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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Sale Finds: Forever 21

I didn't know that Forever 21 was having a sale in their branch in SM Makati. What I heard before was they have a sale in SM North Edsa branch. That's too far from me.

When my officemate came back to the office after lunch last Friday, she had bags of Forever 21. I teased her that she has gone shopping even if its not payday yet. She was very excited to inform me that Forever 21 gives additional discount on their sale items. She was able to buy shorts for just 150 pesos! Great buy! I should check that out!

I was able to visit Forever 21 in SM Makati yesterday. There are quite a few racks with sale items on it ranging from 200 to 400 pesos. There are also racks with less 20% on the regular items and racks with 500 pesos and below. I was able to find only 2 pieces of shorts that is only 300 pesos. I believe these are the ones that has further 50% off discounts. There are still available sizes and still a lot of styles to choose from. You just need to check all the racks including those returned from the fitting rooms.

5 items for a total of about Php 1,000 only!

I fitted about 9 clothes but retained only 5 pieces. Calculating them, it will cost me more than 2,000 pesos. I had some hesitations at first as it is very expensive already but still i brought them at the counter. To my surprise, all of the items were at an additional 50% off! Yahoo!!! Sale on sale items!

I'm not sure until when is the sale but i hope its extended until payday next week! So go visit Forever 21 in SM Makati! You still have a few hours left! (In case the sale is only up to today)


  1. Aww...Good for you! How I wish I had known there was a sale.


  2. yeah, there was no announcement even on their FB page. i came back again last sunday and bought another 3 pieces of clothes including a bikini top (swimwear) for only Php 154 pesos! :)


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