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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surigao Adventure: Day 2a - Tiktikan Lake, Bucas Grande Island

Our first stop was the Tiktikan Lake or Lagoon Tiktikan.  On the way here was a spectacular view of the lagoon already with its clear bluegreen waters and lush green trees.

On the way to Tiktikan Lake

Lovely lagoon at our background

There were huts in this lake which one can rent at Php 3,000 per night, good for 5 pax already.  I saw some people riding a boat around the lake which I think can be rented also.

Information details

The huts and people boating

Another view of the Lake

The lagoon at low tide
We also had our lunch here c/o our contact boatman, Kuya Vincent.  Actually, we didn't inform him that we will avail his offer to cook lunch for us.  The couple who was with us during the tour, avail it so maybe they thought we will avail their lunch also.  Since we hadn't had lunch yet and our packed canned goods may not be enough to keep us full (since we don't have any rice) and I think Kuya Vincent prepared already lunch good for 4, we just took their lunch meal.

We're almost done eating when I took pictures of our food
Kuya Vincent charged us Php 350 per head for our lunch.  It consists of 3 types of fishes: 1 big grilled fish, 2 plates containing small sized fish cooked with sauce (like sweet and sour) and 1 medium sized fished.  The lunch also includes rice, softdrinks, banana and camote.  For the rate they charged us, I find it quite expensive.  But anyway, the big grilled fish was delicious.  The smallest fish was ok too.  Those were the only viands I've tasted.  That's why I find their rate of Php 350 expensive since, for me, it's not worth it!

After the Tiktikan Lake, our next destination will be the caves.  Please read them in my next blog.

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