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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shopping at Divisoria

Divisoria is one area in Manila that is know for finding cheap finds of all (as in ALL) items you need.  There are clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, kitchen tools, hardware items, christmas decor, costumes, school and office supplies and many others.  It is like a night market similar to those abroad (like in Hong Kong) where vendors are scattered on the streets.  However, here in the Philippines, the vendors are already selling as early as 10 in the morning.  The area is becoming a modern shopping destination with buildings surrounding it such as Tutuban Mall, 168 Mall, 11/88 Mall and the newest one, Lucky Chinatown Mall.  The latter, however, caters for a more high class shopping destination with cinemas in it.

It isn't my first time to go to Divisoria but it is my first time to go on shopping for clothes and gift items.  Last year, I went to Divisioria to shop for Christmas decors.  I spent only Php 1,500 including an 6ft (or 7ft) christmas tree, ribbons, ball decors, lights and an angel.  Really really cheap.  This time, I really don't have particular items on mind that I wanted to buy.  I just wanted to check out the stores and maybe have some idea on what gifts to give.  And look on what I have bought.  All these for just Php 1,000.  That's 9 items so it could only cost probably Php 115 each!

For me: crochet and lace shorts, maxi dress, crochet top
For him: muscle shirt and shorts

2 tone suede flats
Well, I wasn't able to buy any gifts since I bought a lot of clothes for me and my boyfriend.  The clothes I bought were timely for our upcoming Boracay trip. 

I especially love the maxi dress.  It even has a tag brand Forever 21 with side ribbon tag inside (used to hang on hangers.  I don't know what it is called :D).  I compared the ribbon tag to my authentic Forever 21 clothes and the print is just the same! I wonder if this was authentic.  Well there are a lot of branded clothes at Divisoria which I doubt to be authentic (just like my boyfriend's shorts/boardshorts with brands Nike and Billabong while his muscle shirt, Polo by Ralph Lauren).  What's best, its only Php 150!  Where can you find a maxi dress that only cost Php 150!

I also like my crochet shorts.  Just recently, I saw the same type of shorts being sold online.  It cost about Php 450 but I bought mine at only Php 200.

The ballet flats is also a good find.  It only cost Php 300.  MNJ is a Korean brand according to my friend and it has imitations as well in Divisoria but this one, according to her, is authentic.  Since I'm not so branded/designer person, I don't mind having this brand for cute flats.  The 2-tone feature got my attention and I had difficulty in choosing color combination!  There are violet and pink, blue and pink, gray and black, and many more.

Divisoria is really a shopping haven for budget conscious person like me.  There are other stuff I wanted to buy but there's no more time and budget! haha.  Most of these were bought in 168 mall.  My friend told me that it is cheaper outside the malls.  Well for me, it is already cheap inside the mall.  I wonder how many more items I can buy for just Php 1,000.


  1. Hi, what's the name of the store where you bought your F21 dress? I've been looking for an overruns store at Divisoria but I can't find one :(

    1. it's inside 168 mall. most of their items seems overruns.

    2. Can you still remember it's name/location? Like if it is near the escalator or something? :)

    3. naku sorry, di ko na maalala. i don't frequent in Divisoria kasi so i'm not quite familiar kung san sya malapit..

  2. Okay! Thank you anyway :)

    1. you're welcome :) thanks for visiting!

  3. Replies
    1. sorry po, wala po akong stall sa divisoria. i'm just a shopper just like you :)


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