome bags and satchels which costs around $50-$100.

  4. I like the last bag. I think, that is perfect for jetsetters too.

    Hi sis! Visiting you from GT. Hope you visit back :)

  5. I would love to have the Florentine satchel :D

  6. This is locally available via Ebay.PH. It's Mossimo's take on the PS1 satchel, which also looks like that Mulberry Alexa -

    And here's a local one, from Caleigh Madison. This bag is only P650 but it's not bad for a style so similar to Alexa. Faux leather, though -

  7. I like the Kate Spade best of the 3. The color got me! =)

  8. kate spade's really nice! :)

  9. thanks sisses for the comments. i spotted one in the rockwell tent sale awhile ago. it really looked like the Alexa and it only cost Php 900. i still didn't but it because i don't like the available color.


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