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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Sale Finds: Toms Shoes

Today is the 1st day of Glorietta's midnight madness.  It will end on Sunday, Nov. 18.  Similarly, SM Makati is also having their payday sale until Sunday.  It's sale season so I don't wanna miss out on a great bargain.

My friend and I don't have any specific item on mind so we just stroll around Glorietta although she wanted to check some shoes while I wanted to check for some wallets.  We chance upon Nothing But Water and saw Toms Shoes on Sale at 30% off.  The women's shoes now only cost about Php 2,100 from original price of Php 2,900.  Were about to choose from the women's section and try them out when my friend saw the kids section was on sale too.  She was thinking of getting one for her daughter who is just 5 month old (excited lang, haha!)  The kids' price are a little cheaper.  From original price of Php 2,295, it now only sells for Php 1,600.  What's amazing is that the kids' shoes have big sizes, good enough for adults like us!  Normally we are size 7, but for Toms youth, we are size 5.  Another good thing is that even if it is on kids' section, the available designs were not all too colorful nor childish.  It's actually stylish!

Classics Navy Palmetto

I got myself the pink one in somewhat Aztec design.  This is their Meleni collection.  My friend also got the same design only in red color.  There's also color violet available for this design.  My sister asked me to buy one for her.  She got the blue denim wash design.  This is their Classics Navy Palmetto collection.

There are a lot of styles to choose from and its quite difficult to choose.  You can only decide when your 1st choice of design doesn't have a size 5 from the kids section.  The women's section also have nice designs but of course we're after the cheaper cost! Haha!  I think the men's section are also on sale, we were just not able to ask it.  The salesmen told us that only Toms in Nothing But Water are on sale.  Also, the stock availability are only 1 per size per design.  There's also Toms store in the new Glorietta and it seems like it is not on sale.  I'm not sure with the Rustan's branch.

If you're a fan of Toms or been eyeing to get one.  This is your chance.  It's very rare that Toms get this great sale!

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