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Monday, May 6, 2013

Underwater Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-TF1 - A Review

Meet my new baby, Sony Cybershot DSC-TF1.  She is just 4 days old.  She was bought out of necessity, a day before my beach trip in Camaya Coast in Bataan.

I let go of my almost 3-year old (very cheap) underwater camera, Fujifilm Finepix Z33 WP.  I bought this for just Php 5,000 in  It is still in very good condition and I was still able to use it in my last Surigao trip during Holy Week.  When I asked my friend if she's interested to buy it, she immediately reserved the item and will pay me in installment every pay day.  I had no choice but to, of course, find a replacement for my Fujifilm underwater camera.

My choices were quite few as my budget is only Php 10,000 or less.  I found Olympus TG 630 and Sony Cybershot DSC- TF1 to fit my budget.  Sony Cybershot attracts me more.  Even if the reviews were not so superior on the Sony camera, I still pursue in buying it.  Actually, the reviews on both underwater cameras were not really good.  Well, I still have my almost 2 year old Nikon Coolpix P300, which I super love and no plans of letting it go (I have blog post about it here and here) I found this review on various underwater camera helpful.

As I've mentioned, even though the reviews were not so great on Sony DSC-TF1, I still decided to buy one.  What attracts me most is its Panorama option and beauty shot. Plus you can instantly beautify your pictures and edit them.  Now, let's actually try to use this new baby!

The Review

Usability.  It is not hard to use this camera.  Although, its quite difficult to press the buttons especially the delete option.  But overall, its still easy to use.

Design.  I like how it has a rubberized frame on top and bottom of the camera.  I'm not sure about other underwater cameras but my Fujifilm doesn't have that.  Maybe because my previous camera is just waterproof and not shock proof.  Unlike this Sony Cybershot DSC-TF1, it is also shock proof, dust proof and freeze proof.  Sony is also more ergonomically designed that Fujifilm.

Portability.  The size is almost the same as my Fujifilm but Sony is quite heavier.  I think this is because of the rubberized frame.  In terms of screen size, both are at 2.7".

Picture Quality.  For regular shots or pictures, Sony delivers clearer and more high quality pictures.  The colors stands out more than in my Fujifilm.  Although, there are shots that seems too bright.  I don't know if its in the settings but I found that some pictures were adjusted automatically so it won't appear too whitish (apologies as I am no photographer, I don't know the terms).  I like the focus capability of this camera.  Even if the subject is moving, you won't get blurred pictures.  It has this iAuto function which makes taking pictures a breeze as it automatically adjust to whatever your subject or surroundings are.  I also like the panoramic option.  It gives bigger output as compared to the panoramic shot with my Nikon.  For underwater shots, I haven't tried taking pictures underwater particularly those with fishes and corals.  Although, I've taken underwater shots in shallow beach area and in the pool.  I'm not sure if the waters were just not clear that's why it reflects in the result of the pictures.

Battery.  At full charge and used mostly on beach and underwater shots, it just took me 1 day before I got a low battery sign.  It seems battery life is not so reliable.  However, I appreciate that the camera battery can be charged by USB plugged into my laptop.  I cannot do this with my Fujifilm.

Overall, I'm still liking my Sony Cybershot DSC-TF1, except for the battery life.  Now I can take pictures just using one camera (for those quick trips).  Aperture for this camera is not so great as my Nikon Coolpix P300 which takes clearer picture at low lighting.  I'll post sample pictures soon in my succeeding blog post.  


  1. Nice! Eto siguro dapat ang next investment ko - an underwater cam. Thanks for this review.

    Found your blog through GT and following you now on GFC. :)

  2. ^hi sis, thanks for visiting! followed you too :)

  3. wow amazing underwater camera
    thank you for review :)

  4. Hi there! have you taken any more underwater photos yet!?

    1. none yet but i will try to post sample pictures in my next blog.


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